Gillian Anderson will play Margaret Thatcher in "The Crown" Season 4

Gillian Anderson will play former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in season four of "The Crown," Netflix confirmed Saturday......»»

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Margaret Thatcher"s power suits, handbags go on sale

Handbags, clothes and jewelry owned by the late British prime minister Margaret Thatcher are to go on sale on Tuesday, with some items expected to fetch up to 180,000 pounds ($273,000). Up to 350 "historic and personal lots" related to Thatcher .....»»

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Margaret Thatcher "considered suing BBC"s Today show"

Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher considered suing BBC Radio 4's Today programme for libel, previously secret papers reveal......»»

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Margaret Thatcher named MOST influential woman of last 200 years

IRON Lady Margaret Thatcher is the most influential woman of the past 200 years, a poll has found......»»

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Margaret Thatcher's top aide praises PM David Cameron over EU showdown

DAVID Cameron should be "praised" for standing up to Europe in Britain's interest, Margaret Thatcher's former press secretary said last night......»»

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Margaret Thatcher's top aide warns PM David Cameron on EU

DAVID Cameron should be "praised" for standing up to Europe in Britain's interest, Margaret Thatcher's former press secretary said last night......»»

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Margaret Thatcher has square named for her in Madrid

SHE was the Iron Lady who changed Britain forever – but now Margaret Thatcher has been immortalised in Madrid......»»

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Actress Gillian Anderson didn’t go to any plastic surgery so far

Actress Gillian Anderson didn't go to any plastic surgery so far The post Actress Gillian Anderson didn’t go to any plastic surgery so far appeared first on Celebrity Gossip, Fashion Blogs, Beauty Blog, Food Malaysia,Baby......»»

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Gillian Anderson’s Kids Are NOT X-Files Fans

Are you insane, Gillian Anderson?! The X-Files are terrifying, and now Gillian’s kids Felix and Oscar know it. The Anderson spawn are 7 and 9 respectively, which is wayyyy to young to watch the creeptastic perfection that is the X-Files, but that.....»»

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Meet the OLDEST cat in the world who was a kitten when Thatcher was PM

MARGARET THATCHER was Prime Minister and mobile phones were the size of a house brick when Scooter the playful kitten entered the world......»»

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REVEALED: Thatcher warned over poll tax chaos

MARGARET Thatcher was warned that homeless people would try to dodge her flagship “poll tax” by giving up shelter to sleep on the streets......»»

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Eagle gift from Reagan fetches top price in Thatcher sale

A gift from former U.S. President Ronald Reagan fetched top price in a sale of ex British prime minister Margaret Thatcher's personal possessions which raised more than 3 million pounds ($4.5 million) overall, auctioneer Christie's said. Reagan&.....»»

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High heels in the Kremlin: Thatcher"s style secrets

Margaret Thatcher's bodyguard would carry her high heels into the Kremlin and the ex-prime minister wore trousers only down a coal mine, according to an auction catalogue of her belongings. Charles Powell, who acted as her private secretary, said Tha.....»»

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Lennon, Thatcher, Henry VIII star in "Face of Britain"

LONDON (Reuters) - What do John Lennon, Margaret Thatcher, Henry VIII and West Indian immigrants in 1956 London have in common? They are all, according to British historian Simon Schama, part of "The Face of Britain"......»»

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Cameron stands firm against terrorist as he pays tribute to Thatcher"s defiance

MARKING today’s 30th anniversary of the IRA’s bomb attack on former prime minister Margaret Thatcher at Brighton’s Grand Hotel, David Cameron vowed never to surrender to terrorists......»»

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Who knew Margaret Thatcher was a DIY lady? Sweeping changes were found in her home

BUILDERS renovating the £12million London home of the late Baroness Thatcher have discovered she made sweeping and controversial alterations to the property......»»

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Gillian Anderson Confirmed For Starz"s "American Gods"

Gillian Anderson is reuniting with her former "Hannibal" boss, Bryan Fuller, on Starz's "American Gods.".....»»

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Gillian Anderson Joked About Being The Next Bond. Hide Yo Kids.

Gillian Anderson said she wants to be the next Bond. I see no possible negative reaction to this......»»

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Gillian Anderson Slams Plastic Surgery Speculation, Says She"s ""Aging Without Shame""

Gillian Anderson isn't afraid to tell it like it is. The X-Files actress hopped on Facebook earlier today to slam a recent article that speculated that she had undergone plastic........»»

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The X-Files Star Gillian Anderson"s Favorite Thing About Scully Is...

Gillian Anderson has spent a lot of time with The X-Files' Special Agent Dana Scully. We're talking 23 years, 200+ episodes, two feature films, and now a six-episode event series. But........»»

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Gillian Anderson wipes the floor with David Duchovny in the new ‘X-Files’

The craziest thing about “The X-Files” is actually easy to believe: Gillian Anderson was offered half as much money as David Duchovny for the new six-episode revival. Never mind that she’s twice as good an actor. That discrepancy was always there, b.....»»

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