If nukes do become illegal does SNP think Nato will let us join?

THE SNP Government has been told Scotland will not be allowed to join Nato as an independent nation if ministers ban nuclear weapons in a constitution......»»

Category: topSource: expressJul 11th, 2019

Ex-Nato general rubbishes SNP defence plans as ‘amateurish’

THE SNP’s plans for the defence of an independent Scotland have been branded “amateurish” and “dangerous” by a former Nato commander......»»

Category: topSource: expressMar 27th, 2015

Ukraine’s bid to join Nato may trigger new Cold War

BRITAIN risks being sucked into a war with Russia after Ukraine said yesterday that it wants to join Nato......»»

Category: topSource: expressMay 10th, 2015

NATO boss in autobiography: Obama backed my candidacy

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — NATO's secretary-general says his bid to become the alliance's chief was supported by President Barack Obama, who worked behind the scenes to make it happen......»»

Category: topSource: yahooJan 2nd, 2017

Nato on high alert as Putin eyes up Arctic for empire

WHEN Nato Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen declared that "after 25 years of nice weather following the Cold War we are experiencing profound climate change" at last week's summit, he inadvertently touched upon Russian's latest threat......»»

Category: topSource: expressDec 14th, 2014

NATO summit: Wales prepares for largest police operation in history

WHEN the NATO summit touches down in Newport on Thursday 4th September, it will signal the start of one of the largest policing operations in British history......»»

Category: topSource: expressMar 6th, 2015

British troops to take part in major NATO exercise in Eastern Europe

MORE than 1,300 British troops are to take part in a major Nato exercise in Eastern Europe in a further show of strength by the Western alliance in the face of Russia's continuing "destabilisation" of Ukraine......»»

Category: topSource: expressMay 1st, 2019

EXCLUSIVE: Nato WARNED planes not to fly over Ukraine warzone

INTERNATIONAL air safety agencies have been accused of ignoring a warning from Nato that Ukrainian rebels possessed missiles capable of hitting aircraft flying as high as MH17......»»

Category: topSource: expressMay 3rd, 2019

Armed Forces move in to Baltics to show support to NATO allies

THE UK Armed Forces will begin a series of exercises in the Baltic region today to reassure and support NATO allies in Eastern Europe......»»

Category: topSource: expressJul 23rd, 2019

"We will STAY a European country" SNP warns Cameron over Brexit negotiations

THE LEADER of the SNP in Westminster has said Scotland has no intention of leaving Europe – and once again threatened another independence referendum......»»

Category: topSource: expressJun 28th, 2016

Councils hike charges as SNP cuts start to bite

COUNCIL bosses are set to hit grieving families as they hike the fees for a string of services following another SNP tax freeze......»»

Category: topSource: expressFeb 20th, 2016

Runway row: SNP declares it will vote for airport that benefits Scotland the most

THE SNP has waded in on the battle between Heathrow and Gatwick – announcing that the party will vote for airport that will most benefit Scottish people......»»

Category: topSource: expressJul 22nd, 2015

MP hints that SNP plan new referendum

THE SNP has fuelled fears of another independence referendum after asking if Whitehall has drawn up contingency plans for such a poll......»»

Category: topSource: expressJul 21st, 2015

Cameron warns Ukip and Lib Dem voters danger of letting Labour and SNP into Downing Street

DAVID Cameron will today warn Ukip, Lib Dem and former Tory supporters that voting anything other than Conservative will plunge Britain into five years of Labour/SNP economic chaos that “doesn’t bear thinking of”, as he launches a 36-hour cross-coun.....»»

Category: topSource: expressMay 5th, 2015

Tony Blair warns of 'ripping up' United Kingdom and admits blame for SNP rise to power

FORMER-Prime Minister Tony Blair has warned of "ripping up the alliance" between England and Scotland - after admitting he was to blame for the SNP's rise to power......»»

Category: topSource: expressSep 28th, 2014

Anger as SNP MPs miss key vote on ‘bedroom tax’

THE SNP were accused of “utter hypocrisy” last night after just two of their six MPs turned up for a vote against the “bedroom tax”......»»

Category: topSource: expressJan 1st, 2015

Miliband: Big promises over tax are nothing but an SNP con

ED Miliband yesterday accused the SNP of attempting to “con” Scots as he ramped up efforts to persuade his traditional supporters to reject independence......»»

Category: topSource: expressJan 14th, 2015

SNP ‘hypocrites’ try to woo NHS staff after complaining about DWP memo

THE SNP were branded hypocrites yesterday after it emerged Health Secretary Alex Neil has written to all 170,000 NHS staff in Scotland extolling independence......»»

Category: topSource: expressMar 22nd, 2019

Police probing killing of SNP activist have interfered with my statement

A RETIRED police officer interviewed as part of a fresh probe into the death of SNP activist Willie McRae is demanding a public inquiry after discovering his evidence has been “doctored”......»»

Category: topSource: expressMay 2nd, 2019

Business chief reveals SNP ‘intimidation’ as he reveals plan to retire to Norway

THE former boss of one of Scotland’s biggest building firms yesterday claimed that senior figures in the SNP warn off opponents of independence in a threatening manner......»»

Category: topSource: expressJun 4th, 2019

SNP ministers have run up £560,000 bill on travel since taking power

SNP ministers have spent more than half a million pounds of taxpayers’ money on overseas jaunts since coming to power, according to new figures......»»

Category: topSource: expressJun 6th, 2019