"The Office" cast reunites for virtual wedding

The couple got engaged at a gas station just like Jim and Pam — so John Krasinski helped them tie the knot in a memorable way......»»

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10 Ways That Virtual Reality Will Change Your Life

Virtual reality (VR) has been a long-time coming. It started back in the 1980s but the machines were huge, the games sucked and they made people throw up due to motion sickness. However, as technology has improved – virtual reality has re-emerged and to.....»»

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Landmark Entertainment Is Building A Virtual Reality World’s Fair

Landmark Entertainment President and CEO Tony Christopher thinks it’s about time that the world joined virtual reality: Landmark is unveiling plans to build what it calls a Virtual world’s fair, which could eventually house hundreds of pavilions and b.....»»

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"The Office" cast reunites for virtual wedding

The couple got engaged at a gas station just like Jim and Pam — so John Krasinski helped them tie the knot in a memorable way......»»

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Hocus Pocus Cast Reunites to Hopefully Ignite the Black Candle

Hocus Pocus reunites and takes a selfie......»»

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'Saul' reunites (some) 'Breaking Bad' cast - USA TODAY

USA TODAY'Saul' reunites (some) 'Breaking Bad' castUSA TODAYBEVERLY HILLS- - Better Call Saul has the weight of expectations: To be a worthy spinoff of one of TV's classics, Breaking Bad, and not an AfterM*A*S*H or Joey, the ill-fated .....»»

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Khloe Kardashian Reunites With French Montana, Lady Gaga Cancels Show, Casper Smart Sexting Scandal: A Roundup

Khloe Kardashian Reunites With French Montana for Shopping Date Fresh from her sister’s wedding in Italy, the reality star has reunited wioth her rumored boyfriend, French Montana, for a shopping date at a local jewelry store. Starpulse has the det.....»»

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John Krasinski hosted a virtual senior prom and it was epic

Not only did John Krasinski host a virtual senior prom, he was the DJ too......»»

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Hospital employees" choir creates uplifting virtual performance

The employee choir from University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center wanted to lift spirits during the coronavirus pandemic, so they put together a virtual performance, singing Bruno Mars' "Count on Me," together, yet apart......»»

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Museums send virtual flowers amid coronavirus crisis

The virtual blossoms are being shared with the hashtag #MuseumBouquet, along with messages of kindness, thanks and even poems......»»

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6 virtual reality experiences that don"t cost too much

Virtual reality, what's up with that? If you are curious about this highly buzzed high-tech form of entertainment but don't feel like plunking down $1,000 or more on sophisticated hardware, just visit ........»»

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Conan O’Brien’s visit YouTube’s VR Lab is a virtual laugh riot

While Conan O’Brien was in NYC a few weeks ago, he stopped by YouTube’s VR Lab. While he was there they mistakenly let him try out some of their Virtual Reality. I say mistakenly because their scenarios will never be the same. Those poor virtu.....»»

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Virtual Ariel

Virtual Ariel flies around the stage in a production of The Tempest as the RSC embraces technology......»»

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BBC to debut virtual reality film The Turning Forest

The BBC has confirmed it will launch a new virtual reality film, The Turning Forest, next week......»»

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"Resident Evil 7" Visits Resident Evil TMZ (TERRIFYING VIDEO)

Wanna see grown people wet their pants? We strapped virtual reality goggles on our staff, and we could NOT handle the virtual terror of 'Resident Evil 7' ... which had bloody knives plunging in our direction.  VR is not for wusses.….....»»

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South Africa Making Strides in Virtual Reality Sphere

JOHANNESBURG — Pop into a Spur franchise in Johannesburg these days and you might get a Google Cardboard along with your burger and fries. The push by the fast-food chain to get thousands of free, low-end Virtual Reality headsets into the marketpla.....»»

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Doug Liman On The Challenges Of Shooting In The Virtual Reality Format

“You don’t get to use the camera to manipulate the audience,” said Edge of Tomorrow and The Bourne Identity director Doug Liman about the difficulties shooting in a 360 degree virtual reality narrative. “There are all these tech.....»»

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Kim Kardashian’s sex tape comes to virtual reality

A porn studio has made a virtual reality version of Kim Kardashian’s sex tape that lets viewers join in with the action. Vivid Entertainment has unveiled a new “experience” that brings the famous sex tape to life using the latest immersive technolo.....»»

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Abba Launches Virtual-Reality Venture With Simon Fuller, Universal Music

VR fever has infected Sweden’s biggest musical export: Pop group Abba will recycle decades-old hits like “Dancing Queen” and “Mamma Mia” for the 21st-century digital medium of virtual reality. The foursome hasn’t perfor.....»»

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Young adult book trilogy gets a virtual reality deal

In what is being reported as a world first, rights for a trilogy of young adult books have been acquired with the specific intention of turning them into a virtual reality production. The news was reported by The Bookseller and retweeted by Guy Gadney, wh.....»»

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Laos" Plain of Jars recreated in virtual reality

Australian archaeologists announced plans Wednesday to recreate Laos' mysterious Plain of Jars as a three-dimensional virtual reality experience, that could one day see museum visitors walk through remote dig sites. The Plain of Jars, in Laos' c.....»»

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