A video tribute to all moms in quarantine

With Mother's Day just around the corner, we want to thank all the moms stuck in quarantine, doing everything they've always done around the clock. Jim Axelrod has our video tribute......»»

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Oscars 2015 "In Memoriam": Who Got Snubbed

Joan Rivers, Elaine Stritch and several others were left out of the ceremony's video more.....»»

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Alyson Stoner’s Tribute To Missy Elliott Feel Good Video Of The Day

Sorry, Katy Perry: while your performance at the Super Bowl halftime show was good, Missy Elliott absolutely Stole The Show. Dancer and singer Alyson Stoner posted this video as a tribute to the rapper. RELATED: Katy Perry, John Mayer, and Missy Elliott .....»»

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Q&A: G.R.L. on Touching Tribute to Simone Battle, "It"s Definitely Bittersweet"

G.R.L. is remembering Simone Battle with a touching tribute. Group members Lauren Bennett, Emmalyn Estrada, Natasha Slayton and Paula van Oppen released "Lighthouse" on Thursday, a new song and video in memory of their late member Battle. The 25-year-old .....»»

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Beyonce & Jay Z Watch Jay Z’s Birthday Tribute Video To Beyonce

Yesterday was Beyonce’s 33rd birthday. Jay Z posted a video tribute to his wife. It was 33 seconds long: one second for each year of her life. Check it out after the break. RELATED: Beyonce’s dad calls marital trouble rumors a “Jedi mind.....»»

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Billy Crystal Tribute To Robin Williams Feel Good Video Of The Day

This feel good video is more poignant. It was certainly the most poignant moment of the evening at the 66th Annual Primetime Emmys. Billy Crystal did the tribute to Robin Williams after a wonderful In Memoriam segment remembering many great actors who ha.....»»

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Girls star pays tribute to Williams

ALLISON Williams has paid tribute to Robin Williams by sharing video of herself practising flying in memory of the late Peter Pan actor......»»

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What if Frozen entered the Fifty Shades of Grey red room!

Someone who uses the name Tranceart Violeta on YouTube took the audio from the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer and used video from Frozen to cover it. So this modern day classic that has possessed our children, now is set possess those kids’ moms. I me.....»»

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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Previews Shark Week Tribute for Paul Walker—Watch Now!

Dwayne Johnson is paying tribute to his dear friend, Paul Walker, in a very special way. The Fast & Furious star took to Instagram Saturday evening where he shared a short video clip........»»

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Game review: "Valiant Hearts" a grim WWI tribute

The 100th anniversary of the beginning of World War I has been relatively subdued, without much of the ceremony one would expect around such a historic date. Oddly enough, the most stirring tribute I've seen has come in the form of a video game — o.....»»

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Kristen Bell on Hosting the CMT Awards: "It"s Not the Hardest Job in America!"

The actress reveals that Wednesday night's video awards will feature Jason Derulo, John Legend and an Alan Jackson tribute.....»»

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VIDEO: Iran "releases" Happy video dancers

A group of Iranians who were arrested for filming a video tribute to Pharrell Williams' song Happy have been released on bail, reports from Tehran suggest......»»

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VIDEO: Iranians arrested for Pharrell tribute

Police arrest a group of young Iranians who appeared in a YouTube video dancing to Pharrell Williams' hit song Happy......»»

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Iran "releases" Happy video dancers

Several young people arrested in Iran for taking part in a YouTube tribute to Pharrell Williams' hit song Happy are released, according to reports......»»

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Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Remembered on 20th Anniversary of Death

"My mother was a woman of tremendous courage," says Caroline Kennedy in a video tribute.....»»

