Katy Perry experiencing "waves of depression" during the pandemic

Katy Perry sounds like she is struggling a bit......»»

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Star news has spotted KATY PERRY hanging with HILLARY CLINTON last Friday. Is Clinton the new best friend of Katy Perry? Katy Perry has been rubbing elbows with famous personalities in Hollywood. She started hanging out with always-rumored-but-never-prove.....»»

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Miranda Kerr Is PISSED That Katy Perry Met Her Kid

Miranda Kerr was REALLY pissed when her ex Orlando Bloom introed Katy Perry to their kid, Flynn. It’s a soap opera in the making, isn’t it? Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are a THING now. Sources claimed that Katy seemed to be playing hard to ge.....»»

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Katy Perry: First Time Burner At Burning Man! (Video)

Katy Perry has had an interesting holiday weekend: she went to the Burning Man Festival for the first time! She posted a video from her time at the annual event. RELATED: Katy Perry and John Mayer split. Yet again. Check out Katy’s short video: &#x.....»»

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KATY PERRY Men Are Optional When It Comes To Having Kids

Is Katy Perry starting to feel some motherly instincts? If she is, it sounds like she doesn’t feel the pressure to find a man in order to have kids. Katy shared her family plans in an interview. RELATED: Katy Perry lands the first global Cosmo cover.....»»

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Katy Perry wants to date Prince Harry?

Forget “I Wanna Marry Harry”, Katy Perry wants to date the real thing! According to the latest gossip, Katy wants to go on a nice vacation with Prince Harry… Well, who doesn’t? Read more on Katy Perry wants to date Prince Harry?&#.....»»

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KATY PERRY Launches Her Own Record Label, Signs FERRAS As First Artist

Star news has learned that KATY PERRY launched her own record label and signed FERRAS as her first artist! Wow! Katy Perry aspires to be more than be a singer. She modeled for a fashion line once and even did a weather report in Australia. Perry started h.....»»

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Staples and Katy Perry Team Up to Celebrate and Support Teachers #MakeRoarHappen (ENTER TO WIN A SIGNED KATY PERRY GUITAR)

Photo courtesy of Staples Instagram Staples is teaming up with global pop music superstar Katy Perry to “Make Roar Happen” and celebrate and support teachers during the back-to-school season. Staples is building on its long history of supporting teach.....»»

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Katy Perry Shares Her Off-Duty Makeup Favourites

Singer Katy Perry may be known for her over-the-top makeup and hair when she’s performing, but Katy reveals that she doesn’t wear as much makeup when she isn’t working. Sharing her off-duty makeup favourites, Katy says she is all about l.....»»

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Katy Perry -- "1984" Registered By Swedish Songwriter ... NOT Katy

We now know how Katy Perry's name ended up on the official registration of a song the media claims is a hit piece targeting Taylor Swift ... Katy had nothing to do with it, but a producer who once worked with her did. The song -- "1984" -- was registered&.....»»

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Katy Perry Has A Song About Taylor Swift And You’ll Never Guess What It’s Called…

Katy Perry‘s about ready to give Taylor Swift a taste of her own medicine… Now that “Bad Blood” is a major hit and MAJORLY rumored to be about Katy and Tay Tay’s busted-ass relationship, Katy wants in on the passive agressive.....»»

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Katy Perry Accepts Britney Spears Impression Challenge

It all started when Britney Spears did a spot-on Woody Woodpecker impression on Instagram. Now, she's throwing down the gauntlet to fellow songstress Katy Perry.After Katy complimented Britney's video, Britney challenged Katy on Twitter, writing, PICS: 9 .....»»

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Let Katy Perry’s ‘Dark Horse’ Stop Your Crying Baby

A crying baby is not a fun baby. Lucky for this tot and her fellow car passengers, all that was needed was Katy Perry. Well, more like a Katy Perry song.   The adorable video has since spread to the corners of the earth and yes, has reached Katy Perr.....»»

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Katy Perry Reveals How Russell Brand Caused The "Death" Of Her Dream & What She Now Looks For In A Man!

We guess time doesn't heal all wounds…at least not for Katy Perry! In an interview with Rolling Stone, Katy admits to the mag that her divorce from Russell Brand was the "death of a dream." Katy goes on to explain: "It was emotionally traumatic fo.....»»

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Katy Perry & Diplo Reignite Relationship Rumors By Celebrating A Birthday Together In Vegas!

The Katy Perry love saga continues! It's been a few weeks since we last heard about Katy and Diplo's on-again off-again relationship, but we're pleased to announce that the two music stars were seen partying together two days ago! Katy and Diplo were spot.....»»

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Katy Perry Has Released Her Fiercest Tune Yet! Party It Up With This Is How We Do HERE!

Katy Perry knows what's up! The pop diva is telling all her fans to let loose this summer and go WILD. Katy latest anthem, This Is How We Do, salutes all the Katy Cats who "buy bottle service" with their "rent money" and soooo much more naughtiness! We'.....»»

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Katy Perry unveils Christmas onesies

Katy Perry took to Instagram to promote her collection of holiday onesies that cocoons wearers in festive pyjamas emblazoned with Santas, gingerbread, bow ties and lights. Called Katy Perry X Beloved Collection, the onesies were created with online retail.....»»

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Russell Brand SLAMS Ex Katy Perry"s "Plastic" Lifestyle In New Documentary

Yikes. In Russell Brand's revealing new documentary, the comedian takes several jabs at his ex wife Katy Perry and their 14-month marriage. As we saw in her flick Katy Perry: Part Of Me, the relationship didn't end on the best note: a text from Brand anno.....»»

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Katy Perry And John Mayer Split. Yet Again.

Katy Perry and John Mayer are “off” again. Sources say the two have split. Again. Call it “off and on” or “hot and cold”: this relationship makes me feel like I’m in danger of getting whiplash! RELATED: Katy Perry.....»»

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Teenage Katy Perry Sings and Cries in New Footage from Her First Tour

So this is Katy Perry's teenage dream!New video has surfaced online of the pop superstar on her very first tour back in 2001. Performing as a Christian artist under her real name (Katy Hudson) at the time, Perry talks songwriting, humble beginnings and he.....»»

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Katy Perry on Motherhood: "I Don’t Need a Dude"

Katy Perry is on the cover of Roling Stone again, but this time, she's not holding back. She's talking about everything from her career, her exes, Madonna, motherhood, you name it.In the issue that hits stands this Friday, Katy Perry describes herself as .....»»

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