Jesse Reyez on her new album and the struggle immigrants face

Reyez hopes the video educates her fans on the struggles immigrants face.....»»

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Jessie Reyez on her new single and the struggles immigrants face

Reyez hopes the video educates her fans about those struggles.....»»

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New television show reveals the illegal immigrants risking their lives to travel to UK

SOME of the 800,000 illegal immigrants in Britain are the focus of a new television show......»»

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Jesse Metcalfe & Cara Santana Go to Africa with UNICEF!

Jesse Metcalfe stays close to his fiancee Cara Santana at the first-ever BeautyCon New York Summit at Pier 36 on Saturday night (May 24) in New York City. Earlier this month, Jesse gave a little boy a lift during a UNICEF trip with Cara in Botswana, Afric.....»»

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New migrant scam EXPOSED: Immigrants using 'proxy' marriages to dodge Britain's visa laws

IMMIGRANTS are using “proxy” marriages they do not even have to attend to bypass tough UK visa laws, an official watchdog has discovered......»»

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Jesse Metcalfe Is Engaged to Cara Santana!

Jesse Metcalfe is engaged to longtime love Cara Santana! The 37-year-old Desperate Housewives actor popped the question to Cara, 31, while sailing down New York City’s Hudson River in a 50-foot boat. PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jesse Metcal.....»»

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Britain to spend £500 MILLION sending illegal immigrants home – and YOU"RE paying

BRITAIN is being forced to spend a staggering £500million in taxpayers' cash to send thousands of illegal immigrants and failed asylum seekers back home......»»

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Trump: Deport children of immigrants living illegally in US

WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump wants more than a wall to keep out immigrants living in the country illegally. He also wants to end "birthright citizenship" for their children, he said Sunday. And he would resc.....»»

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WATCH: Group of "illegal immigrants" run from boat during model"s beach shoot

THIS is the bizarre moment a group of suspected illegal immigrants leaped from a boat and stormed to shore during a model's glamorous video shoot on a beach......»»

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Gene Simmons’ Advice For Immigrants

Gene Simmons went on a fresh rant advising immigrants to learn English. Simmons has a knack for taking mundane ideas and passing them off as controversial. Take the over produced butt rock band he founded. Simmons convinced an entire generation that scary.....»»

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Immigrants who came to UK to better themselves had 'Tory instinct', claims John Major

IMMIGRANTS who came to post-war Britain to "better themselves and their families" have a "very Conservative instinct", former Prime Minister Sir John Major claimed......»»

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Exclusive: Half-empty planes used to fly illegal immigrants home cost taxpayers MILLIONS

ILLEGAL immigrants and ­foreign criminals are being flown out of Britain on half-empty jets at a cost of millions of pounds a year to taxpayers, the Daily Express can reveal......»»

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Immigrants ‘must respect our culture’ says Culture Secretary Sajid Javid

IMMIGRANTS should learn English and respect the British way of life, the UK’s first Asian Secretary of State said yesterday......»»

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"Hamilton" star Miranda says "immigrants get the job done"

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — The creator of the hit Broadway musical "Hamilton" says it's a needed reminder during a heated political season that "immigrants get the job done.".....»»

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Rupert Murdoch Criticizes Donald Trump Over Mexican-Immigrant Comments

"Mexican immigrants, as with all immigrants, have much lower crime rates than native born. Eg El Paso safest city in U.S. Trump wrong," Murdoch posted on more.....»»

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Two men charged after man found dead among illegal immigrants cramped in container

TWO lorry drivers have been charged with conspiring to sneak more than 30 illegal immigrants into the UK in a shipping container, which left one man dead......»»

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Police to question suspected illegal immigrants found crammed in shipping container

POLICE are expected to question suspected illegal immigrants who were found crammed in a shipping container in Tilbury Docks, Essex yesterday, as they continue to investigate the death of a man......»»

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Gene Simmons" Advice to Immigrants: "Learn to Speak Goddamn English!"

Gene Simmons has some advice for immigrants. During an interview with HuffPost Live Monday, the 64-year-old Kiss rocker, who moved to the U.S. with his family at the age of 8, says........»»

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Group of 'illegal' immigrants turned back to UK after trying to leave UK

A GROUP of 'illegal' immigrants have been returned to the UK after being caught trying to leave......»»

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UK Driver attacked by immigrants boarding Calais lorry

ILLEGAL immigrants in Calais scramble desperately to get aboard a moving lorry as it heads for a ferry bound for England......»»

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French police admit that they cannot halt waves of UK-bound immigrants in Calais

WAVES of UK-bound immigrants squatting in Calais cannot be halted, French police have admitted......»»

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