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Jean Smart Remembers Her Late Husband in Tear-Jerking Emmys Acceptance Speech

On Sunday, Jean Smart tugged at our heartstrings on the 2021 Emmys. Smart received a standing ovation while taking home the award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series for her work on “Hacks.” While accepting the award, Smart paid tribute to her husband, who died from a “brief illness” in March at the age of 71. She told the star-studded audience, “Before I say anything else, I have to acknowledge my late husband Richard Gilliland, who passed away six months yesterday. I would not be here without him, and without his kind of putting his career on the back burner so I could take advantage of all the wonderful opportunities that I have had." Jean also showed her appreciation to her “incredible” and “unselfish” children Connor and Forrest, who “put up with Mommy commuting from Philadelphia and back.” Jean took Forrest, 13, as her date to the Emmys. Before picking up the award, Jean and Forrest chatted on the red carpet with E! News. He expressed that he was “very proud of her,” adding that she “worked really hard for everything.” Smart has been nominated for 11 Emmys, winning four......»»

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Emmys 2021: The Biggest Moments of the Night!

Sunday marked TV’s biggest night, and Cedric the Entertainer was at the helm as this year’s Emmys host! “Extra” is breaking down all the newsworthy moments from the show: Opening Number Cedric kicked off the 73rd Annual Emmy Awards with a musical number paying homage to television and the late Biz Markie with a parody of “Just a Friend.” The crowd got in on the fun as stars like LL Cool J, Dave “Lil Dicky” Burd and Rita Wilson helped rap the song. Hannah Waddingham’s Emotional “Ted Lasso” Speech “Ted Lasso” star Hannah Waddingham nabbed the Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series award, and she couldn’t hide her excitement and emotion. As she screamed with delight and gave shout-outs to the cast, she had a special message for star Jason Sudeikis, saying, "Jason, you've changed my life with this and more importantly my baby girl's. Honestly, I'm so privileged to work with you.” Jean Smart Tugs at Heartstrings Jean Smart received a standing ovation while taking home the award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series for her work on “Hacks.” While accepting the award, Smart paid tribute to her husband, who died from a “brief illness” in March at the age of 71. She told the star-studded audience, “Before I say anything else, I have to acknowledge my late husband Richard Gilliland, who passed away six months ago yesterday. I would not be here without him, and without his kind of putting his career on the back burner so I could take advantage of all the wonderful opportunities that I have had." Kate Winslet Is Absolutely Giddy Kate Winslet made herself that much more endearing a she picked up her trophy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie. Besides being absolutely giddy and having to compose herself, she graciously shared the spotlight with her fellow nominees, saying, “I just want to acknowledge my fellow nominees... in this decade that has to be about women having each other's backs, I support you, I salute you. I'm proud of all of you." Ewan McGregor’s Baby Love Ewan McGregor and Mary Elizabeth Winstead surprised fans over the summer when they welcomed a baby boy named Laurie. As Ewan took home the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie for “Halston,” he took the opportunity to gush over his partner Winstead, telling her, “Mary, I love you so much.” McGregor also took the time to acknowledge his baby boy, saying, “We’ll take this home and show it to our new little boy Laurie.” The Big Winners Which shows took home the top prizes in their categories? The big-category winners were: “The Crown” for Outstanding Drama Series; “Ted Lasso” for Outstanding Comedy Series; “The Queen’s Gambit” for Outstanding Limited or Anthology Series; "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver" for Outstanding Variety Talk Series; and "RuPaul's Drag Race" for Outstanding Competition Program......»»

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Carrie & Mr. Big Share Steamy Moment in First Look at ‘SATC’ Reboot ‘And Just Like That…’

“Sex and the City” fans just got a sneak peek at the upcoming reboot “And Just Like That…”! In a new ad highlighting HBO Max’s many upcoming shows and movies, viewers see a snippet of the revival. It starts with characters Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker), Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon) and Charlotte York (Kristin Davis) standing together as Carrie smiles and waves. The video then cuts to Carrie dancing with Mr. Big (Chris Noth) in a kitchen before they share a steamy kiss. No word yet on a release date, but fans can look forward to other familiar faces when the show returns…. minus Kim Cattrall’s Samantha Jones. Characters Anthony (Mario Cantone), Stanford (Willie Garson) and Steve (David Eigenberg) will be back, and Sara Ramírez will join the group as a queer, non-binary stand-up comic with a podcast that hosts Bradshaw. "Sex and the City" left the air in 2004, and the most recent big-screen installment hit theaters in 2010......»»

