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Amy and Sheldon do the Big Bang tonight!

Tonight at 8p on The Big Bang Theory, the moment many people have been waiting for is finally going to happen. Amy and Sheldon are going to have coitus. When I heard about this episode, I was pissed off and thought it would totally suck. Sheldon is all ab.....»»

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Amy and Sheldon will do the Big Bang on The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory is shocking its fans with something that is is coming up on December 17th. That thing that is coming up Sheldon’s pen!s because Amy Fowler and him are finally going to have coitus. The show’s Executive Producer Steve Molaro.....»»

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The Big Bang Theory"s Sheldon and Amy Finally Have Sex: Was It Good For You Too?

Hey! That wasn't as cringeworthy as we feared it might be! Sheldon and Amy finally did the deed on the The Big Bang Theory, and despite the fact that it confused our previous........»»

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"The Big Bang Theory": Best Sheldon, Amy moments

Sheldon and Amy's relationship takes a major turn Thursday on 'The Big Bang Theory.' Let's revisit other great 'Shamy' moments.        .....»»

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EXCLUSIVE: "Big Bang Theory"s Jim Parsons Talks Sheldon Losing His Virginity: "It"s Absolutely the Right Tim

'The Big Bang Theory' is boldly going where no Sheldon has gone before!.....»»

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Jim Parsons Says Sheldon Is Ready to Kill on "The Big Bang Theory"!

The Big Bang Theory star, Jim Parsons, revealed to ET that Sheldon is on the defensive over Amy on Monday night's episode......»»

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More ‘Bang’ For Your Yuks? The Little Sheldon Theory

According to  The Hollywood Reporter, creators of the CBS hit The Big Bang Theory are rumored to be in the works of making a prequel to the show. The project will center on a young Sheldon Cooper. While none of the regular cast will be involved with the .....»»

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Is Sheldon off "Big Bang"? We ask Jim Parsons

At Comic Con, Jim Parsons talks about whether or not Sheldon is leaving 'Big Bang Theory' and why he loves Rhianna.        .....»»

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"Big Bang Theory" finale finally puts Sheldon and Amy to bed

Tonight's episode of "The Big Bang Theory" is going to have a lot of jokes tied to its title......»»

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"Big Bang Theory" Season 10 Premiere: Are Sheldon and Leonard Going to be Stepbrothers? Discover the Awkward Truth!

'The Big Bang Theory's tenth season premiere kicked off with… well… a presumed bang!.....»»

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Sheldon and Amy Are (Finally!) Going to Have Sex on "The Big Bang Theory"

They're really putting the "bang" in The Big Bang Theory this year!.....»»

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They put the bang in Big Bang Theory: Sheldon and Amy finally go all the way

SHELDON Cooper finally lost his virginity by giving Amy Farrah Fowler the gift of sex for her birthday......»»

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"Big Bang Theory" Star Mayim Bialik Talks Sheldon and Amy"s "Big Ending" And What"s Next in Season

It's the most wonderful time of the year… It's time for 'The Big Bang Theory' cast to invade Comic-Con!.....»»

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Inside "Big Bang Theory"s" Decision to Have Amy and Sheldon Go All the Way

Producers Chuck Lorre and Steve Molaro as well as stars Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik (and Bob Newhart!) talk with THR about Sheldon and Amy's upcoming more.....»»

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The Big Bang Theory three get a banging raise!

Last week, the original Big Bang Theory cast members did not show up to work because of contract negotiations, and over the weekend the studio and three of the leads, Kaley Cuoco, Jim Parsons and Johnny Galecki reached a settlement. Penny, Sheldon and Leo.....»»

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"Big Bang Theory" cast bids farewell at finale taping

Tears, hugs and speeches were plentiful on Tuesday night as the cast of "The Big Bang Theory" took their final bow at the last live taping of their long-running sitcom......»»

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Saying farewell to "The Big Bang Theory"

"The Big Bang Theory" star Kunal Nayyar joined CBS News to discuss the sitcom's hour-long series finale. The final episode airs tonight on CBS at 8 p.m./ 7 CT......»»

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EXCLUSIVE: Jim Parsons Dishes on Whether Sheldon Will Be the Next "Big Bang Theory" Dad

The Big Bang Theory is getting ready to air its 200th episode, and ET got stars to dish on where their characters might go next......»»

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Lorre discusses Big Bang Theory sex

SPOILER ALERT: Amy and Sheldon are set to ‘seal the deal’ on The Big Bang Theory soon, so can we expect to hear wedding bells in the future?.....»»

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