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What do you mean Justin Bieber is a cry baby baby?

Get More: 2015 VMA, Artists.MTV, Justin Bieber, 2015 MTV Video Music Awards, 2015 VMA, Artists.MTV, Music, Justin Bieber, Full Episodes Justin Bieber made his triumphant return to music yesterday at the MTV VMAs and it was very emotional for the singer. S.....»»

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Justin Bieber’s dad Jeremy Bieber proposed to his girlfriend

Justin Bieber's dad Jeremy Bieber proposed to his girlfriend The post Justin Bieber’s dad Jeremy Bieber proposed to his girlfriend appeared first on Celebrity Gossip, Fashion Blogs, Beauty Blog, Food Malaysia,Baby......»»

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Justin Bieber Looks So Unbearably Sad on a Yacht in Ibiza

Justin Bieber (and what seems like every celebrity ever) is in Ibiza, and he's been having a very Justin Bieber kind of vacation. Michelle Rodriguez ditches Justin Bieber and Reunites with Zac Efron in Ibiza. He's hanging out with a model. Continue readin.....»»

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Justin Bieber Hints at a New Acoustic Album

Justin Bieber, we are reading your messages loud and clear. The singer is hinting that his new album might just be acoustic and might not be too far away!In a tease today, Bieber is "in the lab." RELATED PIC: Is this Justin Bieber's Worst Instag.....»»

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Justin Bieber -- Warned By Authorities ... Stay Away from Exotic Cat Selfies

Justin Bieber just learned the hard way, you can't pose with big cats in the city of Toronto ... and if he does it again, there's gonna be some problems.   In a letter -- obtained by TMZ -- the Toronto Animal Service informed Bieber they'd….....»»

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Justin Bieber Trades DUI Charges For Anger Management

Justin Bieber's DUI charges stemming from his January arrest in Miami, Florida will be dropped, and he will also not be put on probation, sources close to Bieber tell ET. Instead, Bieber will pay a fine and attend anger management classes.Bieber, 20, was .....»»

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JUSTIN BIEBER Cleared In FAA Investigation

Star news has reported that JUSTIN BIEBER was cleared in an FAA investigation. Finally! Justin Bieber’s plane was stopped for investigation last February when he was on his way to the Superbowl. There were rumors that Bieber had pot with him and he .....»»

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Paparazzo Sues Justin Bieber Over Alleged Car Accident

Justin Bieber is being sued for allegedly striking a photographer last year with his car.RELATED: Justin Bieber Involved in Car Accident In court documents obtained by ET, Walter Lee accuses Bieber of hitting him with his 2011 Ferrari while he was walking.....»»

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Justin Bieber Made a Dumb Joke When He Was 15

Breaking news: 15-year-old makes off-color joke. Publicists freak out. A video made when Justin Bieber was only 15, during filming for his 2011 documentary Justin Bieber: Never Say Never, shows Bieber giggling while telling the joke, “Why are bla.....»»

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Celebrity Twitter Chatter: Chris Meloni, The Situation, Justin Bieber and More!

We’ve rounded up some of the best and most insightful celebrity tweets from the past 24 hours. Chris Meloni posts “before there were selfies” pic, The Situation is not a hater, Justin Bieber spreads the love, plus more fascinating celeb .....»»

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Justin Bieber -- I CAN Feel My Face ... On My Skateboard (PHOTO)

Justin Bieber shielded himself with himself Friday, and he blocked photogs with his skateboard. Justin made a pit stop at Brooklyn Projects Skateboard in L.A., before getting a touch up at Zero One salon in WeHo.  Justin Bieber ... board, but….....»»

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Kelly Ripa responds to Justin Bieber having a crush on her!

Justin Bieber took to Instagram yesterday to declare he has a crush on Kelly Ripa, and today she responded to him on Live with Kelly and Michael. She said, “Justin, I love you. You know that I’ve taken my daughter to 400 Justin Bieber concerts.....»»

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Justin Bieber Is He Comparing Himself To Princess Diana?

Oh good grief. Justin Bieber was driving around when he noticed a paparazzo following him, according to TMZ. Justin reportedly slammed on his breaks, and the paparazzo rear-ended him. He wasn’t hurt, but he was ticked. RELATED: Justin Bieber and Sel.....»»

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Justin Bieber shows off his treasure trail

Justin Bieber loves to share Selfies and the latest one he showed off a lot of skin. That photo makes it appear as though the singer is naked. And that is more than I needed to see. My poor eyes......»»

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Kanye West: Kim Kardashian Not Taking Nude Selfies Would Be Like Adele Not Singing

Though her nude selfies have garnered viral fame, there's no greater fan of Kim Kardashian's signature shots than her husband, Kanye West. "I love her nude selfies," he........»»

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Kim Kardashian Says There Will Be "Nude Selfies Until I Die" In Webby Awards Speech

Nude selfies 4 eva! Kim Kardashian has made a campaign promise -- nude selfies for the rest of her life! During her acceptance speech at the Webby Awards on Monday night,........»»

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Zut Alors! How Can Selfies Save Landmarks? Find Out HERE!

Paris, France…the city of selfies? The city is looking to dissuade couples from attaching padlocks to various aging bridges on the Seine by asking them to upload romantic, hashtagged selfies onto a website dedicated to enduring love instead. Sure, w.....»»

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Kim Kardashian Releasing a Book of Selfies

Because attempting to read an actual book written by Kim Kardashian would be the equivalent of waterboarding, Kim has decided to release a book of 352 selfies instead. Going with her strengths, Kim has repackaged a bunch of selfies she’s posted on .....»»

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Kim Kardashian Calls Kanye West and Admits to Taking 1200 Selfies While in ... - E! Online

E! OnlineKim Kardashian Calls Kanye West and Admits to Taking 1200 Selfies While in ...E! OnlineWe know that Kim Kardashian loves her selfies...but has her passion turned into an obsession? "We literally have six cameras," the Keeping Up With th.....»»

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