5 Tricks to Making a Mind-Blowing Burger

Follow these tips for the best patty you've ever tasted!.....»»

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Burger King Reveals New Red Burger That"s, Well, Red: Would You Eat It?!

Just when you thought "I couldn't eat another black hamburger," Burger King Japan is introducing a new fast food treat of a different color! The burger company announced they........»»

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Caption Contests Are One of Oprah’s Favorite Things

Everyone check under their seats for today’s winning Oprah Winfrey captions! Or, you know, just check after the jump, as per usual. “Best BURGER EVER–u get a burger –u get a burger–EVERYONE GETS A BURGER” – Krista.....»»

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The Donut Cheesesteak Burger is a Real Thing

Take it or leave it: the donut cheesesteak burger you’ve been hearing about for the past 24 hours is real and is out to get the best of us. On Tuesday, PYT Burger in Philadelphia unveiled its latest creation, which consists of steak meat, burger meat, c.....»»

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5 Tricks to Making a Mind-Blowing Burger

Follow these tips for the best patty you've ever tasted!.....»»

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Blac Chyna -- Rob Went In-N-Out ... Now I"m Goin" Burger King (VIDEO)

Blac Chyna has broken ranks in the burger department, making a Burger King run hours after TMZ broke the story ... she is pregnant with Rob Kardashian's kid. Chyna was in downtown L.A. with a friend, scoring a few bags at the drive-thru. Rob -- a….....»»

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The Burger King that dressed up as a McDonald’s

For decades people have been dressing up as Ronald McDonald and the Burger King, but this year a Burger King in Queens, NY dressed as a McDonald’s. Even though it tried to be the scariest thing to happen in fast food since the Whopper turned people&.....»»

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Burger King does a Taco Bell!

Burger King decided to get creative with their Whopper and turned it into a Whopperrito. According to GrubGrade, for a limited time only in Hermitage, PA, the fast food giant is selling their signature burger as a burrito. I hope it is a huge success beca.....»»

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Brave supermodel Gigi Hadid dares to eat burger on TV

How to be a relatable supermodel 101: eat a burger on late-night TV.  A choker-donning Gigi Hadid chatted with Jimmy Fallon Monday night about the search for the perfect NYC burger and then dared to eat one on camera — because Gigi is tearing down mode.....»»

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Charo has a mouthful of the Burger King’s hot dog!

When I think of hot dogs, I don’t think of Charo but for some reason Burger King did. That is why they asked her to be in their commercial to promote their newest food item. Which no one understand why the burger joint is selling them. Anyways, I wo.....»»

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James Beard Foundation Burger Challenge; Rum Line Unveils Local Artist Mural

Listen up carnivores, some of Miami’s best chefs will be competing in the James Beard Foundation's "better burger" contest from now until July 31. Hashtag #betterburgerproject of your favorite burger for a chance to have the winning chef .....»»

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Hey Burger Kings, Do you want your lovers to smell like The Whopper?

Men are more attracted to a woman who smells like food than flowers, so Burger King in Japan created a perfume just for them. For one day only, Burger King Japan, is releasing an eau de toilette called Flame-Grilled, and it smells like their most famous s.....»»

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Burger King Introduces "Proud" Whopper for San Francisco Gay Pride—Watch What Happens!

Burger King introduced a new item this weekend for Gay Pride in San Francisco: The "Proud" Whopper! This particular burger was packaged in a rainbow wrapper that read, "We........»»

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From In-N-Out to Burger King: Steal These Fast Food Burger Recipes

Happy National Burger Day! We can't think of a better way to celebrate.....»»

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Donald Sterling -- FLOSSIN" WITH ASIAN CHICK ... At In-N-Out Burger

Hey, racists gotta eat too ... which is why Donald Sterling hit up an In-N-Out burger joint in Westwood, CA this weekend ... with a pretty young Asian lady in tow. Our burger spies tell us ... Sterling rolled up to the restaurant (right near….....»»

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Malala Yousafzai Proves She"s Better at Card Tricks Than Stephen Colbert

The trick involved shuffling, blowing and a little bit of mind-reading.....»»

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How to Score a Free Shake Shack Burger; Inside the Museum of Ice Cream

— Here's how to get a free Shake Shack burger tomorrow. — Dallas police are apparently cracking down on tamale-making abuelas throughout the city. — Speaking of Dallas: NYC's Dean & Deluca, the gourmet marketplace known for fancy spre.....»»

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The Weeknd"s ""False Alarm"" Music Video Makes This Mind-Blowing Fan Theory Seem Totally Legit

Take a seat, grab a snack and try to focus, because we're about to unveil a fan theory based on The Weeknd's videos that will absolutely blow your damn mind. Fans of the R&B........»»

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EXCLUSIVE: Behind-the-Scenes of Steve Angello"s Mind Blowing "Wasted Love" Video

If Steve Angello's visually stunning "Wasted Love" video blew your mind, you're not going to want to miss this.ETonline has snagged an exclusive look behind-the-scenes of the Lance Drake-directed, video game-inspired piece, featuring high-flying.....»»

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Tracey Ullman up to old tricks in HBO sketch comedy

Tracey Ullman is up to her old tricks, with the emphasis on "old." Her new series, "Tracey Ullman's Show," is really just a redo of the one she did for Fox in the late 1980s -- which, notably, midwifed "The Simpsons" -- churning out a fast-paced mix of re.....»»

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The Vampire Diaries Final Season First Look: Evil Damon Is Up to His Old Tricks

When The Vampire Diaries returns for its eighth (and final, sob!) season on Oct. 21, Damon Salvatore will be up to his old tricks--the kind he was pulling when we first met him in the series........»»

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