Dolly Parton doesn"t have "time to be old"

Dolly Parton will remain ageless, she tells Oprah Winfrey......»»

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Stella Parton pays tribute to sister Dolly

Country music star Stella Parton pays tribute to her sister Dolly ahead of her own London show called 'Parton Sings Parton'. Jane Witherspoon reports......»»

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Dolly Parton reports "happy ending" as abandoned dog"s owners reclaim pet

Goodbye, Doggie. Doggie Parton, that is. The fluffy white dog left behind at the Glastonbury Music Festival last week and nearly adopted by musician and festival performer Dolly Parton has been claimed by her owners, Parton told TODAY Thursday during a ne.....»»

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Women of the Century: Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton on growing up in Tennessee, her faith, family and fans.        Dolly Parton on growing up in Tennessee, her faith, family and fans.       .....»»

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Dolly Parton -- I Had Kidney Stones, Y"all!

Dolly Parton is no stoner -- at least, not anymore ... 'cause the country legend says she underwent surgery to have some pesky kidney stones removed last month.  Parton issued a medical update in the wake of rumors that she was suffering from….....»»

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On the road with Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton has been in the public eye for more than five decades as a songwriter, singer, actress and business mogul. CNN's Christine Romans goes backstage with Parton to talk about what's behind her success, and why she turned down an opportunity.....»»

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Dolly Parton brought to tears filming biopic

There’s more to Dolly Parton than the brash persona and impressive wig collection. Before she became a megastar, Parton, star of such films as “9 to 5” and “Steel Magnolias,” wrote simply of her impoverished childhood in songs like the earnest .....»»

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Dolly Parton has a dance record for her gay fans

Dolly Parton is an absolute legend, and everyone loves her, right? Well, prepare to love her a little bit more, because she really wants to make a dance record for her gay fans. From Gay Star News: Parton was speaking to reporters at a press conference la.....»»

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Dolly Parton may adopt dog abandoned at Glastonbury festival

The crowd fell in love with Dolly Parton when she played the Glastonbury Music Festival in late June, her first ever visit to the iconic U.K. event. But Parton also fell in love — with a dog that was left behind after the event cleared out in the week a.....»»

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So that’s how Lisa Rinna got her Dolly Parton boobs!

Last week, I posted some photos of Lisa Rinna previewing her appearance as Dolly Parton on the new ABC show, Sing Your Face Off that debuts on May 31st. Well yesterday, she posted a picture of how she got Parton’s most famous body parts, her boobs. .....»»

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Dolly Parton: My dad cleaned pigeon poop off my statue every night

In country legend Dolly Parton's hometown in Tennessee, there's a statue of her right in front of the courthouse. Dolly had tears in her eyes as she told Jimmy Kimmel how she learned that her dad used to clean pigeon poop off the statue every night......»»

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Dolly Parton offers to adopt "Dolly" the dog

LONDON (AP) — Dolly Parton wants to take an unlikely fan home......»»

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Paul Rudd Won’t Be Too Buff In ‘Ant-Man’, Dolly Parton Knows How To Make A Statement: Celeb News In Six Clicks

The more you know. Here are six news headlines that you’ll want to click! — Apparently Paul Rudd Won’t Get Too Jacked for Ant-Man Role [Evil Beet Gossip] — Dolly Parton Refutes Lip Syncing Rumors The Way Only Dolly Can [The Frisky] — Handsome Gu.....»»

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Dolly Parton defends Miley Cyrus: ‘People thought I was trashy, too’

If you don’t love Dolly Parton, you need to check yourself before you wreck yourself. She’s amazing! She’s a music legend and also hilarious as a personality, as well. So when Dolly says we all oughta be a little nicer to Miley Cyrus (wh.....»»

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Dolly Parton doesn"t have "time to be old"

Dolly Parton will remain ageless, she tells Oprah Winfrey......»»

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'I don't take myself seriously': Dolly Parton thinks people can relate to her attitude

SHE'S RIDING high on the success of her performance from the weekend at Glastonbury festival but 68-year-old singer Dolly Parton admitted she thinks people love her because she doesn't take herself too seriously......»»

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Dolly Parton offers to adopt dog abandoned at Glastonbury

DOLLY Parton works from Nine to Five – but she might have to find time to be a pet owner too after she offered to adopt a dog left behind at Glastonbury......»»

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Dolly Parton"s passion isn"t just"s also literacy

Dolly Parton is the most award-winning female country singer of all time. But music isn't her only passion. She's also an advocate for literacy......»»

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Someone once gave Dolly Parton their baby named Jolene

Dolly Parton was on Larry King Now and the OraTV wanted to know what her “funniest fan encounter?” She told him, it happened to her around the time that her song Jolene came out and she had just moved in to her new house in Brentwood, Ca. She .....»»

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Dolly Parton lands highest chart debut with new album

Time does a lady well. Legendary recording artist Dolly Parton has notched her highest-charting solo album ever with her latest release, “Blue Smoke.” The album — her 42nd — debuts........»»

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