Big Brother: Helen Wood targets Ashleigh Coyle for revenge

RAGING Helen Wood has set her sights on a new target – Ashleigh Coyle......»»

Category: tvSource: dailystarJun 12th, 2019

BB"s most controversial winner EVER? Backlash as Helen beats Ashleigh to win Big Bro

AFTER a series of tears, tantrums and sex, Wayne Rooney's former lover Helen Wood has beaten Ashleigh Coyle to be crowned the shock winner of Big Brother 2014......»»

Category: tvSource: dailystarMar 30th, 2019

VIDEO: ‘I owe you an apology’ BB’s Helen and Ashleigh kiss and make up

WE didn’t see this one coming – warring Big Brother babes Helen Wood and Ashleigh Coyle have finally called a ceasefire......»»

Category: tvSource: dailystarApr 2nd, 2019

VIDEO: ‘I want to smash her head in’ Helen comes to BBlows with Ashleigh and Chris

AGGRESSIVE Big Brother housemate Helen Wood threatened to get violent against rival Ashleigh Coyle in their latest explosive row......»»

Category: tvSource: dailystarApr 15th, 2019

‘You two-faced bitch!’ BB’s Helen blasts Ashleigh after her ‘evil plan’ is EXPOSED!

BIG Brother babes Helen Wood and Ashleigh Coyle became embroiled in an explosive row on Tuesday night’s show......»»

Category: tvSource: dailystarJun 4th, 2019

VIDEO: ‘She’s being a brat, she needs to grow up’ Christopher and Ashleigh in BBitter spat

HAVING dramatically made up with former arch-enemy Helen Wood, Ashleigh Coyle has been all sweetness and light in the Big Brother house over the last few days. Well, not anymore......»»

Category: tvSource: dailystarApr 25th, 2019

The truce is over! BB’s Helen and Ashleigh in Judge Judy spat

EX-HOOKER Helen Wood’s feud with fellow Big Brother housemate Ashleigh Coyle has been reignited......»»

Category: tvSource: dailystarApr 16th, 2019

Big Bro backlash! Fans outraged as ‘immune’ Ashleigh is nominated in Power twist

BIG Brother bosses are facing a backlash from fans, after ‘immune’ Power Housemate Ashleigh Coyle was fed to the wolves in a new twist, which now sees her face eviction......»»

Category: tvSource: dailystarMay 9th, 2019

ANOTHER warning! Helen weeps as Big Bro blast Ashleigh threats

IS Big Brother loudmouth Helen Wood finally realising the error of her ways?.....»»

Category: tvSource: dailystarApr 13th, 2019

Spotless Star Brendan Coyle: My Father"s Death Was the "Catalyst" to Pursue Acting

Fans of Brendan Coyle know him as Downton Abbey's lovable gent John Bates, and now, criminal boss Nelson Clay in Spotless, but what do we know about Brendan Coyle, the person? While........»»

Category: moviesSource: eonlineJan 22nd, 2017

The b**** is back! Helen returns to BB house… and she’s not happy with Ashleigh

BIG Brother loudmouth Helen Wood has made an explosive return to the house following her fake eviction......»»

Category: tvSource: dailystarApr 4th, 2019

Helen Wood crowned queen of the Big Brother house

THE fifteenth series of Big Brother was tonight won by Helen Wood......»»

Category: topSource: expressMar 30th, 2019

Big Brother villain Helen Wood has odds on winning slashed

BIG Brother fans could be quids in if Helen Wood wins the show......»»

Category: tvSource: dailystarApr 22nd, 2019

Big Brother Helen Wood faces the boot over aggressive behaviour and foul language

BIG Brother bitch Helen Wood is days away from getting the boot after housemates said they fear she will get violent......»»

Category: tvSource: dailystarJun 22nd, 2019

I’m going in Big Brother to wreck Helen Wood, vows Rooney babe Jenny Thompson

HOOKER Jenny Thompson last night revealed she is on a mission to get bully Helen Wood out of Big Brother......»»

Category: tvSource: dailystarJun 25th, 2019

Big Brother: Helen Wood could face Police questioning over "gun-running ex-boyfriend"

HELEN Wood could face a police grilling when she leaves Big Brother......»»

Category: tvSource: dailystarJul 12th, 2019

"Hated" Helen Wood is put through to the Big Brother final in a new shock twist

FORMER hate figure Helen Wood last night was installed as the shock favourite to win Big Brother......»»

Category: tvSource: dailystarJul 23rd, 2019

Big blubber: Helen Wood breaks down after BB reveals she branded Kimberly a ‘tramp’

AFTER weeks of gobbing off about her housemates unchallenged, Big Brother loud mouth Helen Wood has finally been taken to task......»»

Category: tvSource: dailystarMay 7th, 2019

I"ll be SHOT! BB"s Helen Wood in fear of attack

HELEN Wood is worried someone will try to gun her down when she leaves the Big Brother house......»»

Category: tvSource: dailystarApr 5th, 2019

EXCLUSIVE: BB babe Helen Wood promises to bed Ryan Giggs

BIG Brother babe Helen Wood yesterday vowed to celebrate leaving the house by bedding football legend Ryan Giggs......»»

Category: tvSource: dailystarApr 9th, 2019

Ex-hooker Helen Wood reveals fears about leaving BB house

HATED Helen Wood is scared about leaving the Big Brother house......»»

Category: tvSource: dailystarApr 16th, 2019