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Codos Hair Clipper For Babies

Cutting your baby's hair can be a nightmare especially if they struggle when you are trying to cut their hair. Another option is send your baby to hair saloon but it can be very embarassing if they keep on crying and screaming. I have a solution for thi.....»»

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Selena Gomez Admits She Has Bad Hair Days & Reveals Favorite Hair Accessory (You Won"t Believe What It Is)

Selena Gomez has partnered up with Pantene and admits that she, like the rest of us, sometimes has a bad hair day. "My biggest hair mistake is when I was younger and I was figuring out how to us........»»

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KRISTEN STEWART Chops Off Hair Into Short Pixie Cut (PHOTO)

According to recent celebrity news, KRISTEN STEWART just chopped her hair off into a short, edgy pixie cut! Not content with the shocking orange hair color she debuted in April, Kristen once again gave herself a hair makeover –and a pretty edgy o.....»»

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20 Celebs Who Can Totally Pull Off Red, White and Blue Hair

Have you ever thought about changing your hair color? If you’re looking for some hair inspiration, we’ve got 20 pictures for you! We love getting hair inspiration from celebrities, they always have the best styles and colors! If you’re i.....»»

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ICYMI: Tallulah Willis’ hair is GREEN!

Tallulah Willis’ hair is still rocking that green hair color, isn’t she? Tallulah Willis, second daughter of Bruce Willis & Demi Moore, still sporting her very green hair while grabbing an iced coffee in Soho, New York City, New York on Ju.....»»

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Emma Roberts’s hair color has changed

Emma Roberts’s hair color has changed to brunette. She was blonde last August, and she tells PEOPLE, “I just love having long blonde hair again. It’s actually a fun change. I feel like with blonde hair, you can get away with going lighter on the.....»»

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Breaking Hair News: Demi Lovato Dyes Her Hair Purple and Silver

Drop everything you’re doing right now because there has been a development in the breaking hair news department. Going against her word to give her heart hair a break, Demi Lovato has reverted back to her crayon-colored roots. The “Neon Light.....»»

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Demi Lovato Dyes Hair Silver & Purple—Plus, All Her Recent Hair Colors

Pop quiz: Can you think of a color that Demi Lovato hasn't dyed her hair? Difficult, isn't it? Demi is the Rainbow Brite of hair color, and she's finally found a new shade........»»

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Hair salon? Library? Novel time for I. Coast women

As many African women spend much of their spare time in hair salons, Ivory Coast's chief librarian, also a woman, came up with a brainwave scheme to help them read and learn to read. Crammed on shelves between hair extensions, untangling creams.....»»

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Your Afternoon Hair: Nicolas Cage

 I feel kind of bad posting this, because Nicolas Cage can’t help the hair that grows out of his head. But like… at this point ,how much of this is even the hair that actually grows out of his head? This isn’t even the nadir of the .....»»

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The Help

I just finished reading The Help, and I absolutely devoured it... What an amazing book! So I'm psyched that The Help is coming to the silver screen! I can only hope the film is as incredible as the novel.Set in Mississippi during the 1960s, The Help stars.....»»

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"Hair Love": Oscar-nominee for Best Animated Short Subject

In this heart-warming Academy Award-nominated animated short subject, "Hair Love," by Matthew A. Cherry and Karen Rupert Toliver, an African American father gets a lesson in cosmetology when he tackles doing his little girl's hair for the first time......»»

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"Hair Love" went from a Kickstarter to an Oscar winner

It was videos of black fathers lovingly styling their daughters' hair that inspired Matthew Cherry to launch a Kickstarter campaign in 2017 fund the short film, "Hair Love.".....»»

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This Dry Shampoo Is Customized to Your Hair Color--and It"s All-Natural, Too!

You're going on day three of dirty, unwashed hair. What else is new? Washing your hair is no fun (and that's no secret). Hence why your trusty dry shampoo has saved you on more........»»

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Is This $5 Product the Answer to Frizzy Hair?

Frizzy hair happens to the best of us (yes, even Jessica Chastain). What can we say: When the weather changes, so will your hair. Whether it's rainy and humid or unseasonably dry........»»

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Coronation Street: Fans spot something different about Alan Halsall as he "undergoes hair transplant"

The actor has apparently undergone a hair transplant after "years" of thinking about it. 34 year old Alan is said to have felt "increasingly self-conscious" about his hair before deciding to go through with it. The star, who is marred to.....»»

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Little Mix’s Jesy Nelson debuts new ’Jessica Rabbit’ look as she celebrates Glory Days’ chart success

Little Mix's Jesy Nelson debuted her new ginger hair [Jesy Nelson/Instagram] The singer flaunted her gorgeous long hair in her latest selfie, and showed off her brand new look.  Perrie Edwards’ band mate dyed her hair a deep orange shade.....»»

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You"re Doing It Wrong: How to Brush Wet Hair

Long hair, don't care? Let's be real: You care...a lot. Like skin, beautiful hair is a reflection of your self-care habits and awareness of your mane's specific........»»

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Ultimate Hair Product Guide: The Real Difference Between Dry Shampoo & Texturizing Spray

When did hair care get so complicated? Remember when shampoo and conditioner were all you needed? These days, especially with the growing trend to color our hair in extravagant ways........»»

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You"re Doing It Wrong: Laser Hair Removal

Tweeze it. Wax it. Shave it. Thread it. Flip it. Bop it. It's exhausting just thinking of all of the ways women try to get rid of hair. So, when scientists introduced laser hair........»»

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