I remember the first time I was called Aunt Jemima. It was around the 7th grade, and I finally got some confidence to wear a head-wrap to school. The post AUNT JEMIMA NO MORE appeared first on ANGELONFIRE.COM......»»

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5 Reasons Why Posters Stand Is Worth To Use

Do you know about the poster stand? Actually, you can easily find it around, for… Do you know about the poster stand? Actually, you can easily find it around, for example in a mall. But not only in the mall, you can also find a poster stand used in a conference, hospital, school, university, and any other place. Then why a poster stand can be used in a different place or event? What is the reason that a poster stands worth to use? Well, there are several reasons why the poster stand is worth using. Here are a few of countless reasons for using a poster stand!  1. Don’t You Want to Place Your Poster in a Strategic Area?  People may walk pass your restaurant, shop, or anything without having any information about your business. For example, people just knowing that you provide a coffee without knowing the kind of coffee or the newest product that you launched, every time they walk around your coffee shop. It can’t be happen anymore! You should make people know your business, so they can finally use your service or buy your product. But, how to do that? You can show about your best offer, the newest product, or even a promotion, by using a Poster Stand. By using it, you not only can place your poster on a wall or the glass, but you can place it easier in a different area. So you can place a poster in a strategic area, where people easy to see and notice it.   2. The Poster Stand Is Easy to Use and Install  People tend to use the poster stand because it is easy to use. You just install it and hold the poster with the holder on it. It won’t take a long time to install the poster stand since the step of installing it is not complicated. So, everyone can be used and install the poster stand.  3. Durable Is a Characteristic of Poster Stand  Mostly, a poster stand is made of metal. Because of that, the poster stand can be used in a long period. Several types of metal that are usually used as a material for making a poster stand is stainless steel and aluminum. Stainless steel is a material that has several characteristics such as resists being rust, oxidation, and corrosion. Also, aluminum is a material that has a lighter weight and cheaper price compared with stainless steel.  4. You Can Get the Poster Stand with an Affordable Price   Yes, a poster stand is affordable! That’s why you should have a poster stand whether for business purposes, or other purposes. Don’t forget, that with an affordable price, you can use it for a long period since the poster stand is durable.  5. Easy to Maintaining  You don’t need any special treatment for a poster stand. Isn’t it good for you, since a simple treatment won’t take a lot of time? That’s why it is worth using! A simple maintaining treatment that you can do is to wipe the poster stand when you think it is needed. Please remember don’t clean the poster stand with the soap, because it can damage the surface......»»

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50 Organizations That Make The Biggest Positive Influence in Black Achievement

There are many organizations that work to make big positive influences in black achievement. The post 50 Organizations That Make The Biggest Positive Influence in Black Achievement appeared first on The death of a Black man named George Floyd during an arrest in Minneapolis, Minnesota on May 25, 2020, was a catalyst for protests and riots around the world. The Black Lives Matter organization that was founded in 2013 took the forefront during these events, advocating for non-violent protests and civil disobedience geared against police brutality and all forms of racially motivated violence. While many people are familiar with Black Lives Matter and its importance in the movement towards equality, justice, and opportunity for all people, there are also many other organizations that work to make big positive influences in black achievement. With the donations they receive, these organizations fight racial injustice, educate, empower, encourage unity, and provide mentorship in black communities. The criteria used for inclusion in this list included historical ratings of the charity, the organization’s financial score, and its accountability and transparency rating using the most recent data available. Using this methodology, we present to you 50 organizations that make the biggest positive influence in black achievement in the U.S. today. Information is key so that when you choose to donate, you give wisely and to the organizations that make the biggest impact on black lives. A donation to any of these organizations or funds is a step in the right direction towards racial justice and equality and a step away from America’s shameful racist practices of the past and present. Racial Justice Black Lives Matter Black Lives Matter is the organization for Black freedom, liberation and justice that most people are familiar with or have become familiar with in the wake of George Floyd’s death. The organization was founded in 2013 after George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin’s killer, was acquitted of murder in the case. Black Lives Matter has become the face of the global movement to eliminate white supremacy by fighting against acts of violence, oppression and discrimination that Black people regularly face in our society. Donate to Black Lives Matter. Anti Racism Fund The United States has a long history of systemic racism that recent events have spotlighted. Black people have been grossly mistreated, marginalized, and murdered simply because of ignorant hatred for the color of their skin. The Anti Racism Fund was formed to provide funding to organizations that fight to eliminate racial