Fug the Waxwork: Wills and Kate, Part 2

 Remember how Madame Tussauds had a really good William and Kate Waxwork? Well, apparently someone took a spin through the museum and decided, “that looks too realistic. Let’s redo it and totally screw it up.” AND ERGO BEHOLD: The W.....»»

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Well Played Waxwork, Prince Harry

 For all the complaints we had about the new Wills and Kate Waxwork — spoiler: IT’S HIDEOUS — the one they’ve done for Harry’s 30th birthday (on Monday, so collect your goats and get ready to party) is QUITE GOOD. Of cou.....»»

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Fairly Well-Played Waxwork: Hugh Bonneville

  In fairness, ANYTHING would look like a competent waxwork compared to the HORRID MONSTROSITY that was the Selena Gomez Waxwork. I suspect there is a reason Selena did not pose with hers, and that reason is because she would be making a horrifi.....»»

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Royally Played: Wills and Kate (and other people) at Royal Ascot

   Lots of firsts today: It’s the first time Wills and Kate have come to Royal Ascot together, and we also learned today that Wills is July’s cover model for Attitude magazine, making him the first member of the British Royal Fa.....»»

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Royally Played: Wills and Kate Visit New York, Day Two, Part II

   These two had a lot on deck today! Part one is here — Wills met with President Obama, and then with Joe Biden, and gave a speech at the World Bank, while Kate wrapped gifts with adorable kids and the First Lady of New York, and wen.....»»

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Fug the Waxwork: Scarlett Johansson by Madame Tussauds

   I’m sure it’s meant as a compliment, but at this point, don’t you think celebrities DREAD getting their own waxwork? I would. Read More ........»»

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Fug the Waxwork: Madame Tussaud’s New Anne Hathaway Figure

   What!? You already HAD a decent Anne Hathaway waxwork! Why are you showing us your also-rans, Tussaud? WHY ARE YOU INVITING US INTO YOUR JUNK DRAWER? Read More ........»»

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Royals Round-Up Round-Up: Wills and Kate and Harry and George: 2014

   In which we take an exhaustive look back at Wills and Kate and Harry and George in 2014 and are reminded, once again, that this was the year that someone dressed a gourd up like Kate. Read More ........»»

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Fugs and Fabs: Celebs at Wimbledon, Part 4

   The Wimbledon Celebs In the Stands coverage continues! The first bit is here; the first Wills and Kate bits are here; the next bit is here, the SECOND Wills and Kate bit is here. This particular go-round includes Colin and Posh and Samue.....»»

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Royally Played: Wills, Kate (in Missoni), and Harry at Somme Centenary Commemorations In France

   It’s the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme (at least, it almost is; the battle began on July 1st, and went until November 18th ), and Wills and Harry and Kate are in France for the commemorations today and tomorrow. Toda.....»»

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Royal Retrospective: The Best of Wills and Kate’s Royal Tours

   Wills and Kate and George and Charlotte are all embarking on a tour of Canada on Friday, and — while I’ve revisited what Kate’s worn to Canada already — what better way to prep for their upcoming shenanigans than .....»»

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Royally Played, Wills and Kate (in Lela Rose) Visit Cornwall

   Wills and Kate are off on a mini-jaunt to Cornwall (which will be his duchy when he’s Prince of Wales, and which seems beeeeeyoutiful, from the pics I’ve seen) and the Isles of Scilly, which I keep wanting to call Sicily, des.....»»

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Royally Played: Wills and Kate and Harry…and a Bunch of Other British Royals

   Whoops, this accidentally turned into a little Tuesday afternoon British Royals Round-Up. They all just went to a lot of places today, it seems: Wills and Kate signed the condolence book for the victims of the massacre in Orlando at the .....»»

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Jay Z and Bey spark rumours of bun in the oven

COULd Jay Z have done a Kate and Wills? COULD Beyoncé and Jay Z have done a Kate and Wills?.....»»

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Royals Round-Up, August 26th, 2016

   LOADS of extra bits and pieces from Wills and Kate’s two outings this week, among other items, including some stragglers from the Olympics. In case you missed it earlier this week: – Wills and Kate both re-wore saucy patterns.....»»

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Royals Round-Up, July 1st, 2016

   In which I bring you Harry! Wills! Kate! (At a somber event, but still.) Sunglasses! Plastic capes gone awry! A cameo from Michelle Obama! A Casiraghi looking hot on on a boat! AND MORE. If you missed it yesterday, Wills and Kate and Har.....»»

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Royals Round-Up, September 2, 2016

   ALERT: This week’s post has much Wills and Kate, as they had an outing today in which she wore pants (from the Gap) that I love. It’s a Labor Day miracle! In case you missed it earlier this week, Wills & Kate had an outin.....»»

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Royals Round-Up, September 12, 2014

   SO MUCH TO DISCUSS THIS WEEK. Well, mostly that Wills and Kate are having another baby! (Um, but Prince Harry got a good waxwork? That’s a good gift to the world, also.) There’s loads of Brits in the slideshow, but also I bri.....»»

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Grumpy Cat unveils waxwork, makes Broadway debut

Internet sensation Grumpy Cat, went on a promotional tour, unveiling a waxwork in Washington DC and then appearing at the curtain call for hit musical 'Cats' in New York. Rough Cut - no reporter narration......»»

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Kendall Jenner meets her waxwork self in London

Model and reality TV star Kendall Jenner meets a waxwork model of herself at Madame Tussauds in London. Rough Cut (No reporter narration).....»»

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FBI Artist Helps Create First Waxwork Likeness of Jane Austen

FBI forensic artist Melissa Dring used diaries, letters and more to construct a waxwork of the beloved author.....»»

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