Eurocrats' gold-plated pensions cost £36bn

THE cost of Eurocrats’ lavish gold-plated pensions and sick pay ballooned to a colossal £36.7billion last year, figures show......»»

Category: topSource: expressMar 15th, 2019

Judges' mega-pensions could cost taxpayer billions

JUDGES’ “platinum-plated” pensions could cost the taxpayer £3.4billion......»»

Category: topSource: expressMar 29th, 2019

EU chiefs BEG Vladimir Putin to solve migrant crisis as Eurocrats admit they face RUIN

EUROCRATS are seeking a desperate deal with Vladimir Putin as they make a bid to stop Russia sending the migrant crisis into meltdown......»»

Category: topSource: expressMay 8th, 2016

Eurocrats ridiculed for unveiling official SASH for EU parliament

EUROCRATS have been ridiculed after they unveiled the latest must-have fashion item in the wardrobe of MEP's - an official sash for the European Parliament......»»

Category: topSource: expressJul 12th, 2014

Pensions shake-up: Millions of savers shut out of 'pensions revolution' by punishing fees

MILLIONS of savers will be shut out of the Government’s “pensions revolution” by punishing fees, experts warned yesterday......»»

Category: topSource: expressAug 4th, 2014

'Face-to-face' pensions advice pledge is watered down by minister Steve Webb

A PROMISE to offer “face-to-face” pensions advice for workers nearing retirement has been watered down......»»

Category: topSource: expressJun 13th, 2014

Furious Tory minister Baroness Altmann BLASTS ‘difficult to work for’ Iain Duncan Smith

A PENSIONS minister has slammed former Work and Pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith, calling him “extremely difficult to work for” in a damming statement......»»

Category: topSource: expressMar 21st, 2016

Pensions will face devastating triple tax raid, experts said

PENSIONS face a devastating triple tax raid in this month’s Budget, experts said last night......»»

Category: topSource: expressMar 1st, 2016

Firefighters announce eight day strike in row over pensions

FIREFIGHTERS will stage a national walkout for EIGHT DAYS this month in a row over pensions......»»

Category: topSource: expressJul 4th, 2014

NHS chiefs to retire with £100k pensions

HUNDREDS of National Health Service bosses are retiring on pensions of more than £100,000 a year – almost four times the average salary......»»

Category: topSource: expressJun 29th, 2014

EU's 'barking mad' £25million taxpayer donation to rehabilitate PERUVIAN drug addicts

BIG-SPENDING Brussels Eurocrats came under fire last night after giving £25million of taxpayers’ money to help rehabilitate drug Peru......»»

Category: topSource: expressMay 3rd, 2019

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen set for final catwalk turn

Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen will strut her stuff on the catwalk for the last time Wednesday, putting a gold-plated seal on the runway career that launched her to stardom. Bundchen, the world's top-earning model, will take her final sashay do.....»»

Category: fashionSource: yahooApr 22nd, 2015

Gold toilet opens for business at Guggenheim

The streets may be paved with gold in heaven but in New York, it's a gold toilet providing creature comfort - and an eyeful for visitors to the city's Guggenheim museum. The working toilet, cast in brightly gleaming gold, has been installed in a.....»»

Category: artsSource: yahooSep 20th, 2016

Can he solve the cost of living crisis? Miliband doesn't know cost of weekly food bill

ED Miliband has insisted he can solve the cost of living crisis – despite not knowing how much his family spends on the weekly food shopping bill......»»

Category: topSource: expressMay 20th, 2014

Gold-plated plonker: United star slated for flaunting 24-carat iPhone on Instagram

SUPER flash Manchester United star Andreas Pereira has scored on own goal with fans – by flaunting a 24-carat iPhone......»»

Category: tvSource: dailystarNov 3rd, 2015

Ai Weiwei sculptures in record sale

A set of 12 gold-plated animal head sculptures by dissident Chinese artist Ai Weiwei sells for £2.8m ($4.3m) at auction - a new record for the artist......»»

Category: topSource: 16th, 2015

Gilbert Arenas Seems Racially Thoughtful

Gilbert Arenas went on an online tirade against Al Sharpton in the midst of the shit storm in Ferguson Missouri. Arenas is a known lunatic so it should not be surprising most of his manifesto which looks to be written on a gold plated iPhone is incoherent.....»»

Category: topSource: wwtddAug 15th, 2014

Lady Gaga’s Gold-Plated Wheelchair and More Fab Lives of Pop Divas

VH1's latest peek into wonderful world you'll never have the bank account to be a part of, reveals the posh wheelchair Gaga used while recovering from her 2013 hip injury......»»

Category: topSource: bestweekeverAug 6th, 2014
Category: topSource: peopleJun 27th, 2014

EU experiment waste: Collapse of passport-free Schengen zone to cost TRILLION pounds

THE economic cost of the collapse of Europe's passport-free Schengen zone will cost a staggering one TRILLION pounds over the next decade......»»

Category: topSource: expressJan 17th, 2017

NFL Player Quintin Demps -- Rookie Hazing Cost Me Serious Cash!

NFL safety Quintin Demps knows firsthand about the price of rookie hazing ... his initiation into the big boys league didn't cost him his pride or dignity ... it cost him a boat load of moneyThe New York Giant was out  recently when we asked….....»»

Category: topSource: tmzAug 30th, 2014