Mike Tyson to return to boxing against Roy Jones Jr.

Tyson, who last fought in 2005, will fight 51-year-old Jones, who last fought in 2018......»»

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Roy Jones Jr. -- My Kid"s A Total Knockout ... On The Hoops Court (VIDEO)

Here's video of Roy Jones Jr.'s kid, Roy III, using his dad-given athletic ability ... but NOT in a boxing ring ... 'cause it turns out the kid is an absolute terror on the hoops court. 16-year-old Roy III is a junior at Pine Forest and by the&hellip.....»»

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Roy Jones Jr. -- Gone Fishin" ... But I Ain"t Done Boxing (PHOTO)

Roy Jones Jr. has a message for the boxing world ... I AIN'T DONE JUST YET!! Less than a month after tearing his right bicep fighting Rodney Moore -- and saying the injury may end his career -- Jones Jr. tells TMZ Sports he feels great and is….....»»

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Mike Tyson -- Slap Boxes Jon Jones ... Wins

He's still got it. Mike Tyson is still the champ when it comes to slap-boxing ... and Jon Jones learned that the hard way outside of WWE SummerSlam in L.A. Sunday night. The two were goofin' around in front of Staples Center -- when the….....»»

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Video Of "Time Traveler" Using A Smartphone During A 1995 Mike Tyson Fight Goes Viral

A video clip of a 1995 boxing match starring Mike Tyson is going viral because it questions whether a time traveler watched the fight. The YouTube clip shows Tyson battling Peter McNeeley in Las........»»

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Mike Tyson Does Bare-Knuckled Mannequin Challenge (VIDEO)

Just when you thought it was over ... Mike Tyson jumps into the Mannequin Challenge craze, and even though it's at least three weeks too late ... it's still pretty awesome. Mike hooked up with UFC star Roy "Big Country" Nelson for the challen.....»»

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Do Mike Tyson and Annabelle have something to tell us?

Mike Tyson is a at San Diego Comic-Con promoting his critically acclaimed Adult Swim cartoon Mike Tyson’s Mysteries and he met up with another star. He ran into Annabell. At first he talked her ear off and then he gave her a kiss. So you have to won.....»»

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Mike Tyson Goes Off on Show Host After Rape Comment

It didn’t go so well when Mike Tyson sat down with CP24 Toronto News anchor Nathan Downer to promote his one man show Mike Tyson: Undisputed. Things rarely do when the host asks you about that time you were convicted of rape. Talking about his rec.....»»

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Mike Tyson -- I Was Blindsided By "Piece of S**t" TV Reporter

Mike Tyson just WENT OFF during a live TV interview -- cussing out one of the hosts while cameras rolled ... and Mike's rep tells TMZ Sports it's all because the guy "deceived" Tyson on the air. It all went down on CP24 -- an all-news network….....»»

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Mike Tyson -- I Forgive Justin Bieber ... "Everyone Makes Mistakes"

Justin Bieber is getting an N-word pass from Mike Tyson -- at least for now ... because "Iron Mike" is chalking up JB's racial comments as a "mistake" that he hopes the pop star can learn from. Tyson decided to voice his opinion after watching&hellip.....»»

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Roy Jones Jr. -- Pressing Pause on Boxing ... But Not Officially Retired

At 46 years old, Roy Jones Jr. is finally taking some time away from the ring -- telling TMZ Sports he's going to focus on training other fighters -- but refusing to say he's 100% retired from the sport.  Jones has been taking it easy ever since he&h.....»»

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Mike Tyson Is Team Chris Brown ... Training Him For Soulja Boy Fight (VIDEO)

2017 continues to try to destroy Soulja Boy ... with one of the scariest men in the history of humanity, Mike Tyson, promising to help Chris Brown beat the brakes off Soulja in their celebrity boxing fight. Mike pledged his allegiance to CB i.....»»

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Bruce Buffer -- 5-Year-old Boxing Phenom ... Could Be Next Tyson!!!

The 5-year-old boxing phenom who EXPLODED on YouTube isn't just fun to watch -- the kid has the potential to be the next Mike Tyson ... so says someone who would know, UFC star Bruce Buffer. The fighter-in-training is Nijee "The Future" -- and&hellip.....»»

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Mike Tyson"s Diss Track Music Video ... with Hot Chicks In Bikinis (VIDEO)

Mike Tyson has a brand new music video to match his anti-Soulja Boy diss track ... complete with hot bikini chicks in weird poses ... and even a shot at Floyd Mayweather.  Tyson's barely in the video for "If You Show Up".....»»

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Mike Tyson Says Chris Brown Ain"t Like Me ... No 1st Round K.O. (VIDEO)

[[tmz:video id="0_y6kzd1c7"]] Soulja Boy is no Glass Joe -- Chris Brown won't be knocking his ass out in the 1st round ... so says Brown's coach Mike Tyson.  Tyson gave his fight prediction for the big celebrity clash bet.....»»

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Mike Tyson -- Pacquiao Should Be "F**king Barred" ... "Totally Disrespectful"

[[tmz:video id="0_xjfo8wx2"]] Mike Tyson has a strong message for Manny Pacquiao -- YOU "SHOULD BE F**KING BARRED FROM THE GROVE!!!" Tyson blasted Pacquiao at LAX friday ... telling TMZ Sports the comments Manny made about gay people was "totally… .....»»

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Mike Tyson -- Khloe"s Vagina Saved Lamar ... "Brought Him Back from the Dead"

**WARNING -- VIDEO CONTAINS EXPLICIT LANGUAGE**  Mike Tyson says Khloe Kardashian's genitals have Jesus-like qualities ... claiming her vagina brought Lamar back to life just like Lazarus.  Tyson was on Hot 97 explaining why he's so….....»»

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Mike Tyson On USA vs. Belgium World Cup Match: We"re Gonna Shove Chocolate Up Their...

Mike Tyson is FIRED UP to watch Team USA take on Belgium -- in fact, he's so pumped, he made a pep talk video ... telling the squad we're going to take those Belgians, take their chocolate and ... well ... watch. Tyson appeared on a bit for Fox&helli.....»»

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Mike Tyson -- We"re Gonna Take Belgium ... and Shove Chocolate Up Their ...

Mike Tyson is FIRED UP to watch Team USA take on Belgium -- in fact, he's so pumped, he made a pep talk video ... telling the squad we're going to take those Belgians, take their chocolate and ... well ... watch. Tyson appeared on a bit for Fox&helli.....»»

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Mike Tyson -- Maya Angelou Enlightened Me ... I"ll Always Be Grateful

He may have only had a few brief encounters with her, including the time she visited him in prison -- but Mike Tyson says Maya Angelou had a profound impact on his life ... and he'll always be grateful. After learning of Angelou's death, Tyson&hellip.....»»

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Tyson Beckford, DJ Ruckus -- Bloody Fight Over Shanina Shaik (VIDEO UPDATE)

Tyson Beckford got into an all-out brawl with DJ Ruckus over the "Bro Code" ... TMZ has learned. It happened Thursday at Up & Down nightclub in NYC. Tyson and Ruckus have had ongoing beef over Shanina Shaik. Tyson, who was friends with Ruckus, was&hel.....»»

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