Indies on Top: War on Drugs, Parquet Courts, Lana Del Rey Rule the Roost at Midway Point

While album sales continue to decline, here are some of this year's releases worth listening to all the way through. read more.....»»

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Indies on Top: War on Drugs, Parquet Courts, Lana Del Rey Rule the Roost Midway Through 2014

While album sales continue to decline, here are some of this year's releases worth listening to all the way through. read more.....»»

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Lana Del Rey is not a caricature

Lana Del Rey is kinda nuts, to the point where people are wondering if this whole thing is not just Elizabeth Grant (her real name) playing a character called Lana Del Rey. Not so, says Lana – she’s who she’s meant to be and she doesn.....»»

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Guns N" Roses -- Lana Del Rey in With the Band ... But NOT Opening Act (PHOTO)

Bad news for any Guns N' Roses fans hoping to see Lana Del Rey warm up crowds on their tour. The moody indie singer is NOT opening for GNR despite a flurry of rumors after Lana posted a pic wearing a jacket that read "Lana Del Rey Guns N' Roses&.....»»

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Lana Del Rey Celebrates the Fourth of July in Monaco!

Lana Del Rey dons a cute pair of flats while exiting Hotel De Paris on Friday (July 4) in Monte-Carlo, Monaco. The 28-year-old entertainer was seen posing for a selfie with Coolnews.TV’s Alex Argrow. PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Lana Del Rey.....»»

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LANA DEL REY Debuts Music Video For “Shades Of Cool” (VIDEO)

In recent entertainment news, LANA DEL REY has debuted the music video for her newest single, “Shades of Cool.” It looks cool! Ever since the announcement of her newest album “Ultraviolence,” Lana Del Rey has been constantly promot.....»»

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Daily Link Love With LANA DEL REY

Your daily dose of celebrity news and gossip, brought to you today by Lana Del Rey. Lana Del Rey gave possibly the most emo – and alarming! – interview ever. (D Listed) There’s been a surprising development in Bethenny Frankel’s di.....»»

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LANA DEL REY Debuts “Shades Of Cool” (AUDIO)

LANA DEL REY debuted her newest single “Shades of Cool,” entertainment news has reported. Cool!  Last week, Lana Del Rey performed at Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s pre-wedding party at Versailles. How cool is that? Now, the “Wes.....»»

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Lana Del Rey Drops "Shades of Cool" Song - Full Audio & Lyrics!

Check out this first listen of Lana Del Rey‘s new track “Shades of Cool”! The 27-year-old singer released the song ahead of her new album Ultraviolence, which drops in June. PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Lana Del Rey “Pre-or.....»»

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New Lana Del Rey album leaves little to remember

Albums of the week Lana Del Rey “Ultraviolence” ★½ The idea that Lana Del Rey’s cinematic retro-pop is unique conveniently ignores everything from Gnarls Barkley to Adele. Mostly, she offers........»»

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Lana Del Rey"s Boyfriend Barrie-James O"Neill -- We Have NOT Broken Up

Barrie-James O'Neill is either a man deeply in love and willing to fight for his woman ... or deeply delusional ... because he says he and Lana Del Rey have NOT broken up.Del Rey told a German outlet earlier this week the two were no longer together ...&h.....»»

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Is James Franco Pursuing Lana Del Rey Now That She"s A Single Lady?! His Instagram Posts Point To YES!

We'll have to admit, James Franco and Lana Del Rey would make a pretty good looking couple! Plus, the Summertime Sadness songstress did recently reveal she's currently unattached at the moment! In a recent interview, Lana revealed her relationship status.....»»

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Did Lana Del Rey Really F*ck Her Way To The Top?? Not Quite, But She Does Admit To Doing This!

Lana Del Rey may have a song about sexing her way to the top, but she can assure you she definitely didn't do that! Honest! The Ultraviolence singer got super candid with Complex magazine and we just love that about her! It is widely known that Lana writ.....»»

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Lana Del Rey Lands Her First Number One Album! Ultraviolence Climbs The Charts To The Top!

Lana Del Rey is officially a chart topper! Lana's newest album Ultraviolence sold 182,000 copies in its first week coming in at number one on the Billboard 200! This is her first time clinching that coveted top position! It's hard to believe that Born to .....»»

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LANA DEL REY was spotted by entertainment news kissing her new boyfriend FRANCESCO CARROZINI in Italy earlier this week. Good for her! The “Shades Of Cool” singer has really been lucky with her career and fame. There is one thing that Lana sti.....»»

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Lana Del Rey Rocks Out With Her Tongue Out With New Boyfriend! Check Out Her Italian Love Sesh HERE!

Looks like Lana Del Rey and her ex-boyfriend, Barrie-James O'Neil, really ARE broken up! Their love was officially once upon a dream. Lana was spotted in Portofino, Italy getting with her new boyfriend Francesco Carrozzini, a photographer who has directe.....»»

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Lana Del Rey -- Here"s the Evidence I Broke Up with My BF

Lana Del Rey has a message for Barrie-James O'Neill ... check out this photo and then get a clue ... WE'VE BROKEN UP!Lana was in Portofino, Italy, sucking face with Francesco Carrozzini who has directed a bunch of music videos with famous singers….....»»

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Lana Del Rey Is Back On The Market! Find Out The News That Will Give Every Single Guy Some Summertime Happiness HERE!

This news is so many different Shades of Cool for single guys everywhere! Lana Del Rey is officially single and ready to mingle! In a recent interview, Lana fielded a question about supposedly being engaged to her boyfriend Barrie-James O'Neill earlier t.....»»

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Lana Del Rey Responds To Frances Cobain"s Criticism Over Her Death Wish Remarks!

We reported earlier how the daughter of Kurt Cobain took to Twitter in a series of heated, deleted tweets to react to Lana Del Rey's comments, in which Lana stated that she wished she were dead. But maybe, just maybe, this growing celebrity feud might be.....»»

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Lana Del Rey Romanticizing Death?! Francis Cobain Bashes Lana"s Morbid Words!

Preach! Lana Del Rey insists that her quotes about wishing she were dead were out of context, but Francis Cobain still isn't so amused. The daughter of the late and great Kurt Cobain knows a thing or two about losing a loved one too soon and she is hopi.....»»

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Lana Del Rey Is Pissed! She Is Fuming Over Journalist Who Quoted Her Saying "I Wish I Was Dead" - Why??

Phew! It seems that Lana Del Rey doesn't REALLY want to die. The Guardian released an interview that included Lana claiming "I wish I was dead already," but the Shades Of Cool beauty insists she was asked "leading questions about death and persona." La.....»»

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