Coronavirus pandemic leads to spike in pet adoptions

Social distancing and self-isolation have dramatically reduced human interactions. Many people are adopting cats and dogs to fill the void in companionship. Chip Reid reports......»»

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Taylor Swift set to run a concert special on TV after her "Lover Fest" tour was canceled

Taylor Swift's much anticipated "Lover Fest" tour was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, but you'll be able to see her in concert anyway......»»

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Covid-19 taking toll on blues community

Pat "Mother Blues" Cohen has survived Hurricane Katrina and losing her North Carolina home to a fire. She's now determined to survive the coronavirus pandemic......»»

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Miranda Lambert is going on a cross country road trip in an Airstream trailer in wake of coronavirus

Miranda Lambert has a cure for going stir crazy amid the pandemic......»»

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Actors rose to the occasion to make "All Rise" remotely filmed episode

The cast and crew of the CBS legal drama "All Rise" will become the first scripted TV drama to air an episode shot entirely virtually amid the coronavirus pandemic on Monday......»»

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Tom Hanks congratulates graduates of an Ohio college in virtual commencement speech

With the coronavirus pandemic canceling in-person graduation ceremonies across the US, students are feeling robbed of one of life's biggest moments. But leave it to America's dad, Tom Hanks, to uplift spirits......»»

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Avril Lavigne honoring frontline workers with new music video "We Are Warriors"

Sitting at her home in Los Angeles watching the coronavirus pandemic sweep across the world, singer Avril Lavigne knew she wanted to do something......»»

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Lives to remember: Those we"ve lost to coronavirus

Here are just some of the coronavirus pandemic's many victims: who they were, and the lives they touched......»»

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"A Parks and Recreation Special" reminds you to "Treat Yo Self" kindly amid pandemic

It makes a lot of sense that Leslie Knope, the fictional person best known for looking out for her friends, would also have all of our backs during the coronavirus pandemic......»»

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Cannes, Sundance and Tribeca film festivals to stream for free

The coronavirus pandemic has prompted 20 of the world's biggest film festivals to unite for a virtual 10-day program......»»

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Tribeca and YouTube announce "We Are One" online film festival

Some major film festivals are joining together to carry on amid the coronavirus pandemic......»»

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Record 8.4 million viewers watch NFL draft across 3 days

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, this year's draft dwarfed last year's 6.2 million viewers......»»

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This is why Bruce Willis is isolating with ex Demi Moore and not his wife

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore's daughter Scout Willis has revealed why her divorced parents have chosen to isolate together during the coronavirus pandemic......»»

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Elton John livestreams performance of "I"m Still Standing" from his backyard

While the coronavirus pandemic has forced most of us into our homes, health care workers are still standing on the front lines battling this crisis......»»

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Global concert raises more than $127M for WHO emergency response fund

Some of the world's top stars have helped to raise nearly $128 million for the World Health Organization during the coronavirus pandemic by performing in a concert broadcast globally......»»

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Beyoncé makes suprise appearance on Disney special

As the world continues to grapple with the coronavirus pandemic, Beyoncé is sharing a message of hope while helping to raise money for America's Covid-19 relief efforts......»»

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Music will still bring us together, even if live shows can"t

Even as the coronavirus pandemic wrecks havoc on the music industry, melodies are soothing our souls......»»

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Carla Hall is here to help you get over your cooking-at-home slump

Celebrity chef Carla Hall feels what everyone spending most of their time at home amid the coronavirus pandemic is feeling......»»

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Angelina Jolie has a message for us all during the coronavirus pandemic

Angelina Jolie wants us all to check in on each other while we quarantine to stem the spread of coronavirus......»»

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Drew Barrymore has shed tears trying to homeschool her kids, too

Like most parents suddenly trying to homeschool, Drew Barrymore is experiencing the ups and downs of being quarantined with young kids during the coronavirus pandemic......»»

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Cannes Film Festival organizers exploring options amid pandemic

Plans to hold the Cannes Film Festival are once again being reevaluated amid the global coronavirus pandemic......»»

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