DailyDish: Lindsay Lohan, why are you even at Cannes?

What's the last movie she was in? Yeah, that's what we thought......»»

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"Idol" winner hopes to make "powerhouse" album

Caleb Johnson plans to enter the studio in two weeks, record album before the summer tour......»»

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Memories of JFK Jr. and the heady days at "George"

Matt Berman writes about his happy years collaborating with John F. Kennedy Jr......»»

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Prepare to OMG over Target"s new designer collaboration for fall

Get your REDcard ready. We've got a sketch of the collection and errthang......»»

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16 times Adam Sandler wore a really questionable outfit

Well, he didn't make his name on being fashion-forward, we guess......»»

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Jennifer Lawrence: I puked in front of Miley Cyrus

It happened at an Oscars party, and the story is brilliant......»»

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Drew Barrymore still looks like she just had a baby

And that is fabulously refreshing......»»

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The definitive ranking of all the X-Men movies

How will 'Days of Future Past' measure up?.....»»

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Robin Thicke announces new album

The release date is July 1......»»

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Quvenzhané Wallis is new face of Armani Junior

Looks like she's got a real puppy on her shoulder now......»»

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Barrymore gives "Blended" a touch of needed sweetness

Her sweetness gives the often unfunny movie a lift......»»

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Kardashians in Paris: more pre-wedding fun

What else is there to do? We're pretty sure she has a wedding planner to do the hard stuff!.....»»

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6 new TV shows sure to heat up your summer

The season may be traditionally slow, but we've got reasons for you to watch......»»

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Paul McCartney expected to make "complete recovery"

The 71-year-old cancelled concerts in Japan and South Korea due to a virus infection......»»

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"The Normal Heart" is flawed, but beats with passion

The film version of Larry Kramer's searing play is imperfect, but still worth your time......»»

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Kevin Hart blows up at his ex-wife on Twitter

He's unhappy -- and vocal about it......»»

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This "Love Punch" sends you reeling

Leads Emma Thompson and Pierce Brosnan are wasted, and the inane premise is unfunny......»»

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Bobbi Brown, Christian Louboutin star at FIT commencement

The fashion-arts school gets some fashion stars to send off the dewy grads......»»

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Jessica Alba: "I"m a prude"

Cue the eye roll......»»

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The Charlie Sheen-Rihanna Twitter war is as epic as you"d imagine

She dissed him at a restaurant and he is. not. happy. about. it......»»

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