Broadway to Dim Lights for Lauren Bacall

The actress won Tony Awards for her starring roles in musicals "Applause" and "Woman of the Year"read more.....»»

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Harvey Weinstein Recounts Robin Williams" "Good Will Hunting" Prank on Stellan Skarsgard

The late actor and Gus Van Zandt tested Skarsgard's improv skills on setread more.....»»

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How Bacall, Bogie and Hawks Turned Sexual Chemistry Into a Classic

"It's hard to think of another Hollywood production in which the sexual vibes between two stars are as palpable," THR's chief film critic writes of "To Have and Have Not"read more.....»»

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How Dr. Heimlich Maneuvered Hollywood Into Backing His Dangerous AIDS "Cure"

At the height of the crisis, the inventor of the famous anti-choking technique claimed HIV could be cured by injecting patients with malaria. New documents reveal how stars like Jack Nicholson and Ron Howard gave thousands to his causeread more.....»»

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Sheriff Defends Revealing Robin Williams Suicide Details

Experts in suicide prevention said the information could influence those considering suicide to follow suitread more.....»»

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Halle Berry Turns 48 Today—See Her Best Style Moments!

Nope, we can't believe it either—Halle Berry turns 48 today. But really, who's counting years when it's Halle Berry? The Oscar winner is basically the definition of ageless........»»

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Jessica Alba Narrowly Avoids a Wardrobe Malfunction, Has a Marilyn Monroe Moment Instead—See the Pic!

Careful, Jessica Alba! The 33-year-old beauty was photographed on Wednesday in the Big Apple, where she suffered a near wardrobe malfunction while heading to Whole Foods for a quick........»»

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Can You Spot the Huge Mistake in This Downton Abbey Press Photo?

The Dowager Countess would so not approve! Ahead of its fifth season, Downton Abbey has released new photos of its cast, dressed in their usual authentic period pieces. Business as........»»

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How David O. Russell and James Murdoch Are Creating the Next Generation of Great Directors

In THR's Philanthropy Issue, the director and 21st Century Fox exec talk about how they're helping aspiring filmmakers as part of L.A.'s new Ghetto Film Schoolread more.....»»

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Philanthropy Power Duo: How Edward Norton and Shauna Robertson Have Raised $150M With Hollywood Charity Game Changer

Judd Apatow, Paul Rudd, Olivia Wilde and other stars have used CrowdRise, an innovative for-profit website that uses crowdsourcing to drive charitable fundraisingread more.....»»

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Inside the Charity That Inspires James Franco to Don Green Tights

In THR's Philanthropy Issue, the multihyphenate talks about donating proceeds from three small films (and occasional Grinch performances) to The Art of Elysium, which will honor Amber Heard later this yearread more.....»»

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Michael Douglas: How I Capitalize on My Celebrity for a Good Cause

As Russian tensions heat up, the longtime nuclear disarmament activist Michael Douglas opens up in THR's Philanthropy Issue about staying true to his missionread more.....»»

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From Lady Gaga"s Soiled Wig to a Weinstein Gig: 4 Surprising Items Sold for Charity

Celebrities and entertainment companies are auctioning off everything but the kitchen sink in a race to raise money onlineread more.....»»

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Stacey Snider Opens Up About Her Daughters" Struggles With Bullies

"I've lived it firsthand," the DreamWorks chief says in THR's Philanthropy Issue, explaining her passion for the anti-bullying Kind Campaign, founded by Lauren Paul, wife of 'Breaking Bad' star Aaron, and Molly Thompsonread more.....»»

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Samuel L. Jackson Opens Up About His Family"s "Heartbreaking" Struggle With Alzheimer"s

The actor, a big supporter of the Alzheimer's Association, talks in THR's Philanthropy Issue about the steps he's taking to stave off the diseaseread more.....»»

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San Sebastian: Palme d"Or Winner "Winter Sleep," Ira Sachs" "Love is Strange" to Screen

Berlin's Golden Bear winner 'Black Coal, Thin Ice' and more Sundance, Cannes films among lineup in Pearls more.....»»

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The 10 best jokes about the absurd ‘Expendables 3’ poster

Here’s hoping “The Expendables 3” cleans up at the box office when it opens Thursday night. The movie sure has a lot of mouths to feed. The cast is so........»»

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UTA Pursues Overseas Crossover Potential With Two Coveted Signs (Exclusive)

The agency will seek international franchise opportunities for Asian stars Claudia Kim and Mark Chaoread more.....»»

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Jennifer Lawrence All Smiles With Elizabeth Banks and Liam Hemsworth After Nicholas Hoult Breakup

The Hunger Games gang is back together! Elizabeth Banks took to her website this week to share an adorable photo of her reunited with Mockingjay co-stars Jennifer Lawrence and Liam........»»

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15 Things That Would Never Get Done Without the "Mom" of Your Friend Group

We all have that one friend in our group we call "mom" (no matter how much it angers them, or our real mothers). He or she keeps our s--t together when we're incapable of doing so and,........»»

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