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"Granny hair" vogue: women embrace trend by going many shades of gray

While many people try to hide their gray hair, spending hours eradicating the signs of advancing age, going gray may no longer mean reaching out for the dye bottle as "granny hair" is in vogue. Fashion designers such as Jean-Paul Gaultier, Chane.....»»

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Kylie Jenner Upsets Family With Blue Hair, Pamela Anderson Talks Sexual Abuse, Zooey Deschanel Makeup-Free: A Roundup

Kylie Jenner’s Family Is “Pissed” Over Her Blue Hair The youngest Keeping Up With the Kardashians star has angered her family for dyeing her hair blue right before Kim Kardashian’s big wedding. Find out what Jenner has to say on th.....»»

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BN Films Expands to New York with Jonathan Gray

International production company BN Films has expanded into New York, opening an East Coast office with Jonathan Gray, senior partner of the law firm Gray Krauss Stratford Sandler Des Rochers LLP, at its helm. Gray, who will also continue at his law pra.....»»

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Pamela Anderson Dyes Her Own Hair And Applies Her Own Makeup

Pamela Anderson dyes her own hair and does her own makeup. The 48-year-old actress and model admits that she's been coloring her hair for over 25 years......»»

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Zendaya on Makeup, Beauty & Embracing Her Natural Hair

Disney beauty Zendaya has become known for her experimental approach to beauty, as well as embracing her natural appearance. The singer and actress believes beauty can be fun but it’s important to have good self-esteem and to do makeup only because .....»»

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Madonna"s Daughter Lourdes Leon Steps Out With A New Gray Look

For whatever reason, gray hair seems to be the hot look at the moment. Hilary Duff recently went from pink to gray, and plenty of other celebrities have been spotted rocking the color. Now, the dau........»»

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Demi Lovato Finds Her Bright Hair Inspiration on Pinterest

Demi Lovato has revealed where she searches for her hair inspiration. The singer is know for dyeing her hair an array of rainbow shades and she commented that she often searches for new ideas on photo pinning website Pinterest. Demi currently has lavender.....»»

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Move Over, Demi Lovato! Raven-Symoné Dyes Her Hair Purple & Gray Before College Begins: "New Hair for a New Life"

One more celeb and this purple-gray hair color combo is officially a trend. Raven-Symoné is the latest star to try the multicolored effect. The former Disney-darling ditched her........»»

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Lupita Nyong’o Shares Her Top Makeup & Hair Tricks

Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o has shared her top makeup and hair tricks that she has learnt on her rise to fame by working with professional hair stylists and makeup artists closely. The ’12 Years a Slave’ actress reveals that one.....»»

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Iggy Azalea Ditches Bright Lipstick, Goes Makeup-Free—See Her Fresh-Faced Look

Iggy Azalea is ditching her bright cosmetics and going makeup-free! The "Black Widow" singer was spotted leaving LAX airport today looking fresh-faced without any makeup on. The........»»

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"The Preachers" Host John Gray -- Wife Melts Down During Standoff with Flight Attendants (VIDEOS)

The wife of "The Preachers" host John Gray got into a heated showdown with cops and flight attendants ... some of whom ended up getting booted off the plane ... TMZ has learned. Aventer Gray was flying from L.A. to Texas, and as the….....»»

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"The Preachers" Host John Gray -- Flight Attendants Profiled My Wife Before Her Meltdown (TMZ LIVE VIDEO)

Joel Osteen's associate pastor, John Gray, absolutely thinks the 2 flight attendants who went toe-to-toe with his wife would've handled things differently if she were white. Rev. Gray -- a host on "The Preachers" -- and….....»»

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CNN erases description of Gray"s mother as heroin addict

NEW YORK (AP) — Following protests online, CNN removed a description of Baltimore's Freddie Gray as "the son of an illiterate heroin addict" in a story posted about the first police officer about to go on trial for Gray's death last spring while in poli.....»»

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Breaking Hair News: Ariana Grande Goes “Back to Dark Brown”

We interrupt your day with important hair news: Ariana Grande has returned to the dark side. The “Love Me Harder” singer has reverted back to her old style, dyeing her long locks to a much darker shade of brunette. Grande, 21, showed off her n.....»»

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Katy Perry’s Makeup Artist Reveals Tour Makeup Inspiration

Katy Perry’s makeup artist, Todd Delano, who has been involved creating Katy’s statement makeup looks for her Prismatic tour, has opened up on how they decide on her bold makeup choices. Todd explains that he works closely with Katy and they s.....»»

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Dascha Polanco Dyes Her Hair Gray and Shuts Down NYFW With Her Stunning New Look

Dascha Polanco's hair game is on point! The Orange Is the New Black star recently debuted a new gray and purple ombré dye job that is officially the fiercest thing we've........»»

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Katy Perry Shares Her Off-Duty Makeup Favourites

Singer Katy Perry may be known for her over-the-top makeup and hair when she’s performing, but Katy reveals that she doesn’t wear as much makeup when she isn’t working. Sharing her off-duty makeup favourites, Katy says she is all about l.....»»

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5 Stars Who Dislike Wearing Heavy Makeup

They may like experimenting with makeup and some have even created their own beauty lines, but these 5 celebrities admit they aren’t a fan of heavy makeup looks and believes light makeup should just be used for daily wear. Having to wear heavy, laye.....»»

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5 Celebrities Who Aren’t Good at Applying Makeup

Never really picking up that makeup application talent, these 5 celebrities say they don’t really know how to apply makeup or can only do the basics. Saying they’ve just never had to do their own makeup because they rarely wear it except for e.....»»

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