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Ashley Graham Expecting Twins! See the Moment She Found Out

Model Ashley Graham is expecting not one, but two bundles of joy! The star announced the news on Instagram with a video of her and husband Justin Ervin finding out they’re expecting… and later learning they are having twins. The footage starts with two positive pregnancy tests, and Ashley saying, “I guess two confirmed tests mean that I’m pregnant.” Cut to Ashley getting an ultrasound and finding out she’s having twins. The star gasps and asks, “Is that twins?” as they learn the news. At first they think it might be a boy and girl, but quickly learn they are having twin boys. Justin can be heard saying “You are joking… you are kidding me,” as Graham realizes, “We are going to have three boys!” The couple welcomed son Isaac in January 2020......»»

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15 Of The Most Confusing Films Ever Made

These 15 films are all varying degrees of head-scratchers. Some you can pick apart with a bit of work, some you are deliberately impossible to understand. The post 15 Of The Most Confusing Films Ever Made appeared first on Most films are pretty linear and easy to follow in their storytelling. Others are muddled, but make sense when you think about them — like Memento. But some, some are designed to bewilder, obfuscate, and confuse. These 15 films are all varying degrees of head-scratchers. Some you can pick apart with a bit of work, some you are deliberately impossible to understand, but all are worth the effort of the attempt. Oh yeah, spoilers. 1Primer Shot for a mere $7,000, Primer is about time travel. Sort of. It’s more about the breakdown between two people, but an incredibly confusing causally linked time travel mechanism underpins it. If someone tells you they understood it on their first viewing, they’re a filthy liar. Written by a mathematician/engineer, none of the jargon or lingo is cut, making it as factually accurate as one could imagine a time travel story to be. The plot loops in on itself in recursive and terrifying ways. Trying to follow it? Good luck. Yes, it really is that batshit confusing, but watching it over and over to pick it apart is surprisingly fun. Unlike some of the other films on this list which are confusing just to be confusing, Primer actually makes complete sense, if you’re willing to put enough time and effort into it to understand what’s going on. 2Synecdoche, New York Again we see a Charlie Kaufman flick. The guy really does excel at the mindfuck. This time starring the superb Philip Seymour Hoffman as a play director crippled by neuroses who receives an immense grant, and sets up a massive play in a warehouse where each actor acts out a private and banal life, mimicking the outside. Slowly the play begins to mirror the outside world more and more, as he is afflicted by a mysterious illness, to the point where he hires actors to portray people outside, including himself. The film twists in on itself constantly, with the impossibly large warehouse eventually housing a full replica of New York City, including its own impossibly large warehouse, and so on. Sharply dividing to critics, some hailed it as the best film of the decade, others as unintelligible gibberish. Thematically dense but incredible, if you can follow it, you’ll be justly rewarded. 3Eraserhead I know, we’ve already seen Lynch on this list, but could I really ignore the famously off-the-wall Eraserhead? It’s completely and utterly indescribable. There’s a guy, his wife, a horribly deformed baby which may or may not be human, explosions, machinery, oozing wounds and liquids, eraser shavings, and more craziness than I can even understand. It was Lynch’s first feature film and is 89 minutes of pure snake-fucking crazy. Highly influential, but still utterly unintelligible, there’s really nothing you can do but try and ride it out, or devote a lifelong academic career to trying to decipher it. 4Donnie Darko Donnie Darko is much, much deeper than I originally gave it credit for. I first went in with my brain turned off, expecting something “quirky”, but not actually deep. What I got was only the tip of the story, and it turns out there are volumes more information that you need to really appreciate what was going on — mostly given via the notoriously twisted and labyrinthine website. 