Michael J. Fox warns Lil Nas X to avoid 2020

A teaser trailer for Lil Nas X's upcoming Christmas song "Holiday" debuted Sunday -- with a cameo from Michael J. Fox......»»

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Lil Nas X says he"s written the "best kids book of all time"

Lil Nas X is on the road to becoming a published author......»»

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"A very honest chemistry": Billy Ray Cyrus gushes about Lil Nas X

"Don't try to think inside the box, don't try to think outside the box but think like there is no box. That's the way to rock and roll," Cyrus said of Lil Nas X's music......»»

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Behind the Scenes of the Gayle King and Lil Nas X Interview

CBS News takes you behind the scenes of Gayle King's interview with 20-year-old Lil Nas X that aired on "CBS This Morning" October 1, 2019. See the full interview at»»

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Lil Nas X takes Gayle King inside studio where he recorded "Old Town Road"

Lil Nas X took King to the humble Atlanta studio, CinCoYo, where the young musician paid just $20 for a recording session.....»»

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Lil Nas X and RM of BTS drop new "Old Town Road" remix

Lil Nas X is taking his horse to the "Old Town Road" again with a new guest......»»

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Country rap is getting bigger, and Lil Nas X is leading the way

Lil Nas X is on a road many musical artists wish they were on......»»

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Lil Nas X"s Pride tweets mean exactly what most people think they do

Lil Nas X closed out Pride month with some tweets that have people thinking he's made a declaration about his sexuality......»»

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Wrangler catching heat for partnership with Lil Nas X

First Lil Nas X came for the country charts and now he's stepped into the arena of the apparel......»»

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Lil Nas X breaks Drake"s streaming record

Lil Nas X is taking "Old Town Road" and riding through the charts......»»

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Backlash after Lil Nas X song nixed from Billboard country chart

Lil Nas X's genre-blending tune was a breakout hit, but Billboard quietly removed the song from the country chart.....»»

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Lil Nas X recruits Billy Ray Cyrus for "Old Town Road" remix

Cyrus sings about diamond rings, Maseratis and going down the same road as Lil Nas X.....»»

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Billy Ray Cyrus sings about diamond rings and Maseratis in Lil Nas X"s genre-bending song

The Billboard charts may not think Lil Nas X's rap song is country, but Billy Ray Cyrus has endorsed it and is part of its catchy remix......»»

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Billy Ray Cyrus adds some country cred to Lil Nas X"s disputed rap song

The Billboard charts may not think Lil Nas X's rap song is country, but Billy Ray Cyrus has endorsed it......»»

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Lil Baby and Lil Wayne team up in blinged-out new "Forever" video

Lil Wayne and Lil Baby have teamed up in a fiery new video for "Forever," which is on Lil Baby's most recent album, "My Turn.".....»»

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Lil Wayne -- Birdman Screwed Over Drake, Nicki Minaj and Tyga Too

Drake, Nicki Minaj and Tyga say they got screwed by Birdman just like Lil Wayne did ... at least that's what Lil Wayne claims in new legal docs. Lil Wayne now claims in his bitter lawsuit against Birdman and Cash Money, he has letters from Drake and&helli.....»»

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LIL WAYNE Goes On Explosive Rant Against SCOOTER BRAUN For “Talking Sh*t” About LIL TWIST (VIDEO)

LIL WAYNE goes on an explosive rant against JUSTIN BIEBER‘s manager SCOOTER BRAUN for “talking sh*t” about young rapper LIL TWIST in a new video posted online. There’s certainly no love between Scooter Braun and Justin‘s R.....»»

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Lil Wayne -- Calls Out Bieber"s Manager -- Stop Talkin" S*** About Lil" Twist!

Lil Wayne just re-ignited a feud that seemed to be over ... between Lil' Twist and Justin Bieber's manager, Scooter Braun ... and Wayne's threatening to take the beef all the way to Braun's grave. The YMCMB rapper posted a video calling Braun a….....»»

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Lil Wayne Calls Out Justin Bieber"s Manager Scooter Braun in New Video About Lil Twist!

Lil Wayne has a few choice words for Scooter Braun in this brand new video. The 31-year-old rapper takes aim at Justin Bieber‘s manager over his reported comments on Justin‘s old friend, rapper Lil Twist, who is an artist on Wayne‘s YMCM.....»»

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Oprah Winfrey to be class of 2020"s commencement speaker

Awkwafina, Jennifer Garner, Lil Nas X, Simone Biles and others will join Oprah for the virtual graduation ceremony on Facebook......»»

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Grammys 2020: All the winners and highlights

Lizzo, Lil Nas X and Billie Eilish are part of a new crop of young and diverse artists vying for Grammy gold Sunday night. Watch the ceremony live on CBS at 8 p.m. ET......»»

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