Portuguese artist asks public to lie under dismembered train

The Portuguese street artist Alexandre Farto doesn't just spray-can walls, he takes chisels and jackhammers to them, gouging out work on the streets that go way beyond graffiti into monumental reliefs. Farto, aka Vhils, may have gone a mite mainstrea.....»»

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Japanese artist jailed for vagina boat says outraged, vows legal fight

By Minami Funakoshi TOKYO (Reuters) - A Japanese artist who made figures of Lady Gaga and a kayak modeled on her vagina said on Wednesday from jail she was "outraged" by her arrest and vowed a court fight against obscenity charges. Megumi Igaras.....»»

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London street artist makes hit - and money - with dog sketches

By Daan Kaur LONDON (Reuters) - A former homeless man's sketches of his dog George, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier he credits with changing his life, are commanding rising prices in a London gallery and have earned him a show in Los Angeles. John Dolan.....»»

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Artist in profile: Banoffee

Australian artist Banoffee has a debut EP on the way featuring her fresh take on pop and R&B. Banoffee (styled bAnoffee) -- who takes her name from the pie made of bananas, toffee and cream -- is Melbourne-based singer and producer Martha Brown, also .....»»

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Art agenda: Korea Artist Prize, Art Nocturne

Korea's National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art hosts the best of work from up and coming young creatives during its three month display, and Belgium prepares a week of special evening openings for Art Nocturne......»»

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Artist in profile: Sinead Harnett

British singer Sinead Harnett has seen her star rise thanks to high-profile collaborations with Disclosure and Rudimental. Sinead Harnett was born in North London and grew up listening to Whitney Houston, Tina Turner, ‘90s R&B and UK garage. In 2012.....»»

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September 11 museum allowed to display Ground Zero cross-shaped beam

By Joseph Ax NEW YORK (Reuters) - A cross-shaped steel beam pulled from the rubble of the collapsed World Trade Center in New York days after the September 11, 2001, attacks can be displayed in the national memorial museum at the site, a U.S. appeals cour.....»»

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Artist in profile: Kate Boy

Stockholm-based electro-pop band Kate Boy garnered buzz in 2012 and 2013 with the EP "Northern Lights," spotlighting their trademark dark yet catchy sound. They've just followed up with the single "Self Control," with details of a.....»»

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Body-paint artist blends models into NYC landmarks

NEW YORK (AP) — New York City's streets are Trina Merry's studio, and the naked body is her canvas......»»

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Hungarians snap up Warhol-like paintings of leader Orban

By Marton Dunai BUDAPEST (Reuters) - When Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban won re-election in a landslide in April, his dominance over the country's politics cheered supporters, dismayed opponents and inspired one artist to immortalize him in mo.....»»

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Robots guide nights at the museum at Tate Britain

LONDON (AP) — Tate Britain is inviting art fans to a night at the museum — though robots, not T. rexes, will be roaming this time......»»

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Miami man pleads guilty to smashing Ai Weiwei museum vase

By David Adams MIAMI (Reuters) - A Miami man pleaded guilty on Wednesday to destroying a $10,000 vase by Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei in February, agreeing to make an apology and pay restitution for the cost of the artwork, according to court docume.....»»

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Game of Thrones-inspired opera-TV mashup hits New York next year

A night of opera music inspired by the wildly popular novels and HBO series Game of Thrones will be played by the One World Symphony next February, the Guardian reports. According to Sung Jin Hong, artistic director and composer conductor of One World Sy.....»»

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NY"s Met Opera, two unions reach tentative deal to avert lockout

(Reuters) - New York's Metropolitan Opera reached tentative contract agreements on Monday with unions representing its orchestra and chorus, federal mediators said, after tense negotiations that had threatened to derail the new season due to open nex.....»»

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Critical Shopping: When Jon Caramanica takes a stroll...

When Jon Caramanica takes a stroll through Other Criteria—Soho's recently-opened art and objects store from Damien Hirst—he must reckon with the "increasingly arbitrary fool's game" that is the art world. "Other Criteria force.....»»

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Crucial Update: The Pharrell Hat Meme Is So Old That It"s in a Museum

The hat will be laid to rest briefly at the Newseum in DC. Today's been big day for hats......»»

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Day at the Museum: The Museum at FIT already has...

The Museum at FIT already has its spring 2015 exhibit on lock: A tributue to Lauren Bacall, who passed away last week at the age of 89. She's donated 700 items of clothing, mostly from the 50s and 60s, and........»»

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Watch the entire first act of the Mario Opera

Jonathan Mann, the musician who created the Mario Opera nearly a decade ago, has put the rock opera's first act on YouTube as part of a retrospective on the show. First performed over four nights in May 2005, the Mario Opera was Mann's tribute .....»»

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Artist in profile: Les Sins

Many indie music fans are familiar with the chillwave sound of Chaz Bundick's Toro y Moi. He's now shifting his focus to his dance project Les Sins, with a debut album out in November. Chaz Bundick hails from South Carolina and has been releasin.....»»

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Live choreography to go on show at MoMA PS1

The inaugural American museum survey of French artist and choreographer Xavier Le Roy is set to go on show at MoMA PS1 this fall. "Retrospective" is a hybrid of choreography and visual art that unfolds across several different time axes, introdu.....»»

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