5Holy Mountain Chilean filmmaker/artist Alejandro Jodorowsky is either the closest thing we have to a mad prophet, or utterly insane, and I can’t decide which. Anything he makes is so densely packed with symbolism and metaphor that it will break your brain trying to understand what everything means — and it all means something. Steeped in tarot, mysticism, Christian magic, alchemy, and everything else weird and wonderful, his work is transcendental, if you can follow it. He’s more or less given up on film these days, instead focusing on comics where he isn’t limited by things like the laws of physics or budgets. Unfortunately, his later work has become almost a self-cliché, invariably hitting the same points over and over. Here’s something interesting, grab anything he’s done in the last 25 years, and tick off which of the following are in it: incest, violence and mutilation between family members, castration of a son by a father, a horrible disfiguring wound caused by a parent figure, obese and corrupt priests, back-stabbing royalty. Yeah, all of his stuff hits these points, regardless if it’s fantasy, historical, or sci-fi. 6Mulholland Drive Pretty much any film by David Lynch belongs on this list but lets bundle most of them up in with Mulholland Drive, which is possibly his most acclaimed work. Let’s face it, barring maybe Elephant Man and Dune, Lynch’s work is uniquely surrealist, and hard to follow regardless of how well you understand his corpus of productions. Lynch has specifically avoided offering explanations of the goings-on in Mulholland Drive, instead intentionally wanting viewers and critics to create their own opinions. Non-linear, bewildering, and inter-cut with seemingly unrelated chunks, it’s hard to follow even at the best of times, yet remains a powerful and influential film. 7Jacob’s Ladder Military experiments, death, drugs, and psychic powers. Jacob’s Ladder is an utterly horrifying trip into the mind of a broken individual trying to escape the legacy of the horrors of Vietnam. I won’t ruin the ending — which could be viewed either as a cop-out or else the only logical end of the story — but it’s a kick in the gut, that’s for sure. Increasingly horrific hallucinations plague Jacob as he learns more about just what happened when he was wounded during the war, and how it’s linked to everything that’s happened since then. Uniquely terrifying and difficult to pick apart, the ending kind of does away with any real need to explain what’s going on. 8Naked Lunch Cronenberg directing a book by Burroughs. You know there’s going to be nothing but batshit crazy here. Only really tangentially related to the book, Peter Weller’s laconic take on the insanity and surreality that surrounds him rapidly becomes an anchoring point for the viewer. Talking insects, hallucinogens, murder, sentient typewriters, psychic communications, bodysuits, and all other manners of weirdness pervade it, and it’s certainly not for the squeamish or easily bewildered. Unlike many of the other stories on this list, Naked Lunch isn’t capable of being picked apart, instead, it’s intentionally obtuse and inscrutable. Just sit back and enjoy the ride. 92001: A Space Odyssey 2001 is pretty damned hard to follow, mostly due to the bookends of the film, with the prehistoric opening and incredibly trippy closing, which serve to bewilder many viewers. The bit in the middles is just fine, though. Kubrick was famously exacting in what he required from his films, and the slow pacing is entirely intentional, and so too is the requirement that you as a watcher actually have to think and interpret what is happening, and not have it handed to you on a platter. The transformation into the Star-Child — and proceeding bad trip through space — is definitely obtuse and was designed to be open to interpretation. My personal view is that when Bowman activates the monolith, he’s whisked to an alien zoo for observation before they ascend him