The Good Wife Season 5 Finale Recap: Meet the New State"s Attorney Candidate?

The Good Wife has never been afraid of change and the season five finale is setting up what may be the biggest game change of all. People got drunk. People yelled at each other. People left home.........»»

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"The Good Wife" Recap And Review: "The Deconstruction" - How Does Kalinda Go?

After The Good Wife blew up its State's Attorney storyline two weeks ago, we've been asking ourselves what this show is going to do, not just for the end of season six but for a potential season se........»»

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The Good Wife"s Back With a New Attitude--See the Season 7 Sneak Peek!

The Good Wife is back with a brand-new attitude for season seven. After losing her beloved Will Gardner, starting and losing her own firm, winning and losing the State's Attorney........»»

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‘The Good Wife’ Eyes New Prospects As Season Six Begins Tonight

Returning for its sixth season tonight on CBS, THE GOOD WIFE opens where season five left off, with Eli (ALAN CUMMING) asking Alicia (JULIANNA MARGULIES) if she'd consider running for State's Attorney (her philandering husband's (CHRIS NOTH) old job). Mea.....»»

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The Good Wife Now The Good State"s Attorney?! Alicia"s Answer and More in the Season 6 Promo and Pics

The Good Wife shook everything up last year and by the looks of its new season six promo, things aren't slowing down for Alicia Florrick (Emmy winner Julianna Margulies). When we........»»

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‘The Good Wife’ keeps us guessing until the end

Warning: This article contains spoilers from the series finale of “The Good Wife.” As “The Good Wife” ended its seven-season run Sunday night, it’s hard to tell what we’ll miss most about this superb series. For starter.....»»

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Yes, Sleepy Hollow"s Shocking Season 3 Death Is the Real Deal: Series Star Is Leaving for Good

It was NOT a good week for some of TV's most fearsome females. In Friday's season three finale of Sleepy Hollow, we saw Abbie Mills (Nicole Beharie) meet her tragic end--and the star and........»»

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Fug the Show: The Good Wife recap, final season, episode 18

   Alicia finally utters the D word to Peter and no, it’s not “douchebag,” although I would have accepted that one as well. Read More ........»»

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‘The Good Wife’ is in its final season

“The Good Wife” will end its run at the conclusion of its current seventh season, CBS confirmed in a Super Bowl promo Sunday night. Nine episodes remain this year for the legal drama, with its series finale set for May 8. The announcement conf.....»»

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The Good Wife recap, season 7, episode 10

   I’m not someone who thinks fans should own producers — which is to say, I don’t think TV shows should do exactly what viewers want all the time, because it’s not our show. It’s theirs. Let the producers prod.....»»

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The Good Wife Season 7 Premiere Recap: It"s a New Day Complete With New Friends And...New Enemies

If Alicia Florrick was writing a memoir about what happened in The Good Wife's season seven premiere it could be called "Alicia Florrick: Down and out in Chicago." She's tainted........»»

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The Good Wife Fan Who Became Its Breakout Star: Meet Cush Jumbo

There's a new lady in The Good Wife's life. Cush Jumbo makes her splashy debut as Lucca Quinn, a new attorney who befriends Julianna Margulies' Alicia Florrick, and she's basically........»»

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"Review" Season 2 Finale Recap: "Conspiracy Theory"

Forrest MacNeil’s commitment to “Review” is predicated on the belief that he is doing good, essential work for humanity. The second season finale makes a decent case for this statement’s validity. ........»»

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Fug the Show: The Good Wife Power Suit Ranking, season 6, episode 20, “The Deconstruction”

   It’s a bummer when the people with all the clout are guests. At least there is a special guest star at the end of this recap, and no, I don’t mean Heather Locklear. BETTER. … Okay, equally good, because there is probab.....»»

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Taye Diggs Books The Good Wife—Get the Details!

Taye Diggs, prepare to meet The Good Wife. E! News has exclusively learned Diggs will guest star on CBS's The Good Wife for multiple episodes of the upcoming sixth season. Diggs, who........»»

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"The Mandalorian" finale proved the series really is THAT good

"The Mandalorian" season 1 finale is out and, boy, does it give viewers of the Disney+ series something to saber until it returns......»»

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"Succession" finale makes good on "blood sacrifice" promise

The following contains spoilers about the "Succession" season 2 finale......»»

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"Queer Eye" Season 4 brings new tears

In case you haven't seen it, there's a moving episode in the third season of Netflix's "Queer Eye" in which viewers meet Rob Elrod, a 42-year-old single father, whose wife, Allison, had died two years earlier from breast cancer......»»

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How "Queer Eye" gets made, and yes, there are tears

In case you haven't seen it, there's a moving episode in the third season of Netflix's "Queer Eye" in which viewers meet Rob Elrod, a 42-year-old single father, whose wife, Allison, had died two years earlier from breast cancer......»»

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EXCLUSIVE: "Good Behavior" Finale First Look! Letty Tries to Stop Javier From Making a Grave Mistake

ET exclusively debuts a sneak peek from Tuesday's season finale......»»

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Dancing with the Stars Finale Part 1: Meet the Final 3!

Does it feel like this season of Dancing with the Stars has lasted for about a decade? We're at the point where we don't remember a time before this season of Dancing with the........»»

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