injustice in our society. Donate to Anti Racism Fund. Color of Change Color of Change is an organization working to end unfair practices that hold Black people back from success, happiness, and true freedom. The organization helps people respond to injustices they witness. Color of Change has 1.7 million members who push decision makers in business and government to create a less hostile world for Black people and all people. Donate to Color of Change. Advancement Project The Advancement Project has national programs that develop innovative strategies to tackle racial inequity. Using a combination of law, policy, communications and technology, the organization creates workable solutions and achieves systemic changes on issues of equality in democracy, voting rights and proper justice. Donate to Advancement Project. Community Justice Action Fund The Community Justice Action Fund is dedicated to building power for and with Black communities to end gun violence. The organization strives to change the conversation on gun violence prevention with those most affected leading the way. Donate to Community Justice Action Fund. History and Culture African American Cultural Heritage Action Fund The African American Cultural Heritage Action Fund is a history preservation campaign working to restore important parts of American history. Many locations in the United States where significant parts of African American history occurred have gone unrecognized for their importance in American history. This fund was created to protect and restore these places and tell their stories. Donate to the African American Cultural Heritage Action Fund. Alvin Ailey Dance Foundation The Alvin Ailey Dance Foundation furthers the work of choreographer and dancer Alvin Ailey. Its mission is to establish an extended cultural community with training, community programs, and dance performances. The community unites people of all ethnicities by using the humanity and beauty of the African American culture and others to bring people of all races, ages and backgrounds together. Donate to The Alvin Ailey Dance Foundation. The National Civil Rights Museum The National Civil Rights Museum is located in Memphis, Tennessee at the Lorraine Motel where civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated. The museum provides an education about the American civil rights movement and food for thought about today’s civil and human rights struggles around the world. Donate to the National Civil Rights Museum. Facing History and Ourselves Facing History and Ourselves is an organization that helps communities and classrooms around the world learn about the past in order to make better choices today. The organization uses history as a tool to challenge students and teachers to take a stand against hate and bigotry in all forms. Donate to Facing History and Ourselves. Black Table Arts Black Table Arts is an organization for Black artists with a mission to build community power, educate communities, and create spaces for leadership to thrive. Donate to Black Table Arts. Boom Concepts Boom Concepts is a creative community hub in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for black artists and creative entrepreneurs. The community is dedicated to representing marginalized voices. Boom Concepts hosts monthly art exhibitions, film screenings, community meetings, live music, dance parties, and fundraisers. Donate to Boom Concepts. 1HOOD 1HOOD is a collective of socially aware activists and artists. The group uses art to raise awareness. Its mission is to build liberated communities through art, social justice, and education. Donate to 1HOOD. Health and Disability National Health Law Program The National Health Law Program is an organization of attorneys dedicated to advancing health rights and access to quality health care for underserved and low-income individuals. One important goal of this organization is to eliminate racial healthcare inequities. Donate to the National Health Law Program. Sister Song Sister Song is an organization on a mission to achieve reproductive justice for indigenous women and women of color. The organization serves to strengthen the voices of those women whose human rights have been oppressed. Donate to Sister Song. The National Black Disability Coalition (NBDC) The National Black Disability Coalition (NBDC) was founded in 1990 and is an organization for all disabled Black people. NBDC works to improve community leadership, civil rights, entrepreneurship, family inclusion, education, and service delivery systems, and provides information to Black disabled people and their families. Donate to the The National Black Disability Coalition (NBDC). GirlTrek GirlTrek is bringing one million black women to walk in their neighborhoods for health and healing. The movement challenges black women across the United States to change their lives and communities through walking. Donate to GirlTrek. Autistic People of Color Fund The Autistic People of Color Fund provides direct support and mutual aid for autistic people of color. The fund was created in June 2018 and has since given more than $30,000 to individual people of color who have autism. Donate to the Autistic People of Color Fund. BET + United Way COVID-19 Relief Fund The BET + United Way COVID-19 Relief Fund was established in partnership with the United Way to provide support and relief to African Americans during the COVID-19 pandemic. Donors may choose what city their donation benefits or have their donation go to cities where the need is the greatest. Donate to the BET + United Way COVID-19 Relief Fund. Civil Rights and Policy Reform American Civil Liberties Union Foundation The American Civil Liberties Union Foundation provides legal representation in legal cases involving constitutional rights and civil liberties. The foundation also educates the public about civil liberties and individual rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution. Donate