into a new form. But hey, that’s just me. 10Akira Without having read the immense manga or hitting Wikipedia, understanding Akira on the first viewing is extremely tricky. The amount of information presented to the viewer is minimal, and the whole “wait, what happened to Akira? Where did he go? And the blue kids? There’s another universe?” thing is pretty damn hard to get your head around, especially when most of the movie only explains these things tangentially, and you’re more concerned about Tetsuo’s crazy ass powers. Repeated watching and further research really do clarify what the hell is going on because otherwise you’re left bewildered. 11Adaptation Adaptation is utterly confusing, and unlike other films that blur the lines between reality and fantasy within the world of the movie, it takes on the borders between film and real-life — as in our real life. Adaptation is an adaptation of a novel called The Orchid Thief, which has no plot to speak of. So the movie is about the movie’s writer struggling to adapt the book and make a screenplay, which ends up being about him struggling to write a screenplay about the Orchid Thief. It consciously slips between Kaufman’s attempts to write a script true to a book that can’t be adapted, while shamelessly throwing in Hollywood-esque features like explosions, car chases, and love stories. Yeah, it’s bewildering, and just how true any of it is entirely up for debate. It’s still a great film, though. 12Solaris Partly due to being in Russian and partly due to its legendary slow pacing, Solaris (the 1972 version) is notoriously hard to follow. Often called the Russian 2001, Solaris takes place on a space station where the researchers are starting to hallucinate and go insane. The hallucinations cause plenty of questioning about the nature of their reality, which when combined with a psychologist main character and the question of how to approach a truly, truly alien lifeform has lead to many scratching their heads. The final open end to the film leaves just as many questions raised as it answers. It’s still a damn good movie if you can handle the glacial pace, but don’t expect any easy answers. 13eXistenZ Cronenberg excels at making you question what is real and what is not, and eXistenZ asks that about video games and reality, as the story blurs the boundary between at least three or four levels of the interaction of both. With the advent of a total immersion video game, eXistenZ is all about asking how much is free will, how much is scripted, and how much is even real. As multiple levels of games and reality begin to emerge, the final scene eventually feels like the whole movie has been sorted out — until the very last line. 14Pi Darren Aaranofsky’s first major flick was Pi, and this twisted black and white look at obsession and paranoia was enough to get him into the big leagues. It’s a combination of Aaranofsky’s trademark incredibly quick cuts, the dense subject matter, and an unreliable narrator that causes Pi to be tricky to follow, as Max Cohen struggles to understand the universal patterns that occur through nature as a way of understanding and predicting the stock market. As he uncovers more and more of a number that may be at the root of things or may be the unknown name of God, his sanity begins to erode, and his headaches increase, his final inevitable decline is as horrific as it is a relief — both for the viewer and the character. 15Vanilla Sky While personally I didn’t find this American remake of the Spanish psycho-thriller that bewildering, there were plenty who did, to the point where it was voted the most confusing film ever by a DVD rental company. The fact of the matter is that much of the perceived twistedness and confusion from the plot is all resolved by the classic cop out “it was all a dream.” While perhaps not as utterly blatant as that, but the entire film takes place in the lucid dream of a man in cryogenic suspensions whose subconscious has started to assert itself. That explains the constantly switching nature of reality and the weirdness that surrounds him. There, easy. The post 15 Of The Most Confusing Films Ever Made appeared first on»»

