Robert Pattinson Reveals He’s Homeless In New Interview — Watch

Robert Pattinson: International movie star, sex symbol for women everywhere — and homeless?.....»»

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Homeless Man Wins The Lottery Feel Good Video Of The Day

Remember the former homeless man, Eric, who helped a homeless man by getting him a hotel room for a month? RELATED: Former homeless man helps another homeless man out. Well, here’s the beginning of Eric’s story. Magician Rahat decided to help .....»»

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Robert Pattinson Says He"s "Homeless" Again, Laughs About His "Heavy Saliva" on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Shailene Woodley isn't the only homeless Hollywood star. The Rover's Robert Pattinson revealed that he too is without a home on Thursday's Jimmy Kimmel Live!. "Last time........»»

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Robert Pattinson"s Sister Lizzy Pattinson Auditions for X Factor U.K.—Watch Now!

Robert Pattinson's not the only member of the family with some serious talent! The Twilight alum's big sister Lizzy Pattinson showed off her vocal abilities during her auction........»»

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Robert Pattinson & FKA Twigs Fun In The Sun At The Beach

Former ‘Twilight’ star Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs made their way cross country to Miami. They even hit the beach! FKA Twigs was rather camera-shy, but Robert tolerated the presence of the paparazzi better. RELATED: Are Robert Pattinson and.....»»

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Robert Pattinson Sings His Praises for Sister Lizzy Pattinson: "I Hope" She Goes All the Way on X Factor U.K.

Guess we know who Robert Pattinson is voting for this season on X Factor U.K.! The Twilight alum's big sister, Lizzy Pattinson, is currently performing on the reality competition........»»

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Robert Pattinson"s Sister Lizzy Sings on "X Factor UK"

Talent must run in the Pattinson genes. It was reported back in July that Robert Pattinson's sister Lizzy Pattinson had made it through a closed-door audition on The X Factor UK, and now she's made it to broadcast. PICS: Hot Celeb Brothers!.....»»

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Watch: Robert Pattinson’s Sister Lizzy Pattinson Auditions for UK’s ‘X Factor’

It looks like Robert Pattinson isn’t the only one in his family with talent! Robert’s sister, Lizzy Pattinson, is stealing the spotlight from him and showing the world her amazing singing voice. Lizzy’s audition for UK’s X Factor j.....»»

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Miley Cyrus’ Homeless Friend Homeless by Choice, Has a Warrant

The homeless guy Miley Cyrus had accept her award for her is actually homeless by choice and has a warrant out for his arrest in his home state of Oregon. Jesse Helt, 22, Miley’s destitute date at the VMAs, is a struggling model who headed to LA fr.....»»

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Former Homeless Man Helps Another Homeless Man Out Feel Good Video Of The Day

Did you see the series of videos where Magician Rahat helped out a homeless man, Eric, by getting him a HOUSE? I need to look them up. In this particular feel good video, Eric wanted to pay it forward by helping another homeless man. Check out what he d.....»»

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Stuck in a twilight zone: Robert Pattinson reveals that he is 'homeless'

SINCE selling the home he shared with his ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart at the beginning of the year actor Robert Pattinson has revealed that he still hasn’t managed to settle down and is “homeless”......»»

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No, Robert Pattinson Will Not Be Your New Indy

Put down those pitchforks. That rumor about Robert Pattinson bringing the sparkle to Indiana Jones? Not happening. E! picked up the phone and called someone who said there’s no truth to the Robert Pattinson rumors. A more credible source, Latino Re.....»»

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ROBERT PATTINSON has confirmed to celebrity news that he is still in touch with KRISTEN STEWART. After the rough break up of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart last year, new crazy rumors have surfaced. There was once a rumor that the two were secretly .....»»

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Robert Pattinson Talks Kristen Stewart Cheating Scandal: "S**t Happens"

Though Twihards may never be, it appears Robert Pattinson is totally over that infamous Kristen Stewart cheating scandal.In a new interview with Esquire UK, Pattinson reflects on one of the biggest celeb stories of 2012 -- Stewart getting photographed kis.....»»

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Robert Pattinson talks the Twilight era and Googling himself

Robert Pattinson is featured on the cover of the latest issue of “NME” magazine and inside, he talks about all of the hoopla surrounding the Twilight era, embarrassing stuff and Googling himself. Read more on Robert Pattinson talks the Twili.....»»

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FKA Twigs and Robert Pattinson Are Still Together…For Now.

Sure you guys are still together. We reported some stress on the relationship between Robert Pattinson and FKA twigs last week, but they INSIST they are incredibly happy. Sure, you two. Suuure. Read more on FKA Twigs and Robert Pattinson Are Still Togethe.....»»

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Robert Pattinson And FKA Twigs Are Already Into Wedding Planning

These two are serious! Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs are said to already be making wedding plans. They aren’t playing around, are they? RELATED: How does Kristen Stewar feel about Robert Pattinson engagement? A source told E! News that no final dec.....»»

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Robert Pattinson Still Not Over Kristen Stewart

Robert Pattinson was overheard bad-mouthing his ex, Kristen Stewart’s, hair at a party in LA. Hair talk sounds like a normal thing to talk about at any LA party. Robert Pattinson, 28, was overheard trash-talking his cheating ex Kristen Stewart, 24.....»»

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Robert Pattinson may play a young Han Solo?

Robert Pattinson might be tapped to play a younger version of Han Solo! Could you imagine that? Or do you even think he has the acting chops to pull off a younger Harrison Ford?!? ShowbizSpy has the scoop: Read more on Robert Pattinson may play a young.....»»

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Robert Pattinson reveals whether or not he still talks to Kristen Stewart

Were you wondering whether or not Robert Pattinson and one-time girlfriend Kristen Stewart still keep in contact? According to Pattinson, who lands the June 6th cover of The Hollywood Reporter, he said only two words when asked that very question; “.....»»

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Why Robert Pattinson Is "Ridiculously Proud" of Sister Lizzy

Talent runs deep in the Pattinson family! Robert Pattinson's big sister Lizzie reportedly just made it through a closed door audition for The X Factor U.K. in front of judges Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh, Cheryl Cole, and Mel B. Watch the video to hear Lizzy.....»»

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