to the ACLU. Center for Constitutional Rights The Center for Constitutional Rights was founded in 1966 by lawyers dedicated to helping the civil rights movement in the South. The CCR headquarters is located in New York City and works to advance and protect constitutional rights. The organization is proactive and uses the law creatively to enact social change and empower poor communities. Donate to The Center of Constitutional Rights. Equal Justice Initiative The Equal Justice Initiative was founded in 1989 by Bryan Stevenson to challenge racial and economic injustice. The initiative is dedicated to protecting the basic human rights of the most vulnerable people in America. EJI provides legal representation for people who have been wrongfully convicted, received unfair sentences, or have been abused in jail or prison. The initiative also challenges the death penalty and other forms of excessive punishment and provides assistance to those who are released from prison in order to help them successfully re-enter society. Donate to the Equal Justice Initiative. Campaign Zero Campaign Zero is dedicated to ending police violence in America. The organization works to analyze police practices, identify effective solutions to end police violence, and push legislation to end police violence across the country. Campaign Zero also provides technical assistance to organizers who lead police accountability campaigns. Donate to Campaign Zero. Communities United for Police Reform Communities United for Police Reform is a campaign in New York to end the discriminatory policing practices of NYPD. The movement is led by community members, lawyers, activists and researchers from all five boroughs. The partners in this campaign come from all walks of life and are representative of groups who are most often unfairly targeted by the police. Communities United for Police Reform fights for policy reforms that will keep communities safe while making sure the NYPD does its job of protecting and serving all in the community. Donate to Communities United for Police Reform. Communities United Against Police Brutality Communities United Against Police Brutality is an organization based in Twin-Cities that works to deal with incidents of police brutality. The goal of the organization is to create a climate of resistance to police abuse of authority and power and to empower citizens with knowledge and tools to bring an end to police brutality. Donate to Communities United Against Police Brutality. Leadership Conference Education Fund The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights is a coalition of more than 200 national organizations. Its purpose is to protect and promote the civil and human rights of all people. The goal is a more open and just America. The Education Fund works to mobilize advocates who push for progressive change across the nation. Donate to the Leadership Conference Education Fund. Southern Poverty Law Center The Southern Poverty Law Center is known for its legal victories against white supremacists and for tracking hate groups. The organization has worked since it was founded in 1971 to fight all forms of discrimination and to protect the constitutional rights of the most vulnerable members of society. In 1991 the organization established an educational program to combat the causes of hate to help K-12 classroom teachers foster respect and understanding. Donate to the Southern Poverty Law Center. The Legal Rights Center The Legal Rights Center is a community-driven nonprofit law firm in Hennepin County, Minnesota. The firm specializes in restorative justice practices and youth advocacy. It provides legal representation at no cost to low-income people and people of color. The Legal Rights Center prioritizes providing legal services to juveniles. Donate to The Legal Rights Center. Texas Civil Rights Project The Texas Civil Rights Project is one of the most influential civil rights organizations in Texas. The organization uses legal advocacy to defend voting rights, reform criminal justice systems and fights institutional discrimination. Donate to the Texas Civil Rights Project. Education Harlem Academy The Harlem Academy in New York City is an independent school with merit-based admission that educates grades 1-8. The Academy ensures economic diversity and meets all demonstrated need for tuition support. The school prepares children for lifelong learning and promotes thoughtful citizenship. Donate to Harlem Academy. Page Education Foundation The Page Education Foundation is a non-profit with the mission to create heroes through education and service. Recipients of scholarships from the organization provide mentorship services for children in kindergarten through the eighth grade. Donate to the Page Education Foundation. Rainier Scholars Rainier Scholars provides scholarships to students belonging to groups that are most underrepresented on college campuses including African Americans, Hispanic Latinos, Native Americans and first generation Asian Americans. Over 80 percent of Rainier Scholars qualify as low income and 85 percent will be the first in their family to earn a college degree. Donate to Rainier Scholars. Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO) Sponsors for Educational Opportunity has a mission to give access to superior educational and career opportunities to young people from underserved and underrepresented communities. Donate to Sponsors for Educational Opportunity. Thurgood Marshall College Fund The Thurgood Marshall College Fund was founded in 1987 to provide scholarships and to advocate for students. The TMCF also works with public Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) to ensure student success. Donate to the Thurgood Marshall College Fund. Black Girls Code The Black Girls Code organization aims to increase the number of women of color in STEM fields by empowering and educating African American girls ages 7 to 17 to become leaders and innovators. Donate to Black Girls Code. Integrate NYC Integrate NYC is a youth-led organization that fights for racial equity and integration in New York City’s schools. The organization advocates for transformative policy to end the segregation and inequality present in NYC schools. Donate to Integrate NYC. Youth and Community Development The Brotherhood/Sister Sol The Brotherhood/Sister Sol is an organization in New York with national reach that serves youth in economically poor communities. Bro/Sis organizes and advocates for social change and equality for Black people once and for all. Donate to The Brotherhood/Sister Sol. EmbraceRace EmbraceRace was founded in 2016 with a mission to create a community, gather resources, assist, and provide support for the challenges that race creates for children, families, and communities. The organization publishes original stories and articles and produces webinars featuring expert guests. Donate to EmbraceRace. Assata’s Daughters Assata’s Daughters is a youth organization led by women. The organization is located in Chicago and is rooted in black radical tradition. AD provides black youth in Chicago with political education, mentorship, and leadership development services. Donate to Assata’s Daughters. Pretty Brown Girl Foundation The Pretty Brown Girl Foundation provides self-acceptance and leadership development programs, clubs, and events to combat adverse social issues that affect girls of color. The organization has a mission to instill confidence in girls and young women of color so that they grow up to fulfill their dreams and become capable leaders in their communities. Donate to Pretty Brown Girl. The Conscious Kid The Conscious Kid strives to promote healthy racial identity development in children. The organization supports other organizations, families, and educators who are taking action to stop racism in children. Donate to The Conscious Kid. Know Your Rights Camp Colin Kaepernick’s Know Your Rights Camp is engaging cities across the country in a movement to advance the liberation and well-being of black and brown communities. The camps educate and inspire self-empowerment. Donate to Know Your Rights Camp. Developing Responsible Economically Advanced Model-Citizens (D.R.E.A.M.) D.R.E.A.M. is a nonprofit organization with a commitment to educating and empowering urban kids to make smart financial decisions. By providing financial education the organization is training the next generation of citizens so that they may foster positive change in urban communities. Donate to DREAM. Business and Career SOGAL SOGAL is a female-led platform that is disrupting norms in venture capital and empowering diversity. The mission of the organization is to bridge the funding gap for entrepreneurs. Donate to SOGAL. Black & Brown Founders Black & Brown Founders is an organization that provides help to Black and Latino entrepreneurs with modest resources launch and build tech businesses. Donate to Black & Brown Founders. Minority Corporate Counsel Association The Minority Corporate Counsel Association was founded in 1997 with a mission to advocate for expanded hiring, retention and promotion of minority corporate attorneys and law offices. The association collects and distributes information about diversity in the legal profession. Donate to Minority Corporate Counsel Association. Gyrl Wonder Gyrl Wonder is a professional initiative to empower ambitious young women of color ages 17 -22. The organization provides resources and tools for girls to prepare them to be successful in a competitive workplace environment and reach their professional goals. Donate to Gyrl Wonder. Black Political Organizations Black Voters Matter Black Voters Matter works to increase power in Black communities through effective voting so that communities may choose their own destinies. The organization advocates for policies to expand voter rights and access along with other aspects of racial equity. Donate to Black Voters Matter. The Collective Political Action Committee The Collective Political Action Committee works to build Black political power. The organization educates and equips voters, donors and political candidates with resources such as training programs, technical assistance, fundraising, and advertising. The Collective Political Action Committee looks forward to improving our country by building a new generation of Black civic leaders across the U.S. at all levels. Donate to The Collective Political Action Committee. Woke Vote Woke Vote is working to change the face of politics across the country. The organization is dedicated to increasing voter turnout. Woke Vote is invested in the activation, long-term engagement, training and development of leaders who organize, and the mobilization of voters of color who have long been disengaged in the political process. Donate to Woke Vote. Higher Heights for America Higher Heights for America is a political organization for Black women. The organization is dedicated to pushing forward for a democracy that effectively represents Black women, includes Black women and elects Black women. Donate to Higher Heights for America. The post 50 Organizations That Make The Biggest Positive Influence in Black Achievement appeared first on»»

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The 25 Worst Game Shows of All Time