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14 Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgeries

In the last several decades, cosmetic surgery has become more acceptable and more accessible. No longer is it a procedure reserved only for wealthy old women, and most celebrities are guilty of having at least one or two procedures. The goal for most is to make oneself look younger. But every once in a while […] The post 14 Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgeries appeared first on In the last several decades, cosmetic surgery has become more acceptable and more accessible. No longer is it a procedure reserved only for wealthy old women, and most celebrities are guilty of having at least one or two procedures. The goal for most is to make oneself look younger. But every once in a while the individual can go overboard, have a botched surgery, or develop an addiction to plastic surgery procedures. Below is a list of the fourteen worst examples of celebrity plastic surgeries. Nadya Sulemon “Octomom” Overnight celebrity is something reserved for truly “Great” Americans. In addition to having fourteen children, and selling her birth video for street cred, Sulemon had procedures in order to look more like Angelina Jolie. The surgery was performed shortly before becoming artificially inseminated – a sort of pre-pregnancy procedure, if you will. Can’t you just picture her singing,  “…Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted-one moment, would you capture it or just let it slip?” Michael Jackson The self-proclaimed “King of Pop” gave up his title in favor of becoming the new, “King of Plastipop.” Michael made a public appearance in London to announce to his fans that “THIS IS IT!” We could only have hoped that he meant plastic surgery. RIP Michael. Joan Rivers Supposedly Joan Rivers was a comedienne. You know, a woman that makes jokes. Unfortunately, the only way Ms. Rivers made America laugh was by continuing to inject Botox and filler into every part of her face. Rumor has it, just before an Oscar Red Carpet Show, Joan went into for her weekly injections. As she walked out of the surgeon’s office she tripped and fell, and as her head hit the ground her entire face popped like a zit. Fortunately, surgeons were able to put her back together again in under an hour. RIP Joan. Sophia Loren Sophia Loren was not only the most beautiful woman of her generation but one of the most beautiful of all time.  It is understood that she would do anything to keep her beauty as she aged; unfortunately, she went to the same plastic surgeon that works on the Crypt Keeper. I wonder if the same puppeteers help her walk and talk too? Kenny Rogers What posses a man as cool as “The Gambler” to do something like this to his face? Maybe he lost a bet with the devil…makes sense, right? Couldn’t he have just shaved his head per Larry Bird? Poor guy, he was doomed to permanently wear that Asian smirk on his face for the rest of his mortal days. RIP Kenny. Lisa Rinna I wonder what Lisa’s surgeon thought of her when she came to him with a pair of Halloween wax lips, and said, “I want this on my face…NOW!” Either way, you can tell how proud she is of her lips as they keep getting bigger and bigger. Linda Evans Who asks their plastic surgeon, “I want to look like a cross between Murphy Brown and Martha Stewart.” Linda Evans does, that’s who. Nikki Cox Has Nikki Cox been hanging out with or dating Chris Brown? If that is not a fat lip from an abusive relationship, then I don’t know what is. In any case, we all know Nikki Cox is at that age with plastic surgery where many of her peers start heading toward the bug zapper like curious moths. Turn Away Nikki…TURN AWAY! Cher Cher has been perfecting the art of facial (de)constructive surgery since her nose job in the late 60’s. This equates to nearly 40 years of rearranging her face to look acceptable. So our hat goes off to her because of her dedication. But, she still looks bad. Donatella Versace Donatella’s late brother Gianni Versace played a horrible joke on her by directing her to Italy’s top transsexual plastic surgeon. Like a good little sister, she followed his advice and came out looking like… how she looks now. Janice Dickenson Janice Dickenson is widely considered the world’s first supermodel.  While ruling the fashion world in the late 70’s and early 80’s, she fell head over heals in love with Steven Tyler. He ended up breaking her heart and this is how she decided to get back at him:  to spend the next twenty years and countless millions of dollars getting cosmetic procedures in order to look just like him. Fergie Does anyone remember when Fergie was in the 90’s girl group Wild Orchid? Didn’t think so. So for all you aspiring female pop singers out there – if you want to make it big, do not rule out the option of getting plastic surgery to make you look like a man. This has worked for Fergie. Carrot Top During the height of his career, Carrot Top was considered the most popular comedian among the American college-age demographic. This was shortly before he started using steroids, and began getting plastic surgery aimed at making him resemble a frightened woman. The eyeliner is just an extra bonus. Jocelyn Wildenstein In the late 1970s, the young socialite Wildenstein found her husband in bed with another woman. Instead of divorcing her extremely wealthy husband, and taking half of his fortune, she decided to try and transform herself into the woman who she thought her husband would love for her aesthetic qualities. Unfortunately for herself – and for her husband, and cameras –  she ended up looking like a bloated corpse. The post 14 Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgeries appeared first on»»

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