How Kesha"s "F—ing Rock God" Jesse Kinch Won "Rising Star"

Brad Paisley, Ludacris and Josh Groban share their advice for the series' first champread more.....»»

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Kesha Is Excited To Find A ‘Rising Star’

At the age of 27, music star Kesha has had three top charting singles and has seen major success all over the world. Kesha is taking on a new venture in her career by joining the expert panel on the new ABC music competition series, Rising Star. Kesha sa.....»»

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Soweto Kinch to front Radio 3 jazz show

Renowned saxophonist Soweto Kinch is to co-host a new-look jazz show on BBC Radio 3......»»

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Kesha Looks Remarkably Un-Kesha-Like

Originally, the title of this post was going to be, “STFU, That’s Not Kesha,” because for the most part, Kesha (The dollar sign’s where demons hide and won’t let you eat.) looked almost nothing like Kesha. But then as you pro.....»»

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"Rising Star": Ludacris on Voting Honestly, Cursing on TV and Becoming a Villain

"Within the first three or four seconds, he blew me away," the ABC show's expert said of his favorite, rocker Jesse Kinch. "He killed it up there!"read more.....»»

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Dr. Luke on Kesha -- I Did Not Have Sexual Relations with That Woman

Dr. Luke is blasting Kesha, her lawyer and maybe even Taylor Swift ... unleashing for the first time about Kesha's rape allegations. Luke says, "I didn't rape Kesha and I have never had sex with her. Kesha and I were friends for many years and&hellip.....»»

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Hey boys, Kesha wants to see your Rising Star on the wall!

Yesterday on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Rising Star‘s host Josh Groban and experts Ludacris, Brad Paisley and Kesha were on the ABC late night show to talk about their singing competition that debuts on Sunday night. Since the eliminations are live, there h.....»»

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Kesha & Ludacris Are Singing Competition "Rising Stars" at "Planes: Fire & Rescue" Premiere!

Kesha rocks a form-fitting black dress while hitting the premiere of Disney’s Planes: Fire & Rescue held at the El Capitan Theatre on Tuesday (July 15) in Hollywood. The 27-year-old singer was joined by fellow Rising Star judges Ludacris and Br.....»»

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Kesha Reveals Her ‘Rising Star’: Admits She Has New Boyfriend

Kesha’s career is skyrocketing, as she launches into primetime on ABC’s new reality competition ‘Rising Star’, and her personal life is also at an all-time high: the singer tells all about her boyfriend!.....»»

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Kesha: Your Career Will Live or Die on "Rising Star"!

Kesha shoots a quick text on her cellphone as she arrives for a meeting on Tuesday (May 20) in Los Angeles. The day before, the 27-year-old entertainer landed at LAX Airport after looking gorgeous at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards over the weekend. Kesha.....»»

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Kesha -- Swears Under Oath ... Dr. Luke Did NOT Sexual Assault or Drug Me (VIDEO)

Kesha now claims Dr. Luke drugged and raped her, but under oath she flatly denied it.   TMZ has obtained portions of a Kesha deposition taken in 2011. Kesha and Luke had both been sued by a manager, and she was asked under oath about….....»»

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Kesha steps out with her new boyfriend!

Meet Kesha’s new, bearded boyfriend! The couple are spending time together in New York City. Kesha has been dating Brad Ashenfelter since at least April. According to E! the couple met through Kesha’s hairstylist, who is dating Brad’s fr.....»»

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KESHA All Smiles On Red Carpet At 2014 Billboard Music Awards

Isn’t Kesha (formerly Ke$ha) looking amazing? Here she is on the red carpet at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards. Kesha looks great in her fitted gown. RELATED: Ke$ha leaves rehab. Her time in treatment did her some good! Kesha’s been keeping a .....»»

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Kesha Wins for Losing

Kesha lost her battle in court to nullify her recording contract with music producer Dr. Luke. Kesha claims Dr. Luke drugged and sexually exploited her. Or what the industry refers to as a standard recording contract. That’s why God invented heroin......»»

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Ludacris Excited About Viewers Interaction With Rising Star

Rising Star, a new music competition show, makes its series premiere on June 22, 2014 on ABC. The series is being touted as a very unique music competition. Unlike many other competition shows where viewers vote after the show airs, Rising Star viewers w.....»»

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Sorry, Kesha! Rising Star"s Premiere TOTALLY Flopped!

Rising Star isn't such a star after all! LOLz! The new reality singing competition scored a disappointing 1.5 rating among adults ages 18-49 with just 5.02 million viewers. Ouch!!! That might not sound THAT bad, but in comparison, America's Got Talent g.....»»

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Broadway Review: Jim Parsons in ‘An Act of God’

By God, it’s a waste of time reviewing a show based on a memoir written by God and based on His personal twitter account. Swear to God, the rabid fans greeting the appearance of Jim Parsons in “An Act of God” like the Second Coming hones.....»»

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Kesha Is Starting a "Cat Cult" And Wants You to Join, but You Have to "Eat Glitter" First

Start practicing those meows! Kesha is not content with just having pop star listed on her resume. No, the Rising Star expert is hoping to add the title of "cult leader" to her........»»

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Kesha Arrives At The Airport Looking Like A Rock Star

On Wednesday night Kesha landed at Los Angeles International Airport after a quick trip out of town with her boyfriend Brad Ashenfelter, and the 27-year-old singer looked every inch the rock star with her pink hair and black leather........»»

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Why ABC’s ‘Rising Star’ Failed to Gain Altitude

The new ABC series “Rising Star” was intended to be a “revolution” in TV programming, as host Josh Groban reminded viewers umpteen times in the premiere episode Sunday. But judging by the wobbly ratings, “Rising” didn&#.....»»

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Who Is This Super Chic Woman and What Did She Do With Kesha?!

Wow. You lose one awkward "$" inside your name and your whole world changes... We honestly didn't realize that was Kesha when she stepped onto the Rising Star stage, even........»»

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