We’re following up on our list of the 25 Greatest Game Shows of All Time with our picks for the 25 Worst Game Shows. While many of these may have a special place in our hearts, make no mistake – they were pretty bad. And the rest… well, they just suck. 25. Classic Concentration Host: […] The post The 25 Worst Game Shows of All Time appeared first on We’re following up on our list of the 25 Greatest Game Shows of All Time with our picks for the 25 Worst Game Shows. While many of these may have a special place in our hearts, make no mistake – they were pretty bad. And the rest… well, they just suck. 25. Classic Concentration Host: Alex TrebekYears on TV: 1987 – 1991 It’s the classic children’s matching game – but game show style! While Concentration began on TV in 1958, it’s the cheesier follow-up, Classic Concentration, hosted by Alex Trebek, which makes our list. Contestants had to uncover matching prizes beneath numbered pieces. As they found matching pairs, a rebus picture puzzle underneath was slowly uncovered. There was something classy about that staircase of prize cars though, huh? 24. Card Sharks Hosts: Jim Perry, Bob Eubanks, Bill Rafferty, Pat BullardYears on TV: 1978 – 2002 We know what you’re thinking – Card Sharks is a classic. Well, yes. But it’s also pretty lame, however fondly you may remember those giant sized cards and contestants screaming “higher!” or “lower!” or “freeze!” The beautiful card dealers featured throughout the series’ run didn’t improve the concept any, but made the rather drab set a little more interesting to look at. 23. The Weakest Link Host: Anne RobinsonYears on TV: 2001 – 2002 The Weakest Link was a quiz show like no other, with sour-faced host Anne Robinson at the ready to throw insults, diminish the dummies and call out “You are the weakest link… good-bye!” The novelty of a curmudgeonly host wore thin quite quickly with American audiences, and The Weakest Link only lasted one season. We like our game show hosts perky! 22. 1 vs. 100 Host: Bob SagetYears on TV: 2006 – 2008 Host Bob Saget facilitated this show of one contestant versus 100 of “the mob.” Anyone else find it odd that they named the 100 collectively as “the mob?” At any rate, this show looked to see if 1 person could take on 100 and stand the victor by game’s end – or at least go home with some winnings if they couldn’t beat the entire 100. Special guest mob members (c’mon, Barry Williams?) couldn’t revive this game show that was all flashy lights and not much more. 21. Legends of the Hidden Temple Host: Kirk FoggYears on TV: 1993 – 1995 Before you start sending the hate mail for our inclusion of Legends of the Hidden Temple on the worst game shows list, hear us out. Legends of the Hidden Temple was no doubt pretty cool when you watched it as a kid – but if you check it out now, it’s pretty lame. Host Kirk Fogg was super dorky – especially when he swung in on a vine, complete with microphone holster on his belt. And don’t even get us started on giant talking head Olmec or the fact that most of the kids sucked at the Temple Run. Watch out for the Temple Guards! 20. Sale of the Century Host: Jack Kelly; Joe Garagiola; Jim PerryYears on TV: 1969 – 1973; 1983 – 1989 This little quizzy show added an element of shopping, as contestants were offered discount deals via “Instant Bargains” throughout the course of the show. Plus they could haggle with the host to make the deal even sweeter. Big winners could return the next day and have the chance to win a big-ticket item, like a car. Totally boring… but oh, but that loveable cheeseball host Jim Perry. 19. Distraction (comedy central) Host: Jimmy CarrYears on TV: 2005 – 2006 Distraction kept contestants on their toes by offering up plenty of well… distractions while they attempted answering trivia questions. Finding out who could withstand the most clothespins on their face during game play grew old pretty fast. This one proves yet again that people are willing to do just about anything to win money. 18. The Singing Bee Host: Joey FatoneYears on TV: 2007 Like an updated Name That Tune, only karaoke style. Host Joey Fatone didn’t bring much to the table for Singing Bee and the lame backup singers, cheesy band and house dancers “The Honeybees” only muddied the waters of an already weak concept. Totally lame. 17. Shop ‘til You Drop Hosts: Pat Finn, JD RobertoYears on TV: 1991 – 2005 Step inside the fake mall set on Shop ‘til You Drop! This game show, whose bonus round involved a shopping spree of running an existing prize to a storefront in exchange for a (hopefully) higher ticket item, sent contestants racing against the clock like idiots. Later years of the game show replaced the mall for a set that resembled a warehouse store (a la Costco) – ah, how we missed Von Schiffendecker’s Furniture mall storefront. 16. Supermarket Sweep Host: David RuprechtYears on TV: 1990 – 1995 (Lifetime); 2000 – 2003 (PAX) From dorky host David Ruprecht to even dorkier matching sweatshirts with peeking polo shirt collars, Supermarket Sweep is a definite guilty pleasure that we’ve spent countless hours wasting our time watching. That’s not to say we don’t have a warm place in our hearts for that mad dash “Big Sweep” around the store as contestants scoop turkeys and diapers (and various other big-ticket items) into their carts to rack up the dollars on their cash registers. 15. Win, Lose or Draw Hosts: Bert Convy (1987 – 1989), Robb Weller (1989), Vicki Lawrence (NBC)Years on TV: 1987 – 1990 Wow, celebrities playing Pictionary in what looked like one of their living rooms? C’mon, who didn’t want to see how well Burt Reynolds could draw the clues? (Hint: not us.) And the constant burbling of teams shouting “It’s a cat, it’s a dog, it’s a fish, it’s a…” caused many a viewer to glaze over rather than share in the excitement of Win, Lose or Draw. 14. Dog Eat Dog Host: Brooke BurnsYears on TV: 2002 – 2003 Host Brooke Burns challenged contestants to outpace their competitors in a variety of truly stupid physical challenges, which were never nearly as cool as the stunts on Fear Factor. The contestants voted a person to complete the challenge – if they failed, they were sent to the “dog pound.” If they succeeded, they chose someone to go to the pound. This continued until there was one “Top Dog” facing off against the “Dog Pound.” All in all, this show stunk like a steaming pile of dog shit. 13. Identity Host: Penn JilletteYears on TV: 2006 – 2007 Identity, hosted by Penn Jillette, was a game based on stereotypes, basically. Contestants had to match each of 12 strangers to their identities, including hobbies and occupations, among other attributes. In many cases there was some misdirection, such as a preschool teacher or a missionary dressed in a bikini, to throw off the contestant. Even some famous strangers were featured on the show, like Eve Plumb, who played Jan on The Brady Bunch and Olympian Bruce (pre-Caitlyn) Jenner. You can guess it fizzled pretty fast. 12. Rock & Roll Jeopardy! Host: Jeff ProbstYears on TV: 1998 – 2001 Jeopardy is a part of game show history. Rock & Roll Jeopardy? Not so much. Hosted by Jeff Probst of Survivor, not even those sweet little dimples could bail him out of VH1’s attempt at musical trivia with the Jeopardy name. The format from original Jeopardy! was hardly updated for this rock and roll spin-off and viewers lost interest. 