Mike Huckabee Escapes Movie Telemarketing Lawsuit

To promote the 2012 film, "Last Ounce of Courage," Fox News host Mike Huckabee took an anti-Hollywood message to three million more.....»»

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Seth Meyers Had the Worst Haircuts Ever, Sends His Apologies to Former Girlfriends—Watch Now!

Seth Meyers' hair is fine—nice, even—but you've probably never really given it a second thought. Well, that's about to change, because as you'll see, the........»»

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"Li"l Quinquin" ("P"tit Quinquin"): Cannes Review

French auteur Bruno Dumont shows his tragicomic side in this four-episode TV series that was shown as one long film in more.....»»

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Everything André Leon Talley Packed for Kimye"s Wedding Weekend: Dinner Caftans, Chanel Capes & More!

We never pegged Vogue contributor André Leon Talley as a light packer. So unsurprisingly, André is bringing everything but the kitchen sink for his trip to Kim Kardashian and........»»

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Ivanka Trump"s Daughter Arabella and Son Joseph Are Getting So Big—See the Pic!

Ivanka Trump's adorable kids are growing up right before our eyes! On Thursday, the 32-year-old entrepreneur Instagrammed a picture of her 7-month-old son Joseph and her 2-year-old........»»

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Jessica Alba: "I Never Slept My Way Through Hollywood"

Jessica Alba may be a sex symbol, but actual sex had nothing to do with her success. "I never slept my way through Hollywood, so I never felt like I compromised," the 33-year-old........»»

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Caroline Wozniacki Breaks Silence on Split From Rory McIlroy, Gets Support From Serena Williams

Time for Caroline Wozniacki to refocus her attention on her first love. "It's a hard time for me right now.Thanks for all the sweet messages!" the former No. 1 female tennis........»»

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Hugh Jackman Calls Out WWE Superstar John Cena on SportsCenter in Dramatic Rant—See the Video!

Could there be a new rivalry in the WWE? Just weeks after making an appearance on Monday Night Raw, Hugh Jackman stopped by SportsCenter to promote his latest flick, X-Men: Days of........»»

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Bitch Stole My Style! Jennifer Lopez Steps Out in Shakira"s Ripped, Red Carpet Fashion

The battle between America's top singing competition shows just got even more real. Jennifer Lopez—current queen of the American Idol empire—stepped out for the FOX show........»»

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Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Meryl Davis Get Asked if They"re Having Sex: Watch Their Response!

Meryl Davis and Maksim Chmerkovskiy couldn't dance around the question this time. While it's lots of fun to speculate about whether or not the cozy partnership between Olympic........»»

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Kate Upton, Rob Kardashian, Beyoncé and More Awesome Celeb #ThrowbackThursday Pictures!

What's better than going through a bunch of your old photos when #ThrowbackThursday rolls around? Seeing everyone else's old photos—especially celebs! While some stars........»»

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Editors" Obsessions: Flamingo Tote Bags, Striped Rompers, Floral Summer Pants & More

Can you feel that in the air? That's summer coming our way. For this week's batch of editor's obsessions, we've got all types of goodies that caught our........»»

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Weatherman Rescues Lost Kitten Found in Tornado Debris, Reunites Him With His Family

This is Rich Wirdzek, a meteorologist for News Center 7. After a massive tornado struck the town of Cedarville, Ohio last week, Wirdzek went out to survey the damage. The tornado tore........»»

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Katy Perry"s "Cupcake Queen" Portrait to be Added to US National Portrait Gallery

From a cupcake bra to the Cupcake Queen! Katy Perry's portrait will be joining the collection at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington D.C., where the image will debut June 18........»»

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There Is a Clinic in Texas That Uses Lasers to Give People Thigh Gaps

Imagine, if you will, going into a doctor's office and saying: "Hey, you know that scene in Goldfinger where James Bond is getting a laser aimed directly at his crotch? Gimme........»»

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Jennifer Lawrence Talks "Sweating" With Hugh Jackman in "X-Men: Days of Future Past" (Video)

The actress, who plays Mystique, noted what it was like to unite with the cast of the original franchise, including Halle Berry, Ian McKellan and Patrick more.....»»

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Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore Reunite at "Blended" L.A. Premiere

Barrymore discussed the film’s theme of "blended" families, with director Frank Coraci telling THR: "It felt like the right time."read more.....»»

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Kim Kardashian Has "Last Supper" With Girlfriends in Paris—See the Pics!

It's ladies night! As E! News first reported on Tuesday, Kim Kardashian's closest gal pals got together for a girls' night dinner in honor of the bride-to-be shortly before........»»

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First Trailer for Roger Ebert Documentary "Life Itself" Debuts (Video)

Martin Scorsese and Werner Herzog are interviewed in doc about the late film more.....»»

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Drew Barrymore’s ‘Up In Your Grill’ Baboon Encounter - My Face Was Almost Ripped Off!

Drew Barrymore’s ‘Up In Your Grill’ Baboon Encounter - My Face Was Almost Ripped Off!.....»»

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