Katt Williams Allegedly Pulls Gun Outside L.A. Comedy Club

Police are currently investigating the "Scary Movie 5" star's involvement in an altercation near the Comedy Store in West more.....»»

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Katt Williams -- I Didn"t Have A Gun -- Gangbangers Attacked Me

Katt Williams says whoever called 911 on him Tuesday night is a LIAR ... because he was NOT brandishing a gun at a West Hollywood comedy club.  Katt tells TMZ ... he was actually the victim ... verbally attacked and threatened by 4 gangbangers&hellip.....»»

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Katt Williams -- Alleged Victims Say Katt Committed Vicious Gun Attack

Katt Williams is a gun-toting lunatic who smashed a car window with the butt of the gun and then had the nerve to defame the alleged victims ... this according to the alleged victims TMZ broke the story ... L.A. County Sheriff's deputies….....»»

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Katt Williams Goes Nuts -- Cops Draw Weapons

Katt Williams drew a gun on someone at the Comedy Store in West Hollywood Tuesday night ... triggering a 911 emergency that ended with deputies racing to the scene with guns drawn.Eyewitnesses tell TMZ ... Katt was inside the club when a heckler….....»»

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Katt Williams" Alleged Ex-Domestic Partner Wants Annulment

A woman claiming to be Katt Williams' ex now wants a judge to 86 all record of what she considers a legal union, but Katt insists there's nothing to wipe clean. Eboni Gray filed to annul her alleged domestic partnership with Katt......»»

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Katt Williams -- I Was Set Up In Rolls-Royce Rear Ender

Katt Williams and cars on PCH are bad news this week -- the comedian crashed his Rolls-Royce into a car-full of people he says taunted him and cut him off in traffic ... and Katt claims they caused the accident on purpose. Katt tells us ... he&hellip.....»»

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Katt Williams Allegedly Pulls a Gun After Run-In at L.A."s Comedy Store: Get the Details

Katt Williams wasn't even on the bill—but according to police, he apparently put on a little show anyway. Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies were called to the Comedy........»»

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Katt Williams -- BLASTS Shaq ... Stay the HELL Out Of Comedy!

Katt Williams is mad as hell -- again -- and this time he's taking aim at Shaquille O'Neal for jumping into the world of comedy ... which Williams says he's got NO BUSINESS doing.Our photog asked Katt who is the funniest athlete -- and he launched….....»»

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Katt Williams Allegedly Pulls Gun Outside L.A. Comedy Club

Police are currently investigating the "Scary Movie 5" star's involvement in an altercation near the Comedy Store in West more.....»»

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Katt Williams -- Now a Battery Suspect in L.A. Too ... After Alleged GA Crime Spree

Katt Williams is racking up alleged crimes coast to coast -- he was also involved in an L.A. altercation and he's considered a suspect ... TMZ has learned.  Katt tells us he saw a car accident Tuesday outside his hotel and went down….....»»

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Katt Williams Sentenced to 3 Years Probation

Stop us if this sounds familiar ... Katt Williams was sentenced to 36 months probation. The comedian pled no contest to assault and battery charges for allegedly punching a woman in a Studio City restaurant back in July. Katt also paid a.....»»

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Here"s An Update On Katt Williams" Fight Of The Moment

Does Katt Williams ever get tired his antics? We know we DO! For those who've lost track, Katt recently got into a fight with a seventeen-year-old for unknown reasons. While Williams initially threw the first punch, the teen ended up absolutely crushing .....»»

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Katt Williams Sued -- Fistful of Diamonds Knocked Me Out ... Says Tour Manager

Katt Williams' tour manager says the the comedian delivered a knockout blow to his face ... and now he's suing for assault and battery.Mark Williams claims Katt went off on him back in May, according to a new lawsuit filed in L.A. ... and obtained….....»»

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Katt Williams Sued by Tour Partner ... You Beat Me Down and Kidnapped Me

Katt Williams laid a vicious "gang-style" attack on a fellow comedian and kidnapped her when she tried to escape ... so she claims in a new lawsuit. Ashima Franklin says Katt's abuse started with a hit to her face in 2012, and he crossed the line….....»»

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Katt Williams -- My Greedy Family Wants Me In The Loony Bin

Katt Williams' downward spiral has scared his loved ones so much they want him hospitalized ... but the comedian thinks it's just a ploy to get his cash. Katt tells us his "so-called family" has turned up the heat on him to get professional help,….....»»

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Katt Williams -- I"m a Target Because I"m Black

Katt Williams walked out of an Atlanta jail Friday night, and pointed the finger at The Man ... claiming cops and other authority figures have been zeroing in on him for one reason -- the color of his skin. Katt was sprung from jail after being….....»»

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Katt Williams -- Store Clerk Dropped N-Word ... So I Did What a Black Man Has to Do (VIDEO)

Katt Williams' explanation for his latest arrest is a classic Katt tale -- accusing a store clerk of racism and outright disrespect of, not just him, but black people everywhere. TMZ broke the story ... the comedian got arrested Monday for….....»»

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‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’ Star Hazel-E -- I Hit the Jackpot ... with Katt Williams" Cash

Dating Katt Williams is like winning the lottery, just ask his girlfriend of 7 months, Hazel-E.  The "Love And Hip Hop: Hollywood" star was cruising Bev Hills in a Porsche Panamera bought by Katt ... while… P.....»»

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Katt Williams -- Suge Knight Was Not the Intended Target in Pre-VMA Shooting

Katt Williams says he was with Suge Knight when he was shot at the pre-VMA party ... and the comedian maintains Suge was trying to protect someone else when the bullets started flying. Our photog spotted Katt out in Malibu Monday, where he….....»»

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Katt Williams -- Accused of Assault With Deadly Weapon ... That"s How He Rolls

Katt Williams is under criminal investigation for committing a deadly form of whip lash ... so claims a man who says the comedian used his Rolls-Royce in an attempt to mow him down.Katt was tooling around near LAX Tuesday ... when a guy named….....»»

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Katt Williams -- Stopped by Cops After Bizarre Taser Incident

Katt Williams got pulled over in Malibu Tuesday evening by Sheriff's deputies investigating his security guard for tasing a random guy on Pacific Coast Highway, Law enforcement sources tell us the guy started kicking a car driven by Katt's&helli.....»»

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