11. Amnesia Host: Dennis MillerYears on TV: 2008 How good is your memory about things in your own life? Amnesia awarded money for knowing things that should be too easy – like the name of a certain road in your neighborhood or picking mom’s pie from a lineup of pies. We’re just wondering how far Dennis Miller has fallen to have to host this dreck? Helps pay the bills, right? 10. Scrabble Host: Chuck WooleryYears on TV: 1984 – 1993 What’s more boring than playing the Scrabble board game? Watching it played on TV, with host Chuck Woolery presiding over the crossword puzzle thrillfest. We give out extra lame points for the letter tiles that each contestant chose and pushed into a slot in front of them. The sound effects as each tile found its way onto the Scrabble board (or didn’t – oops, watch out for that “stopper!”) just added to the cheese factor. 9. My Dad is Better Than Your Dad Host: Dan CorteseYears on TV: 2008 We can only guess that Mark Burnett ran out of good ideas when he came up with My Dad is Better than Your Dad, a game show based on childhood bragging. Teams of kid and dad battled for the title of best dad with challenges of speed, strength, smarts, and bravery. Because, you know, swinging your kid on a harness to throw a ball at a huge Velcro target really proves your worth as a parent. No wonder it was canceled after just one season. 8. Set For Life Host: Jimmy KimmelYear on TV: 2007 Even host Jimmy Kimmel never looked like he was sold on this game show, where contestants would search for the magical white lightsticks that would move them up the ladder and give them money for life. Watch out for the dreaded red lights that put an end to all your hopes and dreams. Uh-oh! You can tell Kimmel was just collecting a paycheck with this one. 7. Hole in the Wall Hosts: Brooke Burns, Mark ThompsonYears on TV: 2008 – 2009 It was a huge success in Japan, but not so much in the U.S. Hole in the Wall’s genius concept put competing teams through various cut-out shapes on a moving wall by contorting their bodies to fit the shape. This hit Japanese game show did not translate to U.S. audiences. The idea was a little light on substance if you ask us, but we’re guessing plenty of people who saw the YouTube videos tuned in. 6. Bowling for Dollars Hosts: Varied by locationYears on TV: 1970s – 1980s This 1970s staple was seen on a more local level among game shows, appearing on TV in markets like Cincinnati, Buffalo, Detroit, Los Angeles and Philadelphia, among other places. Its concept was as ingenious as the name – contestants would put their bowling skills to the test and earn money and prizes for their efforts. When flashier game shows began to fill up the airwaves, Bowling for Dollars all but vanished, except for a 2008 revival in Buffalo. 5. Temptation Host: Rossi MorrealeYears on TV: 2007 Billed as “The New Sale of the Century,” the most hilarious thing about Temptation was the old school theme song – you’d think you were watching a 70s game show with that little ditty, but nope – you’re in the 2000s of cheesy game show excitement! There’s nothing worse than a show that has a crap budget. And there was no way of hiding it with the shitty prizes that were featured on Temptation. 4. The Moment of Truth Host: Mark WalbergYears on TV: 2008 – 2009 How low will people sink for a shot at prize money? On The Moment of Truth, contestants were subjected to a lie detector test prior to their appearance, running through a variety of questions about their personal lives. Once on-air, the participants were asked a variety of the initial questions and – dramatic pauses, lights, and music in place – are put to the truth test. Are they telling the truth? And will their admissions break up friendships, families, and relationships? 3. The Chair Host: John McEnroeYears on TV: 2002 The Chair, hosted by John McEnroe, looked to see how well people could keep their cool under pressure, by putting contestants in uncomfortable situations while monitoring their heart rate. If they were able to keep their heart rate below a certain level, they would progress to another level of earnings. Could they keep their cool when faced with a “heartstopper” like being face-to-face with an alligator? In the end, nobody cared and the show was canned. 2. Yahtzee Host: Peter MarshallYears on TV: 1988 Truly? A game show based on the dice shaking game? Yeah, it happened. And it was pure crap. There’s no way to sugar coat this boring dice game and come out with anything better than mediocre. Even the “dice girl” featured on each episode didn’t help. 1. Hurl! Hosts: Tom Crehan and Dale Roy RobinsonYear on TV: 2008 This game show goes beyond the gross factor as contestants not only had to eat all matter of disgusting food, but they were then subjected to vomit-inducing challenges in an effort to see who would toss their cookies first (clam chowder followed by a Tilt-a-Whirl?!). Those with an iron constitution walked away with prize money – and likely, a tummy ache. The post The 25 Worst Game Shows of All Time appeared first on»»

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The 25 Greatest Game Shows Of All Time

