"Riverdale" creator reveals next season will feature a time jump to the future

The teens of "Riverdale" will be all grown up when the show returns for season five......»»

Category: topSource: tmzMay 14th, 2020

NFL reveals 2020 season schedule, despite pandemic

Another highlight of the opening weekend will be Tom Brady's regular-season debut​ with Tampa Bay against New Orleans' Drew Brees......»»

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Alicia Silverstone reveals she had an awful time filming "Batman & Robin"

Alicia Silverstone didn't have a great time making "Batman & Robin," saying that she was weight shamed while filming the movie......»»

Category: topSource: tmzApr 20th, 2020

Why "Big Little Lies" Season 3 isn"t coming any time soon

Not to undo your hopes of another season "Big Little Lies," but the truth is, it's going to be a hard thing to pull off, according to Nicole Kidman......»»

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Red carpet looks

Awards season ramps up Sunday night with the 77th Golden Globes. Ricky Gervais is hosting the show for a fifth time......»»

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"The Masked Singer" reveals a winner

"The Masked Singer" has a winner. The fox took home the coveted award on the finale of the show's second season Wednesday night......»»

Category: topSource: tmzDec 19th, 2019

"Survivor" contestant breaks his silence after being kicked off the show

It was the first time in the "Survivor's" 39 season history that a contestant had been pulled over an issue of conduct and he is finally speaking out......»»

Category: topSource: tmzDec 18th, 2019

Spotify reveals most-streamed holiday songs

The list shows that when it comes to the Christmas season, most songs stay evergreen.....»»

Category: topSource: tmzDec 16th, 2019

Scarlett Johansson and more react to their SAG nominations

Awards season is in full swing and the nominations keep coming in, this time for the Screen Actors Guild Awards, an annual celebration of the year's best TV and film......»»

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How to watch "It"s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!" this Halloween season

It's that time of year when a classic fall favorite fills the screens of televisions nationwide......»»

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"Game of Thrones" looks poised to torch more Emmy records

There are plenty of games within the game at this Sunday's Emmy ceremony, but none more intriguing than whether "Game of Thrones" will go out in another blaze of glory, torching the field one more time after its polarizing final season......»»

Category: topSource: tmzSep 17th, 2019

"Big Little Lies" might be giving us the most GIF-able TV season of all time

I don't want to say that "Big Little Lies" was written for the sole purpose of being a GIF-t to the internet. But I'm also not saying it wasn't......»»

Category: topSource: tmzJun 17th, 2019

Producers of Netflix"s "Dogs" want to tell your pup"s story in Season 2

One of last year's best dog-useries will be back for another season, and this time, they want to tell your stories......»»

Category: break-upsSource: tmzJun 12th, 2019

Mandy Moore celebrates reaching Mount Everest base camp

Mandy Moore posted about her and her friends hiking to Mount Everest's base camp around the time an American lawyer became the 11th person to die during the climbing season......»»

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Alejandro Aranda losing "American Idol" is great for reality TV

Full disclosure: I checked out of "American Idol" a long time ago and had zero interest when ABC rebooted the show last season......»»

Category: break-upsSource: tmzMay 21st, 2019

Why some "GoT" viewers aren"t happy with this final season

"Game of Thrones" fans are fed up. This final season was supposed to be a climax of brilliant storytelling, a time when all the pieces in this sprawling, intricate Westeros puzzle finally snapped into place......»»

Category: topSource: tmzMay 17th, 2019

"Arthur" character comes out as gay and gets married in season 22 premiere

This is not the first time the long-running educational cartoon has included an LGBTQ character.....»»

Category: feudsSource: tmzMay 14th, 2019

"Arthur" character comes out as gay, gets married in season 22 premiere

This is not the first time the long-running educational cartoon has included an LGBTQ character.....»»

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"This Is Us" season finale reveals the identity of "her"

Warning this article contains spoilers about the Season 3 finale of "This Is Us".....»»

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Caron Butler: Carmelo Anthony Should LEAVE KNICKS ... Play For a Contender (VIDEO)

It's time for Carmelo Anthony to get the hell outta New York and start winning championships ... so says Caron Butler, who wants to see 'Melo play for a REAL contender this season. TMZ Sports spoke with Butler about the tr.....»»

Category: topSource: tmzJan 28th, 2017

Halle Berry Uses This Facial-in-a-Box to Get Red Carpet Skin at Home

Celebs, they're just like us. OK, not really...but any time you can do what they're doing--especially in terms of beauty--you'd jump on the opportunity, right? Now,........»»

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