If the Theory Doesn"t Fit, You Must Acquit: The 4 Most Popular O.J. Conspiracy Theories

Was O.J. framed, or was he being mind-controlled by the CIA?.....»»

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The 10 Most Laughable Conspiracy Theories in History

There may be some truth in some conspiracy theories but some are so off the wall that they are genuinely laughable. If someone brings up one of our 10 most laughable conspiracies theories in history in an earnest manner; we recommend that you back away sm.....»»

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These Cartoon Conspiracy Theories Will Ruin Your Childhood

The Rugrat babies never existed? Was Garfield actually dying of starvation? You have to read these nine cartoon conspiracy theories that will change life as you know it......»»

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Here Are The Most Important Updates + Conspiracy Theories About The Making A Murderer Case

Since 'Making A Murderer' first aired, the internet has been buzzing with news and theories about Steven Avery. Here are all of the updates you need to know......»»

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This ‘Grease’ conspiracy theory will totally bum you out

A “Grease” fan has an explanation for the movie’s unlikely love story of a high school bad boy and his goody-two-shoes gal — it was all a dream! The conspiracy theory, which is being recirculated thanks to a Reddit thread, claims that Sandy, playe.....»»

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Tumblr Conspiracy Theory Claims Demi Lovato Has a Secret Twin Sister Named Poot--and the Memes Are Hilarious

Welcome to the world, Poot Lovato. A crazy Tumblr conspiracy theory has been picking up steam as the Internet claims to have discovered Demi Lovato's secret twin sister, Poot, who,........»»

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Celebrities Who Believe in Conspiracy Theories

Last month Kylie Jenner posted a HOT TAKE to Twitter regarding theories about chemtrails. The meme she posted begs a variety of questions including, “Why did I see 75 planes spraying white stuff into the sky on my way to work?…Is something bei.....»»

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This phenomenon explains many of the world’s great conspiracy theories

“Luke, I am your father.” If you asked someone to quote any line from the “Star Wars” series, that’s the main one you’d hear in response. Hell, it’s one of the most iconic lines in film history. But here’s an Earth-shattering fact:.....»»

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Stephen Hawkins ‘The Theory Of Everything’ (Hot New Trailer)

I’ve been waiting for this movie! This is Stephen Hawkins’s biopic, ‘The Theory of Everything.’ The astrophysicist has to be one of the most amazing people in modern time. ‘The Theory of Everything’ doesn’t just t.....»»

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You can actually fit more than 2 people in a Smart Car

I don’t know about you, but whenever I see a Smart Car, I wonder how even one person fits inside of it. Turns out you can actually fit a lot more than one person in the tiny automobile, you can fit a cheerleading team in there. Recently, Italy’.....»»

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Outlandish American Horror Story Theories So Crazy, They Just Might Work

Out-of-the-box theories about all seasons of "American Horror Story" that will make you shake your head, then think they're real......»»

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‘Game Of Thrones’ Top Fan Theories: Jon Snow’s Parents & More

The Season 4 finale of ‘Game Of Thrones’ airs June 15, and in case you need a distraction from the inevitable horrors that are soon to follow, check out the top fan theories!.....»»

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The Best ‘Conspiracy Theorist Kendra’ Memes You Special Snowflakes Made

You guys went to town on Conspiracy Theorist Kendra, and I'm reaping all the benefits........»»

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Tommy Chong -- Here"s My Trump Conspiracy Theory, Man (VIDEO)

Everyone's got a crackpot political theory on the Presidential race -- even Tommy Chong -- who may actually be onto something ... or just on something.  Chong was out in L.A. this week when he offered up who's really winning….....»»

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Stephen Colbert Talks Conspiracy Theories in New "Tinfoil Hat" Segment

"Welcome to the truth bunker where I share the secret truths they don't want you to know and I actually don't know." read more.....»»

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Beyonce’s Dad: ‘The Divorce Rumors Were A Hoax To Sell Tickets’

So one of two things are happening here: 1. Matthew Knowles reads the Internet and saw of all your conspiracy theories about Beyonce and Jay Z‘s divorce. 2. You’re all fucking detectives who probably solve murders in Hawaii without even inviti.....»»

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"American Horror Story: Roanoke": Ranking the Big Twist Theories

What will the game-changing episode of 'American Horror Story' Season 6 reveal? THR analyzes the epsiode 6 more.....»»

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The Duffer Brothers Are Reading Your "Stranger Things" Reddit Theories

"Even if they aren't the final chapter titles, everything in that teaser is major," says Matt Duffer. "Some of the fan theories online are amazing."read more.....»»

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens" Rey"s Identity and Family Ties Revealed in Disney Infinity 3.0 Game? Probably Not

Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been out in theaters for just about a week and the fan theories are already running wild! Specifically, theories about its main character, newcomer Rey,........»»

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Fugz: Miley Cyrus

 I’ve had SO MANY THEORIES about what this ensemble is made of, all of them born when I saw this photo all tiny, in thumbnail form. Said theories included “pink sandpaper,” “Rock Star gel nails, except painted all over her bod.....»»

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Fan Theories About Disney’s Aladdin That Will Rock Your Magic Carpet

These Aladdin fan theories have some serious merit......»»

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