TV game shows have entertained viewers for years with everything from trivia questions to reality competitions – read on for our picks of the 25 greatest game shows of all time. The post The 25 Greatest Game Shows Of All Time appeared first on TV game shows have entertained viewers for years with everything from trivia questions to reality competitions – read on for our picks of the 25 greatest game shows of all time. When you’re done, check out our list of the 25 Worst Game Shows of All Time. 25. Love Connection Hosts: Chuck Woolery (1983-1995), Pat Bullard (1998-1999)Years on TV: 1983-1995; 1998-1999 Super-suave Chuck Woolery hosted Love Connection, a different take on The Dating Game, where contestants would select their match from three potential dates. The audience voted on which date they thought was the perfect match and the contestant would reveal his/her choice. Chuck’s interview of the couple’s date provided some of the best moments – especially when the dates were a total disaster. 24. Name That Tune Hosts: Red Benson, Bill Cullen, George DeWitt, Richard Hayes, Dennis James, Tom Kennedy, Jim LangeYears on TV: 1953 -1959; 1974-1981; 1984-1985 Name That Tune is the predecessor of shows like “Don’t Forget the Lyrics,” and yeah, looking back it is heavy on the cheese. But who didn’t love the courage of those contestants who could “name that tune in two notes” – for reals? 23. Double Dare Hosts: Marc Summers, Bruce (pre-Caitlyn) Jenner, Jason HarrisYears on TV: 1986-1993 Nickelodeon Kids’ channel featured plenty of slime and other messiness with the kids’ game show Double Dare. Hosted by super cheeseball Marc Summers (he of the Cosby sweaters), kids were put through their paces with trivia questions and physical challenges. Each show ended with a sloppy obstacle course. 22. Press Your Luck Host: Peter TomarkenYears on TV: 1983-1986 Any game show where eager contestants shout out “Big bucks! No whammies!” has to make the list, despite the dorky animated “Whammy” character that took away contestants’ cash and prizes. Check out this video of some whammy highlights: 21. Queen for a Day Host: Jack BaileyYears on TV: 1947–1964; 1969–1970 An oldie for sure, but in its day, Queen for a Day allowed women to escape their everyday drudgery and become royalty (if only for a day) when the audience voted the biggest sob story with the applause meter. We’d love to see this one make a comeback – but spa vacations would have to replace a new washer and dryer, for sure. 20. The Mole (1st two seasons) Host: Anderson CooperYears on TV: 2001 – 2004; 2008 The Mole had a great thing going during its first two seasons on the air with host Anderson Cooper. Then he went and got all schmancy CNN newsman and The Mole took a dive into celebrity territory. The Mole made a revival in 2008, but it couldn’t hold a candle to those first two seasons. 19. Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader? Host: Jeff FoxworthyYears on TV: 2007 – 2011 Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader is genius, right? The show challenged contestants to show their smarts with elementary school questions… only it’s not so easy to recall fifth-grade history when you’re all grown up. Hosted by the most famous redneck of all, Jeff Foxworthy made the losing contestants fess up “I am not smarter than a 5th grader.” Oh, the misery. 18. Cash Cab Host: Ben Bailey (US)Years on TV: 2005 – present Who needs an elaborate and/or cheesy game show set when the whole thing can take place in a pimped out taxi cab? Hosted by comedian Ben Bailey, this game show on wheels is a clever diversion from your typical trivia show – and makes you wish the cash cab would pull up the next time you hail a taxi. 17. The Dating Game Hosts: Jim Lange (1965-1980), Elaine Joyce (1986-1988), Jeff McGregor (1988-1989), Brad Sherwood (1996-1997), Chuck Woolery (1997-2000)Years on TV: 1965-1980; 1986-1989, 1996-2000 The Dating Game is the original matchmaking game show (Take that, The Bachelor!), starting in 1965 and running through 1980 with host Jim Lange, who introduced the show’s signature ending of blowing a kiss to the viewers. The Dating Game saw a variety of hosts through the years but ended with the big cheese of game show hosts himself, Chuck Woolery. 16. Remote Control Host: Ken OberYears on TV: 1987 – 1990 This MTV game show classic combined pop culture with quirky host Ken Ober, a unique format and a set that was supposed to be Ken’s mom’s basement. Losing contestants were sucked off the set in their leather recliners and don’t forget the final challenge – naming music videos from clips played on a pile of TVs. 15. Pyramid Hosts: Dick Clark (1973-1988), Bill Cullen (1974-1979), John Davidson (1991-1992), Donny Osmond(2002-2004)Years on TV: 1973-1988; 1991-1992; 2002-2004 Whether it was $10,000 or $100,000, the set for Pyramid was a killer – those monitors for the clues and of course, the ultimate final pyramid challenge with the fenced-in “winner’s circle” and the cubes that revealed each correct answer in the pyramid. Classic Pyramid! 14. Win Ben Stein’s Money Host: Ben SteinYears on TV: 1997 – 2003 Who would’ve thought that lawyer and presidential speechwriter Ben Stein would be a worthy host and competitor on a Comedy Central game show? The host became a contestant during the second segment and the final challenge pitted the winning contestant against Ben Stein himself! And don’t forget sidekick Jimmy Kimmel for the fun factor during the first three years. 13. The Newlywed Game Hosts: Bob Eubanks (1966-2000), Jim Lange (1984), Paul Rodriguez (1988-1989), Gary Kroeger (1996-1997)Years on TV: 1966-2000 The Newlywed Game delivered some of the best TV game show memories in the history of the genre. Originally hosted by Bob Eubanks, The Newlywed Game introduced audiences to “whoopee” as viewers learned about newly married couples’ sex lives in a test to see how well each knew the other. 12. Family Feud Hosts: Richard Dawson (1976–1985; 1994–1995), Ray Combs (1988–1994), Louie Anderson (1999–2002), Richard Karn (2002–2006), John O’Hurley (2006–2010, daytime), Al Roker (Summer 2008, Celebrity Family Feud), Steve Harvey (2010-present)Years on TV: 1976 -1995; 1999-present While Family Feud really hit its stride in the 70s and early 80s with host Richard Dawson (although he was totally creepy kissing all the ladies), it saw mini-revivals along the way with hosts like Ray Combs, Louie Anderson, Richard Karn, and John O’Hurley. Steve Harvey breathed new life into the show in 2010. Survey says! Family Feud is a winner. 11. Let’s Make a Deal Hosts: Monty Hall (1963-1977; 1980-1981; 1984-1986; 1990-1991), Bob Hilton (1990), Billy Bush (2003)Years on TV: 1963-1977; 1980-1981; 1984-1986; 1990-1991; 2003 If you had to name one of the zaniest game shows, Let’s Make a Deal would definitely fit the bill. Part of the fun was host Monty Hall’s selection of contestants from an audience of people in crazy costumes trying to stand out in the crowd. Once the dealing began, contestants could choose from behind door or curtain number one, two or three – with either legit prizes or total crap. 10. Password Host: Allen Ludden, Tom Kennedy (Password Plus), Bert Convy (Super Password), Regis Philbin (Million Dollar Password)Years on TV: 1961-1967; 1971-1975 (Password Plus 1979); (Super Password 1984-1989); (Million Dollar Password) You had to love the hushed announcer revealing the secret password: “The password is…” Password offered up plenty of great celebrity appearances (C’mon! Betty White rules Password!) and a variety of dimwitted clues and answers. Here’s a great Super Password clip featuring major screw-ups by Patty Duke, Rip Taylor, and host Bert Convy. 9. Hollywood Squares Hosts: Peter Marshall (1966-1981), Jon Bauman (1983-1984), John Davidson (1986-1989), Tom Bergeron (1998-2004)Years on TV: 1966-1981; 1983-1984; 1986-2004 Circle gets the square! It’s tic-tac-toe, celebrity style – what’s not to love? The scripted comedy on Hollywood Squares was delivered better by some than others (Hello? Paul Lynde in the center square?!) and featured regulars like Florence Henderson, Sandy Duncan, George Gobel and Joan Rivers. A 1998 revival put Whoopi Goldberg in the center square for four seasons. 8. Deal or No Deal Host: Howie MandelYears on TV: 2005 – 2010 and 2018-present Deal or No Deal put Howie Mandel back on the map – that alone has gotta be worthy of landing on our list of the 25 greatest game shows. Add Mandel’s dramatic pauses, calls from the banker, and crazed contestants playing a game of chance for $1 million, and… well, we just dare you to look away. (Bonus points for sexy girls with briefcases. One of the originals went on to marry Prince Harry.) 7. Wheel of Fortune Host: Chuck Woolery (1975- 1983), Pat Sajak, (1983-present)Years on TV: 1975 – present It’s not the longest-running syndicated game show for nothing…Wheel of Fortune has only slightly evolved over the years though, updating the puzzle board with touch technology (hey, you don’t want Vanna White hurting herself by turning those letters!) and giving the wheel a new look over time. Question is, how much longer can Vanna do this before she’s rolling a walker in front of the puzzle board? 6. Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Hosts: Regis Philbin (1999-2002), Meredith Vieira (2002–2013), Cedric the Entertainer (2013-2014), Terry Crews (2014-2015), Chris Harrison (2015-2019)Years on TV: 1999 – 2019 Who Wants to be a Millionaire revolutionized the way game shows looked and paved the way for a sexier crop of new shows. Many copycats have employed dramatic lights and music, but few new game shows can compete with the popularity of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. Final answer. 5. Match Game Hosts: Gene Rayburn (1962–1969, 1973-1982, 1983-1984), Ross Shafer (1990–1991), Michael Burger (1998–2000)Years on TV: 1962-1969; 1973-1984; 1990-1991; 1998-2000 Who didn’t love those fill in the blank questions about Dumb Dora – and the saucy answers the panel offered up? While the celebrity panelists changed over the years, there was no denying the funny that regulars Brett Somers and Charles Nelson Reilly brought to the group. 4. Survivor Host: Jeff ProbstYears on TV: 2000 – present While host Jeff Probst, the challenges and Tribal Council have worn thin over the years, you can’t beat the dynamics of folks trying to outwit, outplay and outlast their competition. You can’t deny the Survivor juggernaut. Just try. We dare you. 3. The Amazing Race Host: Phil KeoghanYears on TV: 2001-present The Amazing Race took the reality competition game show concept and turned it on its ear – sending teams around the world in a variety of challenges. Sometimes the biggest challenge is the travel logistics, while other times language barriers and driving a stick shift (duh!) slow down the teams. Factor in top-notch host Phil Keoghan and you’ve got reality game show gold. 2. Jeopardy! Hosts: Art Fleming (1964-1975, 1978-1979), Alex Trebek (1984–present)Years on TV: 1964-1975; 1978-present Let’s all hum the Final Jeopardy! thinking song, shall we? The ultimate quiz game show – but with a twist – provide your answers in the form of a question. While Art Fleming was the original Jeopardy! host, it’s really Alex Trebek who people identify with the show. Oh, Alex Trebek, how we love your smugness! 1. The Price is Right Hosts: Bull Cullen (1956-1965), Bob Barker (1972-2007), Drew Carey (2007-present)Years on TV: 1956-1965; 1972-present Come on down!! Host Bob Barker made The Price is Right a game show institution and Drew Carey is doing a noble job of carrying the torch. The contestant frenzy, combined with a variety of games (Plinko, anyone?) and the beautiful Price is Right models made the show a hit for the 35 years Barker hosted. 35 more with Drew Carey? We hope so. The post The 25 Greatest Game Shows Of All Time appeared first on»»

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