Galloway on Film: Lies, Damned Lies and (Hollywood) Statistics

The numbers that really matter are kept secret — the ones made public distort the full more.....»»

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Army Vet Noah Galloway -- Black Soldiers Died Under Our Flag ... Kaep Should Respect That

Decorated army vet Noah Galloway -- who also impressed on "Dancing with the Stars" -- says Colin Kaepernick needs to consider the black soldiers who died fighting under the American flag.  Galloway is clearly unhappy with Kaep's National….....»»

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Showbiz, Music Industry Jobs Drop 19% in Two Years

The U.S. economy has seen a steady erosion of jobs in the motion picture and sound industries, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Preliminary statistics from the BLS show that employment in those two industries has dropped to 298,000 in August &.....»»

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If You’ve Ever Said ‘Absent Black Fathers’ You Need To Read This — Statistics Say You Should Shut Up

The post If You’ve Ever Said ‘Absent Black Fathers’ You Need To Read This — Statistics Say You Should Shut Up appeared first on PopCrunch......»»

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Shampoo vs. Dry Shampoo: How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

Damned if you shampoo, damned if you sham-don't. The beauty industry has been abuzz with the theory that dry shampoo, everyone's favorite oil-absorbing product, is actually not........»»

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AUDIO: Jo Brand defends social workers

Jo Brand has defended the work of social workers, describing them as "damned if they do or damned if they don't"......»»

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The Awards Pundits: Scott Feinberg and Stephen Galloway Debate Telluride, Toronto and Beyond

In this first installment of what will be a regular conversation, THR's awards analyst Scott Feinberg and executive editor, features Stephen Galloway discuss the Rocky Mountains film festival's rumored selections and its role as an awards season launching.....»»

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"Dancing With The Stars" Split: Noah Galloway Ends Engagement To Jamie Boyd

"Dancing With the Stars" fans were tickled to watch Noah Galloway and Jamie Boyd get engaged last season on the show. However, Noah and Jamie have now split and he shared the news via his Instagr........»»

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Dancing With the Stars" Noah Galloway and Jamie Boyd End Engagement After Live TV Proposal

After a five month engagement, Noah Galloway and Jamie Boyd have decided to part ways. The former Dancing With the Stars contestant announced via social media that the two were not going........»»

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Steven Galloway on magic, memories and Houdini

By Nicholas P. Brown NEW YORK (Reuters) - Canadian author Steven Galloway explores the fickle nature of memory in "The Confabulist," his book about the life and death of one of the world's most famous magicians, Harry Houdini. The book's main character, M.....»»

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From the Battlefield to the Ballroom: Noah Galloway"s Inspirational Journey to "DWTS"

Army veteran Noah Galloway is doing mind-blowing moves on Dancing with the Stars and ET went inside his rehearsal......»»

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George Galloway hospitalised after attack by man 'shouting about Holocaust'

CONTROVERSIAL Respect MP George Galloway was rushed to hospital with a suspected broken jaw after being attacked in the street......»»

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George Galloway interviewed by police over Israel comments

CONTROVERSIAL MP George Galloway has been interviewed by police after claiming Bradford was an "Israel-free zone"......»»

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Calls for George Galloway appearance to be cancelled after 'Israel-free zone' comments

A COUNCIL have been called on to cancel a speaking engagement for George Galloway after the MP declared his constituency "an Israel-free zone"......»»

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Galloway on Film: Hollywood"s Secret Class System

Hollywood has been loud in objecting to Trump’s wall. But it’s built a series of impregnable walls of its own. read more.....»»

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Sophia Bush: These Breast Cancer Statistics Need to Change!

Sophia Bush makes a statement in a chic red dress at the InStyle cocktail party to welcome Eric Wilson as the new Fashion News Director of the mag on Thursday (June 12) in West Hollywood, Calif. The 31-year-old actress was joined at the event by Mad Men&#.....»»

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Galloway on Film: Challenges From Amazon and Netflix Signal the End of the Studio System

For 100 years, Hollywood has been defined by the majors. That may be about to change. read more.....»»

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Galloway on Film: The 10-Year Studio Bloodbath

Once every decade, Hollywood commits hari-kari. That's what it's doing right more.....»»

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IndieStream: Catherine Keener"s "War Story" and Horror Film "The Damned" Hit VOD

The "Please Give" star plays a broken journalist in this week's latest streaming more.....»»

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Powerful film debut shows awakening of an Albanian "Sworn Virgin"

BERLIN (Reuters) - In the Mountains of the Damned along the Kosovan/Albanian border, women seeking to escape the stifling roles tradition holds for them must either flee or swear an oath of eternal virginity, granting them the right to live as a man......»»

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Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Darren Criss & More Stars Serenade Everyone at the Democratic National Convention

There's been a lot of politics going on. A lot of speeches, a lot of statistics, a lot of voting and a lot of back and forth between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, but for a few moments........»»

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