Lindsay Lohan’s Birthday Lawsuit, ‘Fault in Our Stars’ Prop Stolen, Megan Fox Heckled: A Roundup

Lindsay Lohan Sues Grand Theft Auto 5 The Mean Girls actress is heading to court again — but this time, it’s on her own terms. On her 28th birthday, LiLo has slapped the makers of Grand Theft Auto 5 with a hefty lawsuit. Find out why on Starp.....»»

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Lindsay Lohan Accepts The Fact That Lindsay Lohan Is Sagging

Lindsay Lohan is only just now seeing Lindsay Lohan's body......»»

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Lindsay Lohan In Hot Water Over App Theft?

Lindsay Lohan is facing yet another lawsuit after developers of a celebrity closet app claim that she and her brother Michael Lohan Jr. lifted their idea. Let the insanity begin! Take it away, Page Six: Read more on Lindsay Lohan In Hot Water Over App T.....»»

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MEGAN FOX Goes Au Naturel For First Instagram Selfie

Slowly, Megan Fox is joining the world of social media. She joined twitter last year. This year, the ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ star joined Instagram! RELATED: Megan Fox said “better late than never” and joined twitter. Megan p.....»»

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LINDSAY LOHAN SUES Game Makers Of “Grand Theft Auto V”

Hollywood news has learned that LINDSAY LOHAN is suing the game makers of “Grand Theft Auto V”! You don’t mess with Lohan! After leaving her rehab stint last year, Lindsay Lohan has tried to make less noise and stay out of trouble. It tu.....»»

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Lindsay Lohan -- Dina"s Selling All MY STUFF!! Threatens to Call Cops

8:20 AM PST -- A rep for Dina Lohan tells us Dina has denied selling any of Lindsay's stuff.  Lindsay Lohan's mother is unloading her daughter's prized possessions with an online flea market -- which Lindsay's threatening to shut down with a little&h.....»»

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PICS: Lindsay Lohan goes for a stroll in NYC

Just when we all thought Lindsay Lohan was still terrorizing the poor folks in London, England, she has come home to NYC. Presumably for the holiday weekend, Lindsay was seen going for a stroll in New York City. Read more on PICS: Lindsay Lohan goes for .....»»

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Lindsay Lohan: Now In Doll Form

Coming soon (and long overdue, in our humble opinion): the doll version of everyone's favorite, hard-partying, all-natural starlet, Lindsay Lohan. According to Mattel, "this doll captures the likeness of Lindsay Lohan, and her fun, trendy outfit comp.....»»

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Megan Fox Plays Stupid Well (VIDEO)

Megan Fox went on Conan and told him his spirit animal is a llama. Some show prep producer mocked up a convoluted astrological chart for Fox to stumble through so the audience could laugh while imagining fucking her. Megan Fox likes to talk about shitting.....»»

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Shailene Woodley’s ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ Breaks Pre-Sales Record

How big of a hit is The Fault in Our Stars going to be? Huge. Josh Boone’s adaptation of the bestselling John Green tearjerker The Fault in Our Stars will be a force to be reckoned with when it opens in theaters on Friday. Just how huge the film about l.....»»

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Dina Lohan Is ""Very Happy"" Lindsay Lohan Is No Longer With ""Abusive"" Ex Egor Tarabas

It's safe to say that Lindsay Lohan's mom is happy to see her daughter's last relationship end. Dina Lohan opened up to E! News tonight at the 80th Anniversary of Zarin........»»

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Lindsay Lohan"s Brother Michael C. Lohan Arrested for Allegedly Forging Parking Permit

Lindsay Lohan's little brother landed straight in police custody this week after allegedly parking illegally, with a forged permit, in front of his home. Michael C. Lohan, who is 27........»»

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Lindsay Lohan wants to supply refugees with energy drinks

Lindsay Lohan apparently wants the Syrian refugees to know that she cares – so she’s doing what any good samaritan would – sending food and supplies supplying the refugees with energy drinks. Say what?!? Read more on Lindsay Lohan wants.....»»

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Lindsay Lohan -- I Will Rule the World ... With Spas and Delicious Drinks

Lindsay Lohan wants to eclipse the Kardashians by opening a slew of nightclubs worldwide, and then conquer the spa world. We've already told you Lindsay struck a deal with rich friend Dennis Papageorgiou to open LOHAN Nightclub in Athens,&hellip.....»»

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Lindsay Lohan Has Eyes For Putin Now

Lindsay Lohan is demanding to see Putin. The Lindsay Lohan......»»

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Lindsay Lohan Blew Everything

Lindsay Lohan just Lindsay Lohan'd herself out of a fortune......»»

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Lindsay Lohan Fancies Herself The New Voice Of Great Britain. -And Other LINKS!!!

Lindsay Lohan lives in London for a couple years and suddenly she’s a political pundit Dlisted This “Even Stevens” star is preggers Fishwrapper Ashton Kutcher loves being good looking, rich and famous Celebslam Read more on Lindsay Lohan.....»»

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Dina Lohan -- Get On It, Lindsay ... I Want Russian Grandbabies

Lindsay Lohan's new boyfriend is so in with the fam, Dina Lohan is putting the word out ... she hopes he knocks up her daughter. TMZ broke the story ... Lindsay's fallen for young Russian Egor Tarabasov ... a rich real estate….....»»

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Lindsay Lohan Wants To Be President

Lindsay Lohan wants to run for president. The Lindsay Lohan......»»

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Coroner: Lindsay Lohan Never Touched Whitney Houston’s Body Bag

In a new interview with The Telegraph, Lindsay Lohan claimed she handled Whitney Houston’s body bag during her court-ordered community service at the LA County morgue. Which obviously never happened because Lindsay Lohan said it did, but just for fu.....»»

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Lindsay Lohan Is Trying To Quit Smoking

Lindsay Lohan might actually be trying to get her life in order — because we’ve learned that the troubled actress is trying to give up the nasty habit of smoking cigarettes! Kudos to her if that’s true! Read more on Lindsay Lohan Is Try.....»»

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