Aubrey O’Day Reportedly Punched By Danity Kane Bandmate Dawn Richard

All-girl group Danity Kane reunited last year, and things seemed to be going well for the band, up until this week that is. TMZ reports things got ugly in a Los Angeles recording studio on Monday (August 4th), when Aubrey O’Day and Dawn Richard got.....»»

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Danity Kane breaks up for second time after member reportedly throws punch - USA TODAY

New York Daily NewsDanity Kane breaks up for second time after member reportedly throws punchUSA TODAYShannon Bex, Dawn Richard and Aubrey O'Day of Danity Kane. (Vincent Sandoval, Getty Images). It's the end of girl-group Danity Kane — for th.....»»

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Danity Kane Break Up Again After Dawn Richard Reportedly Assaults Aubrey O ... - V-103 - The People's Station

V-103 - The People's StationDanity Kane Break Up Again After Dawn Richard Reportedly Assaults Aubrey O ...V-103 - The People's StationAfter last year's reunion and work on a new album, Danity Kane have officially broken up — again. The group conf.....»»

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Danity Kane Seem Tempermental

It’s official. Music is dead. Danity Kane broke up for the eighth time. Earlier this week, Dawn Richard, the black one, punched Aubrey O’Day, the fat one with big tits, in the head while Shannon Bex, the one nobody ever remembers, tried to in.....»»

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Danity Kane -- We"re Done

Danity Kane is no more ... TMZ has learned the group has broken up after a recording session turned violent.TMZ broke the story ... Aubrey O'Day got sucker punched by Dawn Richard Monday.  She says, "Sadness does not even remotely begin to describe&h.....»»

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What If Danity Kane Reunited and Nobody Noticed?

Who can forget where they were when they heard Aubrey O’Day had left Danity Kane? Aubrey didn’t quit so much as Sean Combs fired her for having vagina lust. Aubrey showed them all by growing her totally natural breasts two cup sizes entirely t.....»»

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Danity Kane Has Broken Up After Recording Studio Fight

It looks like newly reunited singing group Danity Kane has called it quits again. The ladies – Aubrey O’Day, Dawn Richard, and Shannon Bex – reportedly got in a heated argument during a recent studio session, TMZ reports. “I now mu.....»»

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Danity Kane Splits Again After Recording Session Fight

It’s over! Round two. Recently reunited group Danity Kane announced their split today. The announcement comes just days after DK’s Dawn Richard reportedly punched fellow member Aubrey O’Day in the head! The two were in a recording s.....»»

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Danity Kane’s Dawn Richard Addresses Her Studio Brawl In A Facebook Post! See Her Sort-Of Apology HERE!

Now we have another side of the story! In the Danity Kane breakup drama, all that has been revealed is that there was studio fight which led to the girls calling it quits. So, Dawn Richard — who allegedly hit Aubrey O’Day — took to her Faceb.....»»

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Girl band Danity Kane splits for second time - Business Standard

ExtraGirl band Danity Kane splits for second timeBusiness StandardThe group comprising Aubrey O'Day, Aundrea Fimbres, Dawn Richard, Wanita D Woods Woodgett and Shannon Bex, was formed in 2005 and due to tensions among the members split in 2009, before.....»»

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Danity Kane Breaks Up (Again) Following Aubrey O"Day and Dawn Richard"s Fight in the Studio—Find Out What Happened

It's safe to say that Danity Kane is damaged (see what we did there?). The all-female group—who broke up in 2009 and then reunited last August without original member D.........»»

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Danity Kane -- Group Blew Up Over Diabolical Conspiracy

Danity Kane's last straw was an ambush ... 2 girls against the third.Sources connected with the group tell TMZ ... Dawn Richard went nuclear when she found out Aubrey O'Day and Shannon Bex were meeting behind her back ... recording tracks without….....»»

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Damaged! Danity Kane Stars Fight in Studio

New from PopCrunch: We’ve heard of “bringing the heat to the studio,” but founding Danity Kane members Aubrey O’Day and Dawn Richard seem to have take the adage a step too far. At least that’s the story the police are telling.....»»

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Danity Kane breaks up again after violent studio fight between Aubrey O'Day ... - New York Daily News

New York Daily NewsDanity Kane breaks up again after violent studio fight between Aubrey O'Day ...New York Daily NewsDanity Kane is damaged beyond repair. After a violent fight in the studio Monday, the reunited girl group confirmed they have broken u.....»»

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Oh No! Danity Kane Has OFFICIALLY Broken Up!

NOOOO! They were totally poised for a comeback! So, remember that Danity Kane recording session brawl that happened a couple days ago? Well, it looks like thanks to that the band is officially DONEZO! Apparently, Dawn Richards punching Aubrey O'Day was .....»»

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Danity Kane -- Cops Investigating Violent Studio Catfight

A Danity Kane recording sesh erupted in violence Monday ... and they actually needed a first aid kit.We're told bandmates Dawn Richards and Aubrey O'Day got physical during a disagreement at an L.A. studio on Monday,….....»»

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Danity Kate’s Studio Dust-Up Leads to Break-Up

They really wanted to give their fans another album, but sadly Danity Kane has announced that they’re splitting for good. According to a TMZ report, Aubrey O’Day, Dawn Richard and Shannon Bex hit the recording studio on Monday (August 4) and it was .....»»

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Danity Kane Dunzo

New from PopCrunch: This might came as a shock…but Danity Kane is — once again — calling it quits. We could hardly believe it either. Members Aubrey O’Day and Shannon Bex announced the news in a lengthy post to the group’s Tumblr.....»»

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Danity Kane’s Breakup & Catfight Were Caused By THIS Act Of Betrayal!

No wonder things got so bad so fast! We were sad to hear that Danity Kane was breaking up, after recently reuniting, and now the story about why has leaked. Reportedly, Aubrey O’Day and Shannon Bex were in the middle of a private recording session when.....»»

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Danity Kane Announces Split After Punches Thrown In Studio

Danity Kane is splitting up just one year after they reunited!.....»»

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Style Jury: Danity Kane

Your step daddy isn’t the only one embracing the resurrected denim on denim. Danity Kane mixed pieces from the Apple Bottoms, JLO By Jennifer Lopez, Baby Phat and Lady Enyce’s Summer 2002 collections for their appearance at the Liquid Pool .....»»

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