It"s official: Harrison Ford will return in a fifth "Indiana Jones" movie

Harrison Ford will be grabbing his whip and ramming on his hat for a fifth "Indiana Jones" movie, Disney has confirmed -- a mere 41 years after the first installment, "Raiders of the Lost Ark," was released......»»

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Ford back for new Indiana Jones movie

HARRISON Ford and director Steven Spielberg will return for a fifth instalment of action-adventure franchise Indiana Jones due for release in 2019......»»

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Harrison Ford will start filming new Indiana Jones movie sooner than you might think

The man who plays Indiana Jones and is ready for his next crusade......»»

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Can Indy still take on superheroes?

HARRISON Ford’s Indiana Jones is voted the best movie character of all time but is he still relevant in a CG movie world ruled by Marvel films......»»

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Harrison Ford to return as Indiana Jones

Walt Disney Co reveals that Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg are teaming up for one more installment in the "Indiana Jones" franchise. Rollo Ross reports......»»

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BTWF roles: Harrison Ford in Luv

Before Harrison Ford was punching people as Indiana Jones, he punched Jack Lemmon in Luv. How much did you luv the 24 year old actor in that 1967 movie?.....»»

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Spielberg ‘plans to revive Indie’

STEVEN Spielberg reportedly plans to direct a fifth Indiana Jones movie, replacing Harrison Ford with a young Hollywood hotshot......»»

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Robert Pattinson: Will He Be The Next Han Solo?

Rumors are swirling that Robert Pattinson will step into Harrison Ford’s shoes to play a top-secret role in a new ‘Indiana Jones’ film — but an EXCLUSIVE source tells the truth about Rob’s movie future!.....»»

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Harrison Ford, the reluctant superstar, on "The Call of the Wild"

The actor talks about how a respect for nature led to his role in the film of naturalist Jack London's classic novel – and doesn't talk about the upcoming installment of the Indiana Jones franchise.....»»

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Steven Spielberg, George Lucas Toast John Williams and His Music at AFI Tribute

“That damn music follows me everywhere. It was playing in the operating room when I went in for my colonoscopy," said Harrison Ford at the AFI Gala of Williams' 'Indiana Jones' theme song......»»

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CinemaCon: Frank Marshall Open to $50 Home Movies; Won"t Replace Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones

The filmmaker says of Ford's character, as well as Matt Damon's Bourne, "those are the only actors that can play them."read more.....»»

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Harrison Ford, 73, Is "Excited" to Play Indiana Jones Again: "I"ll Be Ready!"

Plus, the 'Stars Wars: The Force Awakens' actor gives his advice to the actor cast as young Han Solo......»»

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Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg Are Officially Reuniting for "Indiana Jones 5"

The latest installment in Indy's epic saga will hit theaters on July 19, 2019......»»

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"Indiana Jones": Fifth Installment In The Works With Harrison Ford, Steven Spielberg

Harrison Ford is putting the fedora back on, and suiting up as Indiana Jones for a fifth film in the franchise with director Steven Spielberg......»»

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Harrison Ford On How He Overcame The Difficult Early Years Of Acting

Harrison Ford is one of the icons in Hollywood at this point, between starring in such franchises as ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Indiana Jones.’ Now he’s doing something that few actors get to do: revisit a role he first played forty ye.....»»

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How Harrison Ford became the anti-star

He’s just an ordinary guy — who happens to be a movie star. While filming 1984’s “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” in England, Ford would go out for a glass of wine at the end of the day. “As we were driving, he said to us stunt guys,.....»»

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Spielberg wants new "Indiana Jones" film before Ford "hits 80"

Film director Steven Spielberg said Monday that he would love to shoot a fifth "Indiana Jones" film before the hero of the series, Harrison Ford, hits 80. The Hollywood legend told French radio RTL that he was itching to make another episode of .....»»

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Britannia Awards: Spielberg Teases ‘Indiana Jones 5’ During Harrison Ford Tribute

A standing ovation greeted Harrison Ford near the end of last night’s British Academy Britannia Awards, but what really got the crowd buzzing was Indiana Jones. Speaking in a filmed tribute, Steven Spielberg teased, “I can’t wait to wo.....»»

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BAFTA Britannia Awards: Meryl Streep Winks at Hollywood Sexism, Amy Schumer Gets Raunchy

And Steven Spielberg said it was his "fervent hope" to make Indiana Jones 5 with honoree Harrison more.....»»

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Harrison Ford to receive top Britannia award

The global box office star famous for his roles as Han Solo and Indiana Jones, will be honoured with a Bafta Los Angeles award......»»

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How George Lucas Turned A Lost Love Into ‘Lost Ark’

It's been 34 years since the release of Raiders Of The Lost Ark, and although much of our love for the franchise stems from the work of Harrison Ford, a new chapter may be in the offing. The idea of the Indiana Jones character came from the mind of Star.....»»

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