Kanye West’s Deposition Rant: Read the Rapper’s Anti-Paparazzi Tirade

He’s known for his outrageous quotes, and Kanye West was his typical bombastic self in the deposition transcript stemming from his 2013 arrest for attacking a paparazzo at LAX airport. In the transcript, obtained by website TMZ, the 37-year-old Ye.....»»

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Kanye West Compares Paparazzi Intrusion to Civil Rights Movement

Ah, another day, another rant from rapper Kanye West! In a deposition stemming from the case in which he’s accused of beating a photographer and smashing his camera, West compares 1960s civil rights movement to celebs fighting for their rights&helli.....»»

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Kanye West -- I Don"t Want to Hurt Paparazzi, My Father Was One of "Em

Kanye West played the 'some of my best friends are black' card in his civil lawsuit over the LAX paparazzi attack -- revealing that his dad was once a celebrity photog.During deposition for the suit filed by Daniel Ramos ... Kanye told Ramos'….....»»

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Kanye West -- Grilled About Hating Paparazzi More than Nazis

Kanye West was determined to explain under oath why he thinks the paparazzi are worse than the Nazis ... but his panicked lawyer muzzled him.TMZ has a copy of Kanye's deposition in the lawsuit filed against him by a paparazzo whom he attacked at….....»»

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Kanye West Performs in London Wearing a Mask, Reportedly Got Booed After Going on a Lengthy Rant

It looks like concertgoers weren't amused by Kanye West's latest rant. The "New Slaves" rapper reportedly went on an "extraordinary 20-minute rant" in the middle........»»

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Kanye West -- I Fear Electrocution By Drone

Kanye West fears the paparazzi will fly drones over his home to get shots of his child in the pool and accidentally electrocute her.TMZ has obtained a copy of Kanye's deposition in the lawsuit filed by a photog who was attacked by the rapper at….....»»

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Kanye West’s Epic Rant on ‘Ellen’: ‘I’m Sorry for the Realness’

On Thursday’s episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show," rapper Kanye West does what he does best… rant! When Ellen asked him about his $53 million plea to Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg, it led him on a lengthy rant about society. He said, "It's like.....»»

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Kanye West Shows His Cards

Kanye West became increasingly forthcoming during an ongoing deposition for a lawsuit with a paparazzi who accused West of assault. West was hostile during earlier depositions but when your expensive lawyers tell you to start acting contrite even the most.....»»

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Kanye West Compares Being Followed by Paparazzi to Rape

Another day another celebrity using hyperbole to whine about their fantastic lives. In a 20 minute rant at the Wireless festival in London in which he was booed, Kanye West (who was filling in for Drake) compared being followed by paparazzi to rape. R.....»»

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Kanye West -- That Rant Wasn"t About Drake ... Or Anyone in Particular

Kanye West's onstage rant about other rappers copying his style -- from his sound to his stage -- wasn't about anyone in particular ... even though there were indications it could have targeted Drake. Sources close to Kanye tell TMZ the rapper's Edmonton&.....»»

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KANYE WEST Booed During Rant At London’s Wireless Festival (VIDEOS)

In recent entertainment news, KANYE WEST was booed during his rant at London’s Wireless Festival last Friday! Oh no! The growing fame and fortune might be getting to Kanye West‘s head as he thinks of himself as a “god” that can cha.....»»

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Kanye West’s Photographer Assault Deposition: “I’m In The Business of Trying to Make Dope Sh*t For the World!”

He’s never been accused of being humble, and Kanye West made plenty of self-aggrandizing statements in his deposition regarding his alleged beating of a paparazzo. Under oath, the “No Church in the Wild” rapper blurted out, "I'm the smartest celebr.....»»

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Kanye West Reveals A Shocking Fact About His Father"s Past Career! But Doesn"t He Hate People Who Do This Job?!

Given Kanye West's long and tumultuous history with the paparazzi, we are very surprised by this news. In a deposition for assaulting a photographer back in 2013, Kanye confessed: "My father was a paparazzo himself. My father was a medical illustrator, a.....»»

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Kanye West goes on rant and cuts his concert short

Rapper Kanye West went on a rant during one of his concerts, saying the Internet lied to Americans during the election......»»

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Yeezy gets 'em yawning: Kanye West is heckled by bored festival-goers after 20 minute rant

HE RELISHES in being one of the most outspoken rappers of our time, but US rapper Kanye West officially bored festival-goers yesterday when people walked away from his set after a 20 minute rant......»»

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Yeezy gets "em yawning: Kanye West is heckled by bored festival-goers after 20 minute rant

HE RELISHES in being one of the most outspoken rappers of our time, but US rapper Kanye West officially bored festival-goers yesterday when people walked away from his set after a 20 minute rant......»»

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Kanye West Does Community Service, Kim Kardashian Pens Anti-Homophobia Letter, Fans Boycott Justin Bieber: A Roundup

Kanye West Fulfills Community Service in the Most Kanye West Way Possible Forget trash pickup. The rapper has found a way to fulfill his court-mandated 250 hours of labor after pleading no contest for assaulting a paparazzo last summer. See what West is.....»»

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Kanye West’s Surprise Confession: ‘My Father was a Paparazzo’

With all of his run-ins and legal troubles surrounding them, you’d never guess that Kanye West was raised by a member of the paparazzi. However, in his deposition surrounding his altercation with a photographer (Daniel Ramos) last year, the rapper c.....»»

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Kanye West is afraid North West will get electrocuted by a drone while swimming

Kanye West‘s testimony at his Los Angeles assault trial against a paparazzi is just too fucking rich, man. While yesterday we heard that he claimed he’s the smartest celebrity there is, today we hear of his deep-seated fears: that paparazzi wi.....»»

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Kanye West Wants the Media to "Get A New Target"

Rapper Kanye West is addressing the fact that he asks everyone at his concerts to stand with a new rant. NEWS: The Greatest Kanye West Rants Of All Time On his last stop on the Australian Yeezus tour in Brisbane, the 37-year-old responded to the negative.....»»

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Stacey Dash Bashes Kanye West: He Should Go to Rikers Island

Don't expect Stacey Dash to star in anymore of Kanye West's music videos. The rapper's All Falls Down muse lashed out at West for his recent comments where he compared the paparazzi's constant attention to rape."For Kanye to say rape, maybe